Spend Your Day at Seaworld Orlando

Sep 20, 2019


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Orlando draws a lot of tourists every year, and one of the major attractions here is Seaworld Orlando. No visitor to Orlando will ever miss visiting this Park, which is famous for its dolphin and whale shows, massive aquariums, and several exciting rides. Dolphins are beautiful and intelligent, and reaching out to them and feeding them is good fun. Then Seaworld Orlando also offers up-close tours with killer whales, dolphins, sea lions, and penguins add further to your adventure and joy. There are several other special tours here that you can opt.

Spend Your Day at  Seaworld Orlando

Furthermore, apart from sea life, you will find a lot of exciting rides in Seaworld Orlando suitable for all ages. Having a water ride on a hot day can be thrilling and refreshing. To sum up, Seaworld Orlando is ideal for spending a day full of adventure while interacting with animals, breathtaking rides, and fantastic overall entertainment. Spread over 200 acres, it has emerged as the world’s renowned marine Park welcoming nearly 4 million visitors every year.

At Seaworld Orlando, you will discover a variety of ocean creatures like orcas, otters, dolphins, penguins, and many more to have fun with. Seaworld Orlando is divided into seven entertainment areas called “seas.” Each one is based on a different aquatic theme and has animals and fishes in their natural environment, in the appropriate aquariums or enclosures.

Known as the ‘Empire of Penguin’ or the ‘Sea of Ice’, here you will find five species of penguins. For the sake of the animal’s comfort, the temperature is cold, therefore bring along an extra layer of clothing here. There are nearly 250 penguins here living in a real-life colony. There can be no better opportunity to witness these animals in a habitat that mimics their natural environment. Watch their gentle movements as they swim and glide. Seeing them waddling on the land is equally enjoyable. Enjoy as Seaworld Orlando takes you to a ride to Antarctica without even boarding a plane.

At Seaworld Orlando, witness the dolphins along with their calves and their fantastic charm. These happy creatures are always ready for an occasional treat of fish as a reward for performing tricks. These mammals are true human lovers. Viewing these marine animals with their offspring is exciting and a learning experience. Their playful nature will charm you. The baby dolphins as they interact with their mothers through vocal sounds and clicking each other, is an adorable sight for all. It is rare to witness it in the wild. The nursery was recently renovated in 2017, to make the place even more exciting and informative.

Seaworld Orlando offers a never before seen experience at the Manatee Rehabilitation Area. The rescue and rehabilitation activities to save the wild manatees are worth appreciating. It is a facility spread over 5 acres, where the guests can visit the place and better understand the dangers that these animals face in the wild. You can also learn a little more about these animals through the medical charts, interactive exhibits, and by watching them in their pools through underwater cameras. To the credit of the efforts of Seaworld Orlando, it has rehabbed more than 500 manatees till date.

Explore the wonders and mysteries of the sea at Manta Aquarium. There are ten aquariums featuring 3000 different sea animals, including giant octopus, sea horses, and sea dragons. Seaworld Orlando provides this excellent opportunity to experience this varied collection of sea animals and fishes without even stepping into the sea. It is a 360-degree top-up aquarium, where you find yourself in the center of the underwater activity. There are air-conditioned ponds as well, and along with your family, exploring the inhabitants is something to share and enjoy.

Spend Your Day at  Seaworld Orlando

No matter how much fear these creatures arouse in us, the fact is that these are the most gentle ones in the water. The Stingray Lagoon has over 120 rays in a pool where they glide and wave their wings. The most massive rays at Seaworld Orlando have a wingspan of up to 5 feet. Nearby is a nursery for the younger ones and is equally delightful to watch tiny 4-5 inches creatures making their way through the waters. The size of the bigger ones is although terrifying.

At Seaworld Orlando, Shark Encounter is the largest underwater tunnel made of acrylic. Being a few inches away from these dangerous predators is a chilling experience in itself. The tunnel is 60 feet long, and each panel of this tunnel weighs 500 pounds build to sustain the pressure of 500 tons of water. You will also find eels, barracuda, and toothy sharks in this coral reef habitat similar to natural ones where you will find sharks in the ocean.

