How does the Trip Widget work?

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1Integrate the widget on your site.

Integrate the widget on your site.

2User enter travel information into widget.

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3Users browse through search results.

Users browse through search results.

What sizes are available?

We have smaller widgets that you can integrate on your existing pages. Pick from one of three available sizes:
230 x 245

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300 x 250

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336 x 320

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Or integrate our larger widget on a separate page on your site (the size is flexible). You can add promos
throughout your site to drive traffic to your Trip widget:

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Promos to drive traffic to your Tripbot!

Place promos on your site to guide people to your Tripbot. Pick from one of three or create your own:
Find Deals
Compare Rates Compare Rates
Or display your Tripbot in a lightbox or new pop-up window when a user clicks on a promo on your site!
Try it yourself--click on a promo below:
Expand to Trip View Expand to Trip View

Can I customize my Trip widget?

Look & Feel

Absolutely! To better integrate it with the look and feel of your own site, you can easily customize the background color, tab colors, font, and font size. We'll provide you

Pre-filled Content

You can also pre-fill the fields of your widget. For example, on a page related to Boston, you can pre-fill the "To" field with "Boston." This can be done dynamically, allowing you to easily pass the context of each page to your widget.

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