2024 Visit the Best Ocean Theme Park in Zhuhai: Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Dec 4, 2023


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The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom holds the records for "largest underwater viewing dome, largest aquarium tank, largest aquarium window, and largest acrylic panel.”With exotic animal exhibits, fun themed zones, immersive theatre shows and exhilarating rides, it is definitely worth your time to visit COK with the whole family in tow. You can spend your day until late evening relaxing and enjoying yourself. Have fun at the multiple-cuisine internationally famed cafes and restaurants at the Arcade or browse the gift shops to take home a colorful keepsake or souvenir too. We will help you learn how to best use your time and what options are present at the COK. So here goes!

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Let us set your early expectations of the amusement park-Chimelong-Ocean-Kingdom-COK. Learn all about the enigmatic marine animal world, the habitats of the shy and rare animals, birds and fish. Interact with them at the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Park’s world's largest aquarium in China. Make the most of your quality family-time with loads of fun as the COK has lots to do, see and learn from for the adults and kids alike, making it an unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to get adventurous with the rides like the Aqua Drop, Parrot ride, Walrus Splash and more that we shall shortly discover. The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has the largest collection of the rare whale shark, polar bears, and majestic beluga whales. All in one place at the world’s largest aquariums set in Zhuhai’s Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.

This ocean park is on par, if not better than the Disney or Universal Amusement Parks as far as the quality, standards, theme, and rides go. It is a crucial bit of the CIOT-Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort which aims to make the marine park-Chimelong-Ocean-Kingdom, a one-of-its-kind resort that will become the experience of Orlando in the Asian continent of China. Add in the well-presented Polar Bears and Penguins and some fireworks to highlight the skyline, and you have a trip you will never forget.

The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is a theme park situated in Hengqin, Zhuhai, People's Republic of China. The park was opened in 2014 on 28th January. The first phase of the park cost RMB 10 billion to build. Designed by PGAV Destinations, it has a vast array of animal habitat shows, and amusement rides integrated with the exhibits. It is home to the world’s largest 48.75 mil L of water. It is not shy of setting world records and has five of the current World Guinness Records to its famed name, making it every bit worth to visit at least once-in-a-lifetime.

What is the amusement park without the fantastic gravity-defying wing coaster rides and the fun aquarium at park-Chimelong-Ocean-Kingdom? The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is divided into 8-zones, and each offers a unique ocean experience with rides and learning experiences that you must-try! Let’s quickly take you on a ride-based experience into the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.

Ocean Avenue: The entrance area with shops and an LED digital canopy that showcases the sea.

2024 Visit the Best Ocean Theme Park in Zhuhai: Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

The Amazing-Amazon zone: This water park area features the famous Parrot Coaster ride beside the ‘Journey to the Amazon’ exhibits and a freshwater aquarium. The ‘Flying Over the Rainforest’ ride renamed the ‘Parrot Coaster’ ride is one of the best experiences of the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. It is a must-do once-in-a-lifetime experience for the adventure-loving families. The 2014 thrown open steel built 50m wing-coaster ride is the third tallest in the world and the first Asian one to use a splashdown. If you can’t get to Dollywood’s Wild Eagle or Cedar Point’s GateKeeper, then enjoy this ride at the Guangdong’s Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in the Zhuhai Kingdom of China.

2024 Visit the Best Ocean Theme Park in Zhuhai: Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Just think about this fact! The 1,278m long coaster reaches speeds of 108 km/h on its way to being the world’s fastest and longest water park wing-coaster. It goes up the 50m high lifted portion to make a couple of turns before it splashes you down and then enters a gravity-defying roll to let you experience the feel of nil-gravity force. From here it uses the brake run to enter the tunnels and make a couple of turns and twists inline to move into the intimidating helix turns to churn things up.

Dolphin Cove: The cove is a ride area with some of the fascinating Dolphin –themed water-based rides and the virtual-experience section in it. It comprises of the water park attractions. Some of them are the Dolphin Theatre and Dolphin Island beside the Dolphins conservatory of the Chinese White dolphins with an above and underwater view into their habitat. Titled ‘Battle of the Pirates’ you get wet in the fast-revolving water jets as you sit in Chinese teacups that spin and revolve unexpectedly. If that doesn’t satisfy you, you have then the spinning and exciting ‘Dolphin-emulating Round Ride’ and the 2015 ‘5D Castle Theatre’ features the "Kaka's Great Adventure" 5D- 13 min film from Kraftwerk Living Technologies and Prana Studios. The virtual experience of viewing the water park film on the 1,500m² curved-screens cost CNY 300 million. It took three long years to build the fascinating and a world-record in itself.

