Guide to Singapore: Culture, Shopping, Food

Oct 15, 2019

Travel to Singapore


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Singapore is one of the most metropolitan, cleanest, and safest cities in the world. With its world-class infrastructure, public transport systems, integration of cultural diversities, and natural beauty, Singapore tops the list of most visited countries in Asia. Historic sites like Thian Hock Keng temple make it a favorite destination for artists and historians. A large number of massive shopping malls, markets, classy boutiques, and the exotic elements of Chinatown and Little India makes Singapore the shopping capital of Asia. For the food lovers out there, Singapore is an extravaganza of culinary delights.

Clarke Quay is the traditional centre of Singapore. It is situated on the banks of the Singapore River. It is a historical area filled with colonial-era architecture. Clarke Quay is famous for its astonishing nightlife.

There will not be a traveler in Singapore who would not pass through Clarke Quay. The best time to visit Clarke Quay is between evening to late at night. A large number of colonial buildings have been turned into party houses and hotels. At night, these night clubs come into their own. The nightlife in Clarke Quay is magical. You will feel like walking through a dream filled with electronic music.

Singapore River is the lifeline of the city. You can see boats loaded with cargos docked along the river. Trade and commerce hugely depend on the river. You can take a ride in these boats, which will give you a chance to explore Clarke Quay.

Guide to Singapore: Culture, Shopping, Food

Nightlife in Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is world-famous for the nightlife it offers. Zouk and Attica, two of the largest nightclubs in the world, are located here. Dancers, hip-hop artists, partiers, and DJs flock from all parts of the world to Clarke Quay. The atmosphere that Clarke Quay offers at night is wild and intoxicating.

The parties at Clarke Quay usually last till dawn. The clubs are located so near to each other that you can easily switch clubs. You will never get bored here.

Guide to Singapore: Culture, Shopping, Food

Wining and Dining in Clarke Quay

There are a lot of good bars and restaurants in Clarke Quay. Get Juiced is the right place for affordable beverages. The site provides tasty food and excellent service. If you want some more kick, visit Chupitos Shots Bar.

One of the best dining options is Ramen Keisuke Lobster King. They provide tasty Japanese food. Tongkang Riverboat Dining is another excellent restaurant in Clarke Quay, which offers innovative Thai cuisine right by the river.

Clarke Quay Attractions

Fort Canning Park is one of the central tourist spots in Clarke Quay. It was the residence of the founder of Singapore- Stamford Raffles. Now, this former residence has been converted to a park and historical museum. Fort Canning Park is locally called Forbidden Hill because people believe ancient kings of Singapore were buried here.

If you would like an adrenaline rush, head to G-Max Adrenaline Bungy. You will fall from a height of 80m at speeds above 120km/h! You would not need more adrenaline in a week after this!

To all those who want to enjoy the history at day and rock the night away, Clarke Quay is a must-visit place.

Address of Clarke Quay: 3E River Valley Rd, Singapore 179024. It is open all day.

Guide to Singapore: Culture, Shopping, Food

House of Seafood

Singapore is world-famous for its seafood delicacies. And the name that comes to everyone's mind when you think of seafood in Singapore is the House of Seafood. The most excellent Chinese-style seafood in Singapore is served by House of Seafood. It is the home of the world-famous dish Black Pepper Crab. House of Seafood has become well-known across the city-state since they opened their first restaurant in 2008, and their spot at The Punggol Settlement – down Punggol Point Road, of course – is among the best. It is being run by Chef Tay, who has 30 years of culinary experience.

House of Seafood is now famous all around the world for their recipes and cuisines. It is the only restaurant in Singapore that provides ready to eat crab. They pioneered vacuum sealing technologies that made it possible to make ready-to-eat packs. The restaurant became a major food destination of Singapore after positive reviews by visitors and celebrities. Now, it is said, “you have not visited Singapore if you not eaten from House of Seafood.” Feel the freshness of the food and enjoy your meal.


3 Punggol Point Road

The Punggol Settlement

The Punggol Settlement #01-01/02,

Singapore 828694

Phone: 65 6466 9000


Chinese, Seafood, Singaporean, Asian

Time of Operation

Daily from 11 AM – 2 PM

Singapore Botanic Gardens is the only UNESCO world heritage site in Singapore. The botanical garden is the first and only tropical botanic garden on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. This 74-hectare botanical garden is the most beautiful and arresting attraction of the city. The Garden is the first and only tropical botanic garden on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Singapore Botanic Gardens holds is the only garden in the world does not charge an entrance fee and opens every day. It was ranked as the Number one tourist destination in Singapore by TripAdvisor in 2011. The garden has the largest orchid display in the world with over 600 species. Tembusu, a native plant that is reported to be more than 150 years old, is found in Singapore Botanic Gardens. The importance and fame of Singapore Botanic Garden are such that a lot of scientists, students, and biologists visit Singapore for exclusively visiting the garden.

