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Shanghai Maglev Train-The Fastest Train from PVG to Downtown Shanghai

Shanghai Maglev Train-The Fastest Train from PVG to Downtown Shanghai

Dec 5, 20194,2960

Introduction of Shanghai Maglev

Table of Contents

Introduction of Shanghai Maglev
Facts of Shanghai Maglev Trains
Features of Maglev Trains
Information of Malglev Trains
How to on Board the Train
Facilities & Services on Maglev Trains
Route Map
Other Tips
Trivia About the Shanghai Maglev Train

Shanghai is a super metropolitan city which boasts of many modern attractions to cater to people from all over the world. One of those attractions is the Shanghai maglev which is a magnetic levitation train. The Shanghai Maglev Train, also known as the Shanghai Transrapid, is operational in the city of Shanghai. It helps people to travel from the airport right to the heart of the city. It is the oldest of its kind which still operates commercially and is the third oldest maglev line, after the Birmingham Maglev line, which is British, and the M-Bahn line, which is German. This particular maglev train in Shanghai is currently the fastest in the world. Currently, high speed maglev train is available only in China and maglev transport as a whole is available in South Korea and Japan too.

Facts of Shanghai Maglev Trains

  • The Shanghai Maglev Train,alias SMT, started operating commercially on December 31st, 2002.
  • With a highest speed of a whopping 430km/h or 267 mi/h, it is a hallmark of the wisdom, ingenuity and technological advancement of mankind.
  • The total distance it covers is 30 kilometers or 19 miles and the duration of a single journey is 8 minutes only.
  • The trains run at a frequency of 15 to 20 minutes which rules out the inconvenience of a long wait for the next train.
  • The cost of building this unique facility was a staggering 1.2 billion dollars. Unfortunately, the maglev line has not been able to show any profit since it opened for public use. The Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co. Ltd, which operates this particular service, had incurred losses of over 1 billion Renminbi between 2004 to 2006. However, this line was built more as a test run for the railways infrastructure of China than an effective and feasible means of transport for the commuters in Shanghai. With the success of this line, China can now aim to build a larger network of such lines over longer routes, covering larger distances. Although, as of now, no such plans have been revealed to the public yet.
  • Since there is no rolling friction, there is less wear and tear of the parts. As a result, this makes operating and maintaining these trains much more economical than regular trains.
  • When it comes to matters of safety, the maglev is built in such a way that it is almost impossible for it to get derailed. In case of wrap around cars, the German “T” shape or in case of vehicles which are enclosed, the Japanese “U” shape makes it sure that there are no chances of derailment. Because of these unprecedented features, maglev trains have gained a world-wide and justified reputation of being one of the safest means of transport.
  • Because of their stability, the cars of maglev trains can be wider than those of conventional trains and this enhances the scope for optimized use of space and passenger comfort.The seating options are not limited and this results in a much better travelling experience when compared to other conventional fast trains. No matter how high the speed, the journey is quite smooth and noiseless,which is a major improvement over the noisy and congested conditions found in regular train cars.
  • Maglev trains are so safe that they do not get derailed even in extreme conditions like traveling during earthquakes
Shanghai Maglev Train-The Fastest Train from PVG to Downtown Shanghai

Features of Maglev Trains

The Shanghai maglev Trains have some unique features which are quite fascinating. Some of these features are given below.

  • Since these trains use the technology of magnetic levitation, they do not have wheels, and move about without coming in contact with the ground.
  • They are also very environment-friendly since they do not burn any fuel or produce any waste gas.
  • The energy that they consume is only half of what is consumed by buses and a quarter of what is consumed by airplanes.
  • There is almost no sound since there is no friction, and this allows the passengers to have a smooth traveling experience.
  • Another plus point is that maglev lines can operate on difficult terrain because the requirement for modification of land is drastically reduced compared to the tracks required for regular trains.
  • Maglev tracks are made from alnico, which is an alloy of iron, aluminum, nickel, cobalt and copper.They can also be made from ferrite which is a compound of iron.
  • The magnetic field produced by these materials is much stronger than that produced by ordinary magnets and this helps to lift and to guide the cars of the maglev train in the right direction.
  • Constructing tracks for maglev trains is quite expensive since it requires yttrium, 15 lanthanides and scandium, which are rare earth elements.
Shanghai Maglev Train-The Fastest Train from PVG to Downtown Shanghai

