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Guide to Zurich: Top Things to See And Do

Guide to Zurich: Top Things to See And Do

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From Zurich there are tons of great places where you can go for a day tour. You can try to summit the Uetilberg, check out the Rhine Falls and nearby Schaffhausen, or the Medieval wall painting town of Stein, or St Gallen, the fairytale town.

Uetilberg: Dine With Peak View

You must visit Uetilberg if you are visiting Zurich. it is 871 m tall and when you summit the peak, you can see the whole Zurich city and the lake.

There is a vantage point about 30 m away and you can see Zurich and the Alps. It’s free and open all year. There is a restaurant called Uto Kulm and is finely decorated. You can take a break here or dine here, and enjoy the view through the tall windows.

Guide to Zurich: Top Things to See And Do

Close Touch to The Rhein Falls

The Rhein Falls is the biggest waterfall in Europe. It is 150 wide and 23 m tall, with average water volume of 700 m3 per second. Since the ancient times this has been a popular tourist site. Goethe wrote and praised this waterfall too.

There are two stones in the middle of the waterfall which you can only reach by boat. There is a staircase on one of them. You can walk up to the top where the Swiss flag is displayed and enjoy the waterfall up close. You can also go to the other side facing the waterfall and switch up your vantage point.

Stein Am Rhein : Small Town West of Lake Constance

Stein is located at the Northeastern side of Switzerland and is close to the German and Austrian border. It is called the “gem of the Rhine River”. This is widely acknowledged as the town that is most medieval in all of Switzerland. The wall paintings on traditional homes have also attracted tourists from all over the world.

The structure in the small town is at least a couple hundred years old, but all of them are kept in immaculate condition. Every house has a lot of beautiful paintings, sculptures and window decor. Each connecting colourful house is like a long scroll of painting coming to life. This is a place you’d want to spend time in and is a city that looks like a living Medieval art town.

Guide to Zurich: Top Things to See And Do

St. Gallen: Village With Most Beautiful Cathedrals

St. Gallen is located inside a valley engulfe by two mountains in the Northeastern part of Switzerland. As a knowledge center of Europe, St. Gallen used to be the mecca for academics and artists around Europe. The soul of this city lies in the abbey that is over 1300 years old and its annexed library.

There is the most beautiful library in this world. To protect these old books you are not allowed to take photos inside the library. The books are all manuscripts written on lamb skin paper and are usually the Bible. The owner of the library is a very devoted Christian, so there are many religious paintings and relics, as well as invaluable original works housed here at the library.

St. Gallen Cathedral is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. The ceiling paintings are all depicting stories of famous priests here. For these people who have contributed so much to the public, they are often glorified in their images here, so often you’ll see them drawn as angels.

Guide to Zurich: Top Things to See And Do

Schaffhausen: Colorful Village

Schaffhausen is located at the Northernmost corner in Switzerland upstream of the Rhine. It is located between the Black Forest and Lake Constance, surrounded by vineyards around. It’s a great place to take a one day trip. The old town does not allow car access as there are many beautiful and colourful paintings and concave windows. This is widely recognized as one of Switzerland’s most scenic places.

Schaffhausen’s landmark is the Munot Fortress which can be seen from several km away. This fortress was built between 1564 to 1589 and has been designed by Albrecht Dürer. Get atop the walls and you can see a view of the surroundings unfold before your eyes.

Guide to Zurich: Top Things to See And Do

Discovering Heidi’s World: Maienfeld

Leave Zurich and you’ll arrive at Maienfeld with about an hour train ride. Here, go along the Rhine upstream and you can visit the village described in the famous book “Heidi”, created by the female Swiss writer Johanna Spyri. In the book, Heidi is a Swiss mountain girl who lived with her grandfather in the Alps, and loved by many young readers in the world.

The red Heidi route: this is the place where Heidi lives during the winter. You’ll see lots of spots related to the book as you navigate this 1.5 hour-long route. The climb is not steep and is easy to walk. From Mainfeld’s tourist center you’ll past a lush green vineyard. The first thing you will see is the Heidi Fountain built in memory of Johanna Spyri back in 1953.

The blue Heidi route: this is where you get to visit Heidi’s summer home, the Heididalp. Not only can you see Peter’s small hut, near the top of the hill you’ll see the classic scene from the book unfold before you. It’s grandfather’s little wooden hut. To walk this path will take 4 hours on foot.

Guide to Zurich: Top Things to See And Do

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