Guide to Singapore: Culture, Shopping, Food


Singapore Botanic Gardens was officially established in 1859. The origins can be traced to the allocation of a 19 hectare by Stamford Raffles for the construction of a pleasure garden. In 1866, additional 12-hectare land was added. After independence from colonial rule, Singapore developed Singapore Botanic Gardens from an economical garden with facilities for horticultural and botanical research to a modern and world-class botanic garden, scientific institution and place of conservation, recreation and education. Now, the garden is a cultural landscape that plays a crucial role in the fields of tropical botany and horticulture, including the development of plantation rubber.

Things to do

The garden is a favorite recreation venue for tourists. The sprawling grounds filled with over 60,000 plants and trees will make any person appreciate the beauty of nature. You can visit the SBG Heritage Museum for an interactive and feature-rich presentation detailing the Gardens' rich heritage. If you are visiting with kids, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is the place for you. Here, kids can play and learn all about plant life. A number of food stalls are also available if you want to grab a bite.

Singapore Flyer is a major tourist attraction. It is one of the most fantastic ways to get a three-sixty degree view of the city. This famous giant observation wheel not only a panorama of Singapore but also parts of Malaysia and Indonesia. The scenic spinner takes you 165 meters above the ground.

Singapore Flyer is located at the heart of Singapore at Marina Bay. It is the tallest observation wheel in Asia. The adrenaline rush it provides for tourists is worth experiencing. It consists of 28 air-conditioned glass capsules, and the ride lasts for 30 minutes. You will be able to explore the skylines of most of the historical buildings of Singapore, like Empress palace, Merlion Park, and Padang.


Singapore Flyer

30 Raffles Avenue,

Singapore 039803

Phone: 65 6333 3311

Time of Operation

Daily from 8:30 AM to 10 PM

Some Handy Tips

*Visit during dusk to enjoy the city panorama.

*Late evening and early morning are the best times to visit if you do not want to be part of the crowd.

*Pre-purchase your tickets else you would waste a lot of time in the queue.

*Follow safety instructions carefully and do not take risks.

Guide to Singapore: Culture, Shopping, Food

The Duck and Hippo Tour is a boat adventure in Singapore. It embarks on a 60-minute land and sea adventure around Singapore. You will be thrilled to enter the remodeled Vietnamese war craft that will run through both land and water. The bumpy ride viewing the beautiful skyline of Singapore and historical landmarks is a great experience. Duck and Hippo tours have won the Tourism Awards Singapore, among other prestigious awards.


The ride starts at Marina Bay. It passes through Marina Bay Sands, the iconic Esplanade Theatre, the green Gardens by the Bay, and the towering Merlion. Then you get back to land. You continue through Civic district. You can see World War 2 battlefields and the War Memorial Park. You take a loop around the Fountain of wealth- the world’s largest water fountain at Suntec City, then return to the original point of departure.


The Duck and Hippo Tour runs daily. It gets completed in 60 minutes. It continuously runs from 10 AM to 6 PM every day. The riders should reach half an hour early than their departing time.

The takeoff point is

01-330 Suntec Shopping Mall,

Singapore, 038983. The rides also end here.

Guide to Singapore: Culture, Shopping, Food

The flagship icon of Singapore tourism – the statue of a half-fish and half-lion sprouting water from its mouth resides at Merlion Park. It is the national icon of Singapore- called Merlion. It represents Singapore’s original name, Singapura- meaning “lion city.” Merlion park holds its acclaim to this 8.6-meter tall statue. Merlion statue is the most iconic landmark in Singapore. Lim Nang Seng built it in 1972.

Merlion Park offers a relaxing atmosphere for tourists. You can take a walk in the park, enjoying nature and craftsmanship. You can enjoy the fabulous light, and water show at Marina Sands Bay called Merlion Park Light Show. This laser show takes place every night. When you get hungry, you can grab a bite at the beautiful 1919 Waterboat House restaurant. You can enjoy the chic cocktails and panoramic views of the Merlion Park from its rooftop.


The entry to Merlion park is free. The park is open 24 hours every day.

The nearest bus station is at Fullerton Square. The nearest metro station is at Raffles Place.