Information of Malglev Trains

Shanghai Maglev Train – Timetable

From Longyang Road Station

First Train


Last Train




15 min


20 min


15 min


20 min

From Shanghai Pudong International Airport

First Train


Last Train




20 min


15 min


20 min

2 Extra Trains





Shanghai Maglev Train – Ticket Price



Price (RMB)

Economic Card

Single journey for economic seat and only be used that purchasing day


Economic double-trip

Double journey for economic seats and only be used within the 7 valid days


VIP Card

Single journey for the VIP seat and only be used that purchasing day


VIP Double-trip

Double journey for the VIP seats and only be used within the 7 valid days


Economic card of Air Tickets

Enjoy a discounted single journey based on the intraday air ticket


The two stations the maglev line connects are Longyang Rd. Station and Pudong International

Airport Station. The surrounding places of interest near Longyang Road Station are

  • SNIEC, which is the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center
  • Century Park
  • Longyang Road
  • Baiyang Road

Those for Pudong International Airport Station are

  • Pudong International Airport
  • Lingkong Agriculture Garden
  • Les Charmes Outlet Boutiques
  • Yingbin Avenue

The transfer to Longyang Road Station is quite simple as these is easy access to subways and buses. One can take the Subway Line 2 and deboard at Longyang Road Station. Then, one must take exit number 3 or 4. In case one is traveling to the station by bus, they can board Airport bus number 3 and number 7; or number 983 and 976.

In case passengers want to buy tickets on the way, they can do so at the ticket centers at the following addresses:

  • Longyang Road Ticket Center: 2nd floor, 2100 Longyang Road Station
  • Pudong Airport Ticket Center: 2nd floor, Pudong International Airport Station
Shanghai Maglev Train-The Fastest Train from PVG to Downtown Shanghai

Some popular places to visit by Maglev train are as follows:

Nanjing Road: One can take the train from Pudong to Longyang and then take Metro line 2 to West Nanjing Road Station or East Nanjing Road Station

The Bund: One can also reach this place by taking the same route

Lujiazui: One can take the train from Pudong to Longyang and then take Metro line 2 to Lujiazui Station. Then, it is a short walk to Shanghai World Financial Tower, Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Tower and Jinmao Tower, which are all famous for their height and the panoramic view of the city they can provide.

Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar: One can take the train from Pudong to Longyang and then take Metro line 2 to East Nanjing Road Station. By transferring to Metro line 10, they can reach Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar

People’s Square: One can take the train to Longyang and then take Metro line 2 to People’s Square Station. The places to visit there are the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center and the Shanghai Museum.

How to on Board the Train

The passengers are advised to board at least 5 minutes before the departure of the train. In case they fail to do so, they need to wait for the next one. The passengers have to follow these steps after reaching the platform:

  • After buying the tickets,passengers need to follow the sign, go through the entrance and take the escalator to reach the platform located on the third floor
  • They need to wait for the train behind the safety line
  • They need to display the train ticket to the attendant who is present there
  • The ticket should not be folded or get torn; if damaged, the tickets might become invalid
  • After boarding, the passengers need to stow their luggage in the space provided and settle down in their seats
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the train cars
  • Once the train arrives at the destination, the passengers need to get off the train and follow the instructions given by the attendants
Shanghai Maglev Train-The Fastest Train from PVG to Downtown Shanghai

Facilities & Services on Maglev Trains

The Shanghai maglev Trains are in a class of their own when it comes to facilities and services on board. The inside of the cars is quite spacious, clean, modern and comfortable. There are attendants who take care of the needs of the passengers much like those on airplanes. The seats are arranged in such a way that one has enough room to sit comfortably. There are two or three seats in a row, and everyone can control the air conditioning temperature by themselves. The LCD screen located at the top of the door of the carriage displays the current speed of the train. The LCD screen is a popular attraction with the passengers, since many of them monitor the speed closely and take pictures the moment the display shows the top speed which is ‘431’. The attendants are friendly and helpful, and pay close attention to the comfort of the passengers. Even though short, the journey is a pleasant and comfortable one.