You will find all kinds of rides at Seaworld Orlando and while you may wrongly assume that those are for the kids. On the contrary, these rides are such a blast that teenagers and younger adults will enjoy the most here.

1. Manta: Started in 2009, it is a roller coaster that imitates the glide of a manta ray. This roller coaster ride is fast, with a lot of ups and downs. You will have a blast on this ride; make sure you do not carry anything along not even slippers. The kids in the family and the elderly ones can well skip this ride. For other, no doubt it is the best ride at Seaworld Orlando.

Spend Your Day at  Seaworld Orlando

2.Kraken Sea World: It’s again a roller coaster but with a difference. It does not have the floor, and that means that Kraken will scare you to the core. It has a 120 feet loop and reaches a height of 150 feet at high speed. With seven reverse loops, it never gets more thrilling than this. Rightly so, it’s called ‘Kraken Unleashed’ at Seaworld Orlando.

3.Mako Sea World: Opened in 2016, it has earned the reputation of being the tallest, longest and fastest roller coaster in Orlando. It goes up to a height of 200 feet and gets the top speed of 73 miles per hour. Does that excite you? If yes, it going to be one great thrill for you to ride in Mako at Seaworld Orlando. It was named after the ocean’s fastest shark and is true to its name.

4.Other rides at Seaworld Orlando: There are several other rides at Seaworld Orlando that are suitable for kids and appeal to the families. The newest edition is an indoor ride called Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin that takes you to the South Pole as a penguin named Puck. The trip ends in the original habitat of the penguins. Another one is the Journey to Atlantis, which is a water ride that takes to the ancient myth. Then there is Infinity Falls, wherein you go through the twists and turns around a river. Other rides that you should try are the Wild Arctic flight Simulator, Flamingo Paddle Boats, the Sea Carousel, and the Seven Sea Railways. We also suggest you try the Turtle Trek 3D 360 theater at Seaworld Orlando showcasing sea turtles.

Spend Your Day at  Seaworld Orlando

The latest addition to the Seaworld Orlando is primarily for the kids. It brings the popular television show to life. There is practically a Sesame Street here in the Park, and the street covers 5 acres of area. The little ones will find so much to explore here in immersive themes and interactive elements. There is also the opportunity to meet your favorite Sesame characters like Big Bird, Bert, Abby Cadabby, Ernie, and several others. The moment you step in here in this part of Seaworld Orlando, you start feeling like a Sesame Street resident. Although the place is meant for kids, the parents will have equal enjoyment here. Some of the enjoyable rides here for the kids are:

1.Abby’s Flower Tower

2.Big Bird’s Twirl’n’ Whirl

3.Cookie Drop

4.Elmo’s Choo Choo Tain

5.Slimey’s Glider

6.Super Grover’s Box Car Derby

This activity can be the most enjoyable for the whole family at Seaworld Orlando. The trained animals perform as per the direction of their trainers. It is a beautiful display of the bond between humans and animals by all standards. The Seaworld Orlando shows feature some of the most incredible animal feats.

1.Dolphin Days: Here you learn about the Bottlenose Dolphins found in the Atlantics performing along with their trainers. The Dolphin Days show at Seaworld Orlando also educates and spread awareness about these beautiful creatures. Watch as the dolphins play and the tropical birds fly in the sky. The show is of 20 minutes duration and a thorough enjoyment for all.

2.One Ocean: It is another popular show at Seaworld Orlando that celebrates life under the sea. It is an inspirational and educational show that explores the vibrancy and energy of the ocean and its growth. It is a multi-sensory experience where killer whales, along with their trainers, form the plot of the story that unfolds gradually. Several other live animals also form part of the show that is of 35-minute duration.

3.Pets Ahoy: This show at Seaworld Orlando is fun and laughter all the way. You have dogs, cats, birds, rats, pigs, and other animals put up a hilarious show that the whole family will enjoy to the fullest. A series of fun-filled skits are performed that are truly cute and entertaining. Featuring live animals and trainers the show is of 25 minutes duration, and the uniqueness of the show is impressive.