Guide to Singapore: Culture, Shopping, Food

Orchard Road is Singapore's most famous shopping destination. Extending around 2.2 km, Orchard Road is a tree-lined boulevard filled with shopping malls and cafes. The Road contains nearly 800,000 sq m of shops and restaurants. It offers something for every person regardless of age, fitness level, or budget.

You can start your shopping journey from TANGS, one of the oldest department stores in Singapore. You can buy anything from well-known Asian branded clothes to unique souvenirs. As you walk through Orchard Road, you will see ION Orchard. It is one of the fascinating shopping malls in Singapore. It houses eight levels of stores providing luxury brands, high-end fashion, and entertainment services.

Just a few steps away, you will come across the Grande Whisky Collection on the fifth floor of ION Orchard. It hosts 4500 varieties of the world's rarest whiskeys. If you are an art enthusiast, you can also visit the ION Art Gallery. If you are traveling on a budget, head to Far East Plaza, a haven for bargain hunters. Electronic items and fashion items are all available at mouth-watering prices in hundreds of street stores.

Orchard Road is also a center of dining in Singapore. If you want to enjoy a tasty breakfast with aromatic coffee, head to Oriole Coffee and Bar.

If you want a luxury dining experience, Wild Honey is the place that suits you. The restaurant offers a delectable array of sandwiches, meats, and salads from countries like Italy, Turkey, and Mexico. Do not forget to visit Orchard Road as it is the best street to shop, dine, stay, play, work, and live.

Guide to Singapore: Culture, Shopping, Food

Do you want to swim in the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool? Standing at 57 levels above ground, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Infinity Pool holds the world record. The view of the amazing city below is indescribable. Only hotel guests can access the pool. So, to be part of this privileged experience, you should book a room at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The address of the place is 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956.

The pool is open from 7 AM to 11 PM daily. Snacks and drinks are available at the poolside. Towels and sun loungers are also provided. The pool is child-friendly, and there is no age restriction. Just Go, Soak, and Enjoy.

Guide to Singapore: Culture, Shopping, Food

Singapore Travel Hints:

Singapore is clean, gorgeous, and diffusion of diverse immigrants. Singapore is a safe, clean, and active city as a result of strictly enforced laws. But racial groups in Singapore retained its spiritual and cultural identity, including Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism, which might cause confusion and battles; for instance, gift-giving etiquette varies dependent upon the individual's background. So, bearing in mind the Singapore travel hints, dos and don ts will assist you to be part of its experience and enjoy the culture of Singapore.

Be clean and Stay clean

Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world. And the laws enforcing cleanliness are some of the toughest. Don't litter while in Singapore. Regulations are enforced about littering. Fines for littering will make your mouth open.

Say Goodbye to Drugs and Cigarettes.

Laws relating to jaywalking, chewing, or selling gum, doing drugs, and smoking in public are strictly enforced in urban areas. Never chew on gum, promote gum, jaywalk, or drag in public places, which are punishable by jail. Don't chew gingiva. That is banned in Singapore and can get you arrested. Leave it at home before you travel.

Don't smoke in public.

Smoking is illegal in enclosed public places. Smoking or dropping a cigarette end in the street might cause an immediate fine.

Don't become involved with any drugs.

Singapore carries an obligatory death penalty for drug trafficking and severe penalties for possession and uses in the country.

Respect the local culture

Don't discuss religion or politics. Don't make jokes either. Don't touch someone’s head. The head is considered sacred. Don't show the bottoms of your legs or use your legs to point. Feet are considered dirty. Don't bring in food into parks. Offenders will be fined around S$200. Make sure you don’t point with your index finger, which can be considered being rude. Don't take cabs that are very expensive in Singapore. The Singapore transport system is extraordinarily well-planned. Do not eat or provide something with your left hand when and do not use your left side when shaking hands.

Do not tip.

Tipping is not customary in Singapore, and it is even frowned down upon by the government.

Follow social etiquettes

Don't open a present instantly in front of the giver. Don't wrap gifts in white as that is a colour of mourning. Don't accept a present immediately. Refuse a present two to three times before accepting to show that you are not greedy. Give the gift upon departing, not arriving, and use your right hand or both hands to give or receive presents.

Respect religion

Don't give alcohol, or something made of pigskin to someone of Malay descent, as Malays are Muslim. Don't give clocks, handkerchiefs, or flowers to people of Chinese descent, as they are connected with death and funerals.


Singapore is Asia’s most visited destination. It has an eternal charm attached to it. The city, with its pleasant tropical climate, welcomes each and every one from around the world throughout the year.

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