Route Map

The two stations of the Shanghai maglev line are Longyang Road Station and Pudong International Airport Station. The route taken by the trains is shown below:

Other Tips

Here are a few tips for using the Maglev line:

  • An adult person can travel with one child on a single ticket if the child is less than 1.3 meters tall.Otherwise, they have to pay for the full ticket for the child
  • The weight of the luggage cannot exceed the weight of 23 kgs and the dimensions of 1.7 m by 0.2 m³
  • Poisonous, flammable or explosive articles are not allowed on the trains
  • Balloons, bicycles and pets are also not allowed on the trains
  • Drinking, smoking and eating are not allowed on the trains
  • The doors close 1 minute before departure and hence, one needs to keep that in mind while boarding
  • The check-in stops 5 minutes before departure, and it is advisable to arrive on the platform well in time

Trivia About the Shanghai Maglev Train

Here are a few interesting facts about Maglev trains of Shanghai:

Local Chinese companies were given the responsibility of building the guideway or track for this particular line. However, the soil in the Pudong area turned out to be alluvial in nature and this created a major problem for the builders. In order to successfully build the track through this area, they had to change the design of the track. Instead of leaving a gap of 50 meters between two adjacent supporting pillars, they had to leave a gap of only 25 meters. This innovative idea helped them overcome the problem of a comparative unstable foundation and also lay the track for the most stable railway track in the world.

This workaround enabled the companies to build the guideway without compromising with the necessary accuracy, quality and stability. Thousands and thousands of piles of concrete were driven deep into the ground, often till a depth of 70 meters, in order to achieve the necessary stability of the supporting pillars that act as the foundation of the Shanghai Maglev Line. In order to facilitate this, a special facility was built along the route of the track. This facility measured one mile in length and also boasted a controlled climate inside. The manufacturing of the train, that is the engine and the cars, took place in Germany which was a joint venture between Seimens and Thyssenkrupp JV. Vahle Inc. and was given the responsibility of electrifying the train.

When commercial operations of the Shanghai Maglev train started initially, the usage was only 20% of the full capacity of the cars. The reasons for this unimpressive performance were attributed to the short duration of the journey, much higher ticket prices compared to other trains, operating hours being somewhat limited and the fact that its end point is at Longyang Road. The terminal point of this line was a discouragement to several passengers since they would have to travel for another 20 minutes by metro rail to reach the heart of the city.

However, the government has taken action to make things easier for the passengers by introducing two additional trains since October of 2016. These are one way trains which depart from Pudong Airport at 10:15 pm and at 10:40 pm.

The Maglev line has also faced its share of unfortunate or unpleasant incidents. In the August of 2006, one of the compartments of the Maglev train, after starting from Pudong Airport, caught fire. Preliminary investigations revealed that the accident may have been caused by some kind of electrical equipment malfunctioning. On a brighter note, there was not a single injury aboard as a result of the fire and this just highlights the stringent safety measures taken on board.

Later, in the February of 2016, operation of the maglev line stopped for about an hour. However, prompt action by the engineers and maintenance personnel ensured that services were restored at the earliest.

Regardless of whether one is a train enthusiast or someone interested in modern technology, one should not miss the unique experience of travelling on that train, because it is not only an adrenaline rush to travel at such unprecedented speeds but the train itself is a testament to the technological advancement achieved by our generation. Even as a tourist, travelling on the Shanghai Maglev Train would be a memorable experience that one would cherish for the rest of his or her life.

In conclusion, it can be said that hopefully, in the near future, not just the rest of China but also the rest of the world will build the necessary infrastructure to operate maglev lines successfully, so that commuters all over the world get to avail the services of this wonderful and path breaking technological wonder. That day is not far away when traveling thousands of kilometers in a matter of minutes will no longer feel like an idea out of some science fiction; rather it will become something routine and necessary like taking the metro or taking the bus.

Shanghai Maglev Train-The Fastest Train from PVG to Downtown Shanghai

Also, the recent years have witnessed the tourism industry grow by leaps and bounds. Traveling all over the country or even traveling abroad is no longer considered a luxury. The sheer number of domestic and international tourists has grown like never before. As a result, the standards of various means of travel need to be improved as well to provide a better experience to the people using the facilities. Hence, this is the right time for this technology of the future to realize its full potential. Keeping in mind the growing demands of international tourists, it would be justified to state that these maglev trains are a step in the right direction to making traveling a super-fast experience.

Disclaimer: This article has been used directly from the Qingqi Qiu Platform, the copyright belongs to the original author. If there is any discrepancy with the copyright please contact us directly and we will immediately delete the content.Index for Network Information Infringement Protection
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