4.Sea Lion High: Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High at Seaworld Orlando is an innovative show of sea lions named Clyde and Seamore. This 30-minute show is fun and hilarious to watch. Watch their adventures with other lions, otters, walruses, and humans too. It has a storyline to it, wherein the characters get admission to a University. At Ocean University, they learn about science, dance, and other things. Finally, they graduate one day and end up celebrating the contribution of their teachers in their education.

You will find sustainable seafood here, and vegetarian options are available too. When you and your family are having so much fun at Seaworld Orlando, the food needs to be equally good. A 10$ meal is standard, and food passes cost 33$ for adults and 18$ for kids. These all you can eat passes are catered at six counter service locations. Apart from these options, several restaurants are offering fine dining to visitors. Most of the restaurants and cafes are near the Waterfront and Kraken. Few of the popular choices are:

1.Dine with Shamu: Here the meal is served from noon to 2 pm and from 4:30 to 6:30 pm alongside the orca pools. Prices vary but on an average its 34$ for adults and 24$ for kids. Prior booking is advisable.

2.Expedition Café: It has a counter service outside Antarctica serving a range of food like the baked chicken, shrimps, meatballs, spaghetti, lasagna, and salads.

3.Terrace Garden Buffet: Near the Nautilus Theater, it is an all you can eat buffet. 15$ for adults and 10$ for kids, here you have the pasta, pizza, salads, and desserts.

4.Seafire Inn: At the Waterfront, overlooking the lagoon, enjoy the pasta bowls, salads, and Mediterranean food with pretty water views.

5.Voyagers Smokehouse: Facing the Seaport Theatre’s entrance, here you can have baby back ribs, barbecue chicken, and spare ribs at a top price of 16$.

6.Sharks Underwater Grill: A slightly premier one, here you have to shelve out 27$ for tempura shrimp, 28$ for grilled chicken and salads for 9$. The restaurant has an incredible view for sure.

Apart from these at Seaworld Orlando, you can also try eating at Cypress Bakery near the entrance, Smugglers Feats, Mango Joe’s Café and Captain Pete’s Island Hot Dogs. All assured the food is fresh, hygienic and all standard procedures are followed here. Although, you might have to skip your calorie count here.

1.For adults, including children over three years of age, the retail price for single entrance Seaworld Orlando tickets is 99.99$ per person. If you book online, the ticket cost is 84.99 $. You can also buy multi-day tickets at an additional price.

Spend Your Day at  Seaworld Orlando

2.While the climate in Florida is warm, but it is advised to bring a few extra layers. The Park has many sections that have air conditioning and controlled environments which cause the indoor areas to be chilly the year-round.

3.There is a lot of water around, and it will be a better idea to wear clothes that can dry quickly. In the water-based rides, a single splash can make you wet thoroughly. Carrying a small towel will be handy here.

4.Seaworld Orlando is a vast place, and it is always better to plan. It is the best way to make the most out of your visit to this Park. Pick up a map and organize your time accordingly else the chances are that you will spend a reasonable amount of time wandering in the Park aimlessly.

5.If planning for roller coaster rides, we suggest you do them first. Best is to go for the rides early in the day else; you need to be prepared to stand in a long queue waiting for your turn. No one enjoys waiting for a roller coaster ride in an amusement park.

6.The live animals’ shows are hugely popular and expect a slight rush. To get the seating with the best view, arrive 20 to 30 minutes in advance before the showtime.

7.The timings of Seaworld Orlando are 10 am to 6 pm. There may be a slight variation on some special occasions for which you should enquire beforehand.

8.It is preferable to utilize the services of the free shuttle services available from most hotels and resorts in Orlando. This way, you can avoid the hassle of parking and related fees.

9.Seaworld Orlando is located at 7007 SeaWorld Drive, Orlando FL, 32821 at the intersection of Interstate 4 and FL 528. The Park is at a distance of 10 minutes from Orlando and 15 minutes from the Orlando International Airport.

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