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Eating in Switzerland, A Review on Its Regional Cuisines

Eating in Switzerland, A Review on Its Regional Cuisines

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Switzerland's cheese and chocolate are well-known all over the world, and its daily catering culture is deeply influenced by neighboring Germany, France and Italy. In addition to the famous Swiss Cheese Fondue, you can also taste different local cuisines in various regions.

Cheese Fondue , A Special Preference of The Swis

If you want to talk about the delicious Swiss foods, cheese fondue must be the first choice. Similar to Chinese hot pot, the cheese fondue uses melted cheese as hotpot seasoning instead, and the dishes to be "instant-boiled" are bread, fruits and vegetables. It can be said that the translation of cheese fondue as "hot pot" is both vivid and appropriate. The Swiss usually eat cheese fondue in cold season, since the cooking is not complicated, and anyone can do it at home. Just add white wine to the porcelain pot wiped with garlic and heat it. After boiling, put cheese bar in until the cheese melts slowly. Then the whole pot can be moved to the table. On the table, put the porcelain pot on a small alcohol stove, which can keep the temperature of the porcelain pot with a small fire, and finally we can eat it with bread dipped in cheese. While eating, if you can match with some fresh and delicious ice white wine, the taste will be even better. But because cheese will coagulate in the stomach when encountering beer, it is easy to feel gastrointestinal discomfort, so if you eat cheese fondue, do not match it with beer.

Eating in Switzerland, A Review on Its Regional Cuisines

Zurich Veal , A Traditional Specialty

Zurich is known as the "city of gastronomy", gathering all fine foods around the world here. The famous local food is Zurich veal, which, like the city, reveals a light beauty of peace. Select the fresh and tender, high-quality beef, and mix the sliced or small beef with cream sauce and mushrooms, and season with white wine. It is simple cooking, but absolutely delicious. Eating Zurich veal with its good partner, rösti, would be an amazing taste experience.

Eating in Switzerland, A Review on Its Regional Cuisines

Bratwurst, The Carnivore's Favorite

There are various kinds of sausages in Switzerland, each with its own characteristics. Each region has its own special varieties, which can be smoked or air dried. When eating, it can be boiled, fried, roasted or eaten cold. There are no less than dozens of kinds in total, and they are kept secret from each other, so the method of making them will never be spread. The Swiss like to eat sausages a lot much. Almost every diner has such a dish on his table. In German speaking areas, it is more common to roast weisswurst, dip them in mustard or tomato sauce and eat them together with French fries. It's also exquisite to eat Swiss sausages. It can also be used to make soup, and the soup with sausage tastes delicious.

Eating in Switzerland, A Review on Its Regional Cuisines

Chügelipastetli , The Specialty of Lucerne

Chügelipastetli is a unique local dish in Lucerne. It's very special to cook the dish, and it is especially delicious when you put veal or chicken into the crispy hollow bread box, then add mushrooms and onions, and pour thick sauce on it. In autumn, some chestnuts will be added, which will taste better.

Eating in Switzerland, A Review on Its Regional Cuisines

Raclette, The Most Traditional Snacks

Raclette is one of the most traditional ways to eat Swiss cheese. When the cheese is roasted and melted, it is served with boiled potatoes, sour cucumbers and onions. It is very delicious. In the early days, the Alpine residents used firewood to barbecue cheese. Nowadays, almost every Swiss family has a special electric stove for barbecuing cheese, which is often the most classic dish for Swiss family parties and banquets. Raclette sold in the market is more casual, matching with bread, mushrooms, plus a variety of spices will always let you eat heartily.

Eating in Switzerland, A Review on Its Regional Cuisines

Excellent Quality Chocolate Made in Switzerland

Switzerland has the highest per capita consumption of chocolate in the world, and on average each Swiss can eat 12 kg chocolate per year. Superior ingredients let the Swiss produce the highest quality chocolate, whether it's Lindt and Frey from a large-scale factory or handmade chocolate from a variety of local workshops, which are extremely popular with tourists. Chocolate from Switzerland is also a great tourist souvenir and gift choice. The cake and ice cream at any chocolate shop or made in Switzerland are very delicious. The Scrüngli of Zurich is recommendable. In addition to Zurich, retail stores of Scrüngli can also be found at railway stations and airports in other Swiss cities.

Eating in Switzerland, A Review on Its Regional Cuisines

Wines Made in Switzerland: Low Keyed Aristocrats in Wines

Swiss people love to drink wine, and there is also high-quality wine produced in Switzerland. There is a saying, "In Switzerland, you can not only find the most expensive wine in the world, but also the cheapest and best wine in the world." The producing areas of wine in Switzerland are concentrated in the west and south areas, primarily in Lavaux and Valais. The most common variety of red wine is Pinot Noir, while that of white wine is Chasselas.

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