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Trip Moments[Best of Today]

Best of Today
Jun 15, 20211450

Each day when you tap the planet icon in your Trip Moments homepage, you'll see one Trip Moment that stands out as "Best of Today". These are moments that exude a passion for travel, creativity, and feeling. It may not be the most gorgeous or cool, but it must be a Trip Moment that touches the heart.

Let's take a look at some outstanding contributions from the past few weeks as we explore "Best of Today"!














Carnaza Islans Daanbantayan

Post by @localtraveler

It was literally a " hard way" to get to the island. There were small boats available for rental and big waves. Getting almost half towards the island, waves were bouncing back and forth to the extent that the boat was barely moving. Not to exaggerate but all the stuffs and passengers were seriously wet. It wasn't really easy being on a 3-hour boat transfer, wet and hungry. We were expecting a carenderia at the resort but there were none. We were informed that we have to buy meat and etc and the staffs on the resort will cook it (of course there a service charge to it). Hungry and sleepy after almost 8 hours of travel from Cebu, we looked for a market only to find out that there is no market available on the island. We looked for a meat and there is none. We searched for fish and the locals told us that we have to wait for the fisherman to get back from fishing! This is unexpected but I found it super amazing and truly unbelievable as to how the locals have survived to this type of living. Locals are living near the sea and the primary source of income of the people is fishing. They are beyond hospitable and very welcoming! God, you'll never find people like these in the city. The sea is so amazing, it has captured our hearts. The wind is fresh and clean. Everything is almost perfect. Given the chance, i will definitely go back here. Compared to other tourist destinations, Carnaza Island is cheaper for beginners and the island is not crowded. By the way, we were able to buy something for dinner which is a live chicken. The seller had it cleaned before passing it us though. The place is ideal for group of friends who are looking for an adventure and wanting to unwind or escape from the city air. After all, you should not be "arte" if you want to enjoy the island because you will not survive. 😂 #maydaytrip #urbanexplorer










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