Chimelong Safari Park Guide: Facts and Useful Information

Dec 5, 2019


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Are you an animal lover and also love to go to places where they stay? Then Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park is the perfect destination to enjoy the flawless beauty of Mother Nature. It has an expanse of a massive 1,333,340 square miles making it one of the biggest natural parks in China and Guangzhou's only national 5A grade scenic spot tourism resort.

Chimelong Safari Park Guide: Facts and Useful Information

Ch imelong Safari park serves as a home for numerous wild species with over 20,000 animals and 500 other rare species of animals and plants. They provide a natural ecosystem where the animals can live and procreate naturally. The park is designed to be tourist friendly as it allows for various convenient utilities for people to enjoy their time in the park among the wildlife and natural beauty.

The park is very comfortable and easily accessible from multiple points, with the free shuttle bus to get you in or take you out. It also has a unique self-drive program where people have the freedom of exploring the wildlife park according to their very own convenience. This Chimelong Safari Park is even said to have "World's Top Ten Rarest Species of Animals" residing and nurturing in it. Chimelong Safari Park is one of the most visited tourist spots in the Guangzhou and has tourists visiting all around the year. This place makes it even unique after knowing about its legendary history of its existence and other unusual facts.

Chimelong Safari Park is home for some fantastic selection of beautiful and exotic animals including the world's most extensive collection of white tigers, a first-class Giant Panda center, and many protected species like the Giant Salamander. The main attraction is the set of triplet pandas that were born in the park in mid-2014. These are the only living panda triplets in the world.

Chimelong Safari Park Guide: Facts and Useful Information

The park is divided as "Safari on Wheels" or "Walk-Through" the animal exhibits. The "Safari on Wheels" part of Chimelong Safari Park is the "drive-thru" experience done by trams. It will take you around the savannahs, plains, lakes, and all the different habitats where the animals are allowed to roam safely and freely. There is a self-drive option available that get done in about an hour depending on the stops that you make for photographs. The visitors can rent cars and drive through a specified area where they can get real-life experience of the living styles and catch a glimpse of the unique wild animals. This self-drive option makes it very convenient for visitors. They have the opportunity to go about as their delight and can get their complete privacy which is not possible in other parks in around the world.

Chimelong Safari Park Guide: Facts and Useful Information

The "Walk-Through" or "zoo" part of the Chimelong Safari Park is where all the exhibits and habitats are. This part comprises of the Giant Panda Centre and the different theme areas like the African Savannah with the rhinos, hippos, and zebras. The significant highlights amongst the animal there are The Giant Pandas, The White tigers, Feeding the giraffes, riding the elephants, etc. Some animal shows and a nursery where the newborns are kept and taken care. This walk-through will help you to experience the wildlife of different parts of the world, ranging from Africa to Asia.

Chimelong Safari Park Guide: Facts and Useful Information

There are numerous ways to get to Chimelong Safari Park. From Hong Kong, you can take the Chainlink bus to Guangzhou and then catch a free shuttle to GZ Chimelong Tourist Resort. You can also take a ferry to Lianhuashan Port and then take the free shuttle to GZ Chimelong Tourist Resort. There can be a third medium where you can also catch a ferry to Shunde Harbour and catch the free shuttle for the GZ Chimelong Tourist Resort. These free shuttle buses ply three times a day at 11:00 am 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm that takes you to the GZ Chimelong Tourist Resort. To get to the destination from Guangzhou, one can choose any of the means of transport available there. They can opt for the metro by taking the Hanxi Chimelong station exit E. Board the free shuttle bus. Or make to the Huijiang station exit C. Catch the free shuttle bus from there. There is an option for taking a train from East Railway Station, then take the metro line 3 and metro line 5 to Hanxi Chimelong Station and then catch the shuttle bus. The shuttle bus service in the resort area runs from 8:50 am to 10:00 pm and departs at an interval of every 15 minutes. It runs between metro stations, hotel, circus, water park, and safari. The departure from the park is at 7:00 pm.

The best way to visit Chimelong Safari Park without any trouble is by taking the packages offered. The ticketing categorized into 4, namely a group weekday package that includes two adult tickets and a child ticket. If you are visiting with your family on a weekday, then comes the group weekend package that has the same number of tickets but costs a little more than weekdays. The third is a single weekday ticket that admits only one. Then come the solo weekend and public holiday ticket that will cost you slightly more than usual. These packages include the entrance fee. The package once purchased is not be refunded. So, plan your trip and book your package accordingly. For the single packages, the adult tickets and child tickets sold separately.