The Ocean Beauty area is a submarine ride that takes you on the ‘Deep Sea Odyssey ‘as you ride through the aquarium. It displays the manta rays and the gigantic whale sharks besides others in a huge world-record tank holding 22.7 mil L of water!

2024 Visit the Best Ocean Theme Park in Zhuhai: Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Polar Horizon is obviously about the polar bear's habitat at the Polar bear Village, but it also features the water ride called the Polar Explorer, the Beluga habitat and world experience in the Beluga Theatre. And the irreplaceable experience with the human-like penguins in their habitat and the Penguin World.

2024 Visit the Best Ocean Theme Park in Zhuhai: Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Hero Island is the area liked most by the young at heart since it has the games arcade, the coaster rides like the Jungle Coaster, the Penguin Coaster, the Sea Monsters Tower, and the bumper -smashing car rides. You also have the wonderful experience of touching a stingray, enjoying the tide pools with smaller sea fish, and discovering the Otter’s den.

Mount Walrus zone is about the sea lions and walruses. Experience the rides of the gigantic flume on Walrus Splash and the pirate ship-themed Spirit of Adventure. Discover playing sea-lions in their habitat at the Sea Lion Theatre and Bay. The Walrus Island and the Paradise of Sea Birds with the various birds and animals in the water park like the white cranes, herons, pelicans, sea turtles, seagulls, giant African tortoises, the storks, seals and more.

Hengqin Ocean zone is the fun family zone where you can get to see parades, fireworks and special shows like the nighttime parade of Miziker Entertainment’s Journey of Lights, the fountain show and the ‘Ocean Resistance’ show.

You should also visit the 2017 opened water park breeding center for Killer Whales with a pod of 9 whales where Tyson and Nukka from Russia can be found. The Orcas are nowhere in sight though it is rumored they too will shortly be on the show.

To make your journey and experience of the fun park-Chimelong-Ocean-Kingdom better here is some more information and a few insider tips.

The tickets for adults are priced at CNY 560/ adult. Children with height of 1m to 1.5 m, need a children ticket which costs CNY 350/ child. Children below the height of 1m are allowed to travel free of costs with the accompanying adult. Only 1 child/ adult ticket is allowed to pass through for free. Senior citizens above the age of 65 years get a discount and need the Senior’s-ticket provided with a discount after scrutiny of the ID of the senior adult visitor.

After booking and making your payment, you should receive the booking confirmation within the next 24-hours if it is a business day. At times unknown-sender emails go to the spam or junk folder so check them both in case you do not receive your confirmation of your booking. If you still are unable to know the status of your booking contact COK via e-mail at

You have several options in package trips for the ocean park-Chimelong-Ocean-Kingdom like the promotional September tickets labeled 1-day ticket for 2 on weekdays only or the 1-day one for two on weekdays and holidays. You can also choose between the regular 2-day or 1-day tickets for weekdays and the ones valid during the weekends and holidays.

You must either have a mobile displayed voucher or a printed version of your booking, which is valid only for the specific date mentioned on it. No refunds, cancellations or change can be made to the ticket. If you have a 2- Day ticket, it is valid from the specific date chosen and the next day. Admission is granted only after you present the voucher of confirmation of booking and exchange it for the physical admission ticket.

The process of exchanging the vouchers at the park-Chimelong-Ocean-Kingdom has large queues and seems to eliminate the need for physical verification of the visitor’s details. Right in front of the entrance is the voucher-redemption machine which requires you to enter the numbers on your 8-digit voucher and the last 4-digits of your mobile telephone number used for the booking to gain admission to the park through the physical ticket that it provides. It also requires you to provide a physically verifiable ID information card before you exchange the voucher for the ticket to the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.

Is your visa in order? Remember, food and such snacks are not allowed inside the water park. However, you do have enough options at the arcade at the entrance for water, food, and snacks as there are many restaurants and hotels in-house. Also, buy yourself the guide-map available to help you navigate the park.

Start early as you have to redeem your voucher in the queues before you enter the park. Planning and time management will help you discover the best of Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, so do your reading and have a plan of action as you enter the ocean park. When you are on the one-day ticket, an early start ending with the late-night circus and parade at the Hengqin Theater is recommended.

The summers are harsh and fierce. Carry plenty of drinking water, your sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and if possible, protect your head from the strong heat with a cap or hat. It also makes great sense to use the Klook coupons at the water park, amusement park’s rides and shows like the whale show, the aquarium experience, the fun scintillating rides and the habitat discoveries of the varied birds, mammals, animals, and sea creatures.

The water park-Chimelong-Ocean-Kingdom follows the dual season-based pattern whence from 1st of Sep to the 30th of June they are open from 10 am to 10.30 pm daily. The opening hours are shorter in winter, and between 1st of July to the 31st of August the park is open from 10 am to 9 pm daily. Their physical address is Chimelong Ocean Kingdom at the Hengqin Island Xiangzhou in the Zhuhai kingdom of Guangdong in China.

Transportation from nearby places like Macau, Hongkong, the Henking Port, and the Jiuzhou Port is excellent and easy to access. Let us tell you how.

The cost per person of travel by the frequent shuttles and bus services to the water park is CNY 20 to 25/person.

When travelling from the Hengqin Port to the riverside park-Chimelong-Ocean-Kingdom use the no-charge free. A shuttle from the Hengqin Port uses the route with stops at the Ying Hai Apartments, the stops at Hengqin Bay Hotel, the ones at Circus Hotel and Penguin Hotel stop at the Ocean Kingdom.

If you are coming in from Hong Kong, then use the CTS counter near Hotel Beverly Plaza Macau. The route takes you to the stops at Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal, via the Studio City and Hengqin Bay Hotel to the final stop at the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.

When travelling to the ocean park-Chimelong-Ocean-Kingdom from Hong Kong, you can use the ferry services to Jiuzhou Port and then connect to the Chimelong shuttle bus to reach the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.

If you are starting from the Jiuzhou Port, you will need to use Ticketing Counter No #12. The shuttle can be used to cover the stops at the Jiuzhou Port and the Intercity Guangzhou-Zhuhai’s Railway Station at Zhuhai to reach the water park at Chimelong Ocean Resort.

Every vacation is time and planning dependent. If you have the time, we would recommend the nearby sights to the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom listed below to visit because they deserve to be on your sight-seeing list.

Chimelong Safari Park: This nature park in Guangzhou is famed for its panda park with the world-famous triplets living there, many golden and white tigers besides a complete learning experience of the native fauna and flora. You even have a cable car and free tram ride to enjoy yourself.

2024 Visit the Best Ocean Theme Park in Zhuhai: Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

The Panyu Lotus Hill Resort can give you varied first-hand experiences of the Pearl River, landscaped gardens and the nature park while the Baiyun Mountain has some amazing scenery from its cableway. Get to see the skyline views and take in the Buddhist temple atop as you browse through, Luhu Lake and Park, the Baiyun Sculpture-Park, the Yuntai Garden, the Moxing Peak, and the Mingchun Valley. All close by water park spots that can be enjoyed individually on a day tour.

The Zhujiang Pearl River can be best covered using the 24-hrs subway pass, costing CNY 20/person. It also allows you to use the Guangzhou Tram from its terminal the Canton Tower station. Along the way, you can explore and see the Guangzhou Opera House and its Central Library as you cross the river from Canton Tower to Zhujiang New Town. The train schedules can be generally found at the subway station exit to the People Park station

Shamian Island, with its fascinating park and nature reserve, can be accessed easily through the use of the Metro from Huangsha station. Discover the island its colonial avenues and homes and enjoy the photographs here.

Yuexiu Mountain is just a short walk from the main Guangzhou Central Station near the ocean park-Chimelong-Ocean-Kingdom. It is free to visit and offers a variety of entertainment that is family-friendly. Just enjoy the amusement park, many lakes with fishing ponds, children's playground, paddleboat rides, use of the exercise equipment, several refreshments stand, the water park, swimming pool or the entrance to the R and F Guangzhou FC Stadium and more.

2024 Visit the Best Ocean Theme Park in Zhuhai: Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Enjoy the water park of the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom with its gut-churning rides, ocean learning experiences and theatre shows. The water park-Chimelong-Ocean-Kingdom is easy to get to and offers a bucket-list family experience in Asia that is unparalleled.

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