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1. Take a tour of the vast wildlife park in a vehicle where you can view the natural living and habitat of the different animals living in the park.

2. Visit the zoo where you get to see scarce animals which you may not find in any other parts of the world.

3. Visit the Crocodile Park and catch a glimpse of different species of alligators.

4. Spend quality time with friends and family at the Chimelong hotel.

5. Visit the Chimelong International Circus, which is world-renowned and catch a glimpse of the grandeur of this magnificent show. It is especially recommended for children as it designed keeping in mind for visitors coming with family.

6. Feed the giraffe with your own hands, not to worry as it supervises under the guidance of expert supervision.

7. You can take elephant rides and watch the elephants bathe along the banks of a water body.

Chimelong Safari Park Guide: Facts and Useful Information

8. It has one of the most mesmerizing white tiger performances in the entire world where the guests of the park provide with a great visual treat.

9. If you want to catch a birds-eye view of the park, then it is highly recommended you take the cable cart ride. It will give a mesmerizing glimpse of the natural beauty and habitat of the park.

10. There are individual science centers where you can learn about different animals and get insight into their habitats.

11. There are unique playgrounds designed for children. So that the children can also have a fun time while visiting the park.

Chimelong Safari Park has a humid subtropical climate, influenced by the East Asian Monsoon, with plenty of rainfall throughout the year. It has an average temperature of 13.9OC. This place has a footfall of approximately 50,000 people every day, which goes even higher during the peak seasons. The peak season for this place can count as School Summer Holiday (July-August), the anti-fascist anniversary (3 Sep-5 Sep), Mid-Autumn Festival (26 Sep-28 Sep), China National Day Holiday (1 Oct-8 Oct), New Year's Holiday (1 Jan-3 Jan), and Spring Festival (1 Feb-22 Feb). During this period the population increases, and the fares of the park increases, including other costs. It is advised to make the bookings and reservations at an early stage to avoid any last-minute issues related to accommodations and travel if you plan to visit during the peak season. The months from Feb to July are perfect if you want to enjoy the place to the fullest and spend quality time with your family and friends without any rush.

Feeding the animals in the Chimelong Safari Park is allowed but only where it mentions so, else do not engage in such activities as that might be very dangerous. The park is under the open sun so do carry enough water and food, and a mosquito repellent as the bugs seem to be a problem. The opening hours for Monday - Friday is 9:30 am - 6:00 am and for Saturday - Sunday is 9:30 am - 6:30 pm. The time for the last admission is at 4:00 pm. Try to reach the park during early morning hours so you can fully enjoy your visit as the waiting time increases in the afternoon. Carry a map as this park spreads across an extensive area of land you might easily get lost unless you take special care. Do not provoke the animals or try to take pictures at a close range with them as you in evidently might get hurt while doing so. The elderly and children are to be taken good care of while in the zoo. Plan the visit with lots of spare time as it might take a while to get around the whole park.

The main attraction is its world-class international circus where artists perform various acrobatics which is an absolute treat for the eyes. Children will especially be attracted to the circus as is specially designed to intrigue the interest of the children. Animals also perform various stunts but making sure that they are not hurt, or their living not hampered. The combo ticket is recommended to buy going to the Wildlife Park and the Circus as it will help save money.

Tickets: Guangzhou Chimelong International Circus Ticket

If you plan to stay at the Chimelong Safari Park, it offers you a luxurious resort alongside the Chimelong Safari Park, a hotel, and also an amusement park. It has rollercoasters and various other specially designed rides so you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Chimelong Safari Park Guide: Facts and Useful Information

It was specially designed pools for children making it the perfect destination for a family vacation. The hotel has a host of amenities like spa, gym, Multi-cuisine restaurant, and ample parking space facilities. You can completely wander off your daily hustle and enjoy some peaceful and relaxing time with your loved ones. It also has a crocodile park where various crocodiles of different and rare species allowing you to catch a view of these magnificent creatures.

If you love shopping, then you can also visit the Canton Fair for some astonishing products made in China. If you have a day in spare, then you can visit the Gulong Canyon Glass Bridge from Guangzhou. Planning a trip with your family and friends to Chimelong Safari Park, will not be regretted as you can enjoy the fantastic scenic beauty.

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