8 Places to Try Authentic Singapore Street Food

Dec 25, 2019

Singapore is a city where land is as valuable as gold. It is also renowned for its many traditional outdoor food stalls. Here we list 8 authentic food streets in Singapore. You'll cover all the local specialties if you go to these 8 streets!


  • Chinatown's Food Street
  • Lau Pa Sat
  • Maxwell Food Centre
  • Singapore Food Trail
  • Newton Food Centre
  • Marina Bay
  • Tiong Bahru Food Centre
  • Old Airport Road Food Centre

Chinatown's Food Street

Smith Street is Chinatown's food street, an open-air street steeped in local flavor. Street stalls, shops, restaurants and the occasional pop-up vendor call out to passersby. You can sample the specialties of all of Singapore's different ethnic groups on just this one street.

The newly built high ceiling is equipped with a glass canopy. That, plus the air conditioning from the indoor spaces, make this a great place to relax rain or shine. Since Smith Street is pedestrian-only 24 hours a day, foodies can enjoy the good eats here in relaxed comfort any time of day.

8 Places to Try Authentic Singapore Street Food

Lau Pa Sat

Lau Pa Sat, known for its octagonal architectural structure, has been transformed from its original use to the food paradise that it is today. From satay to seafood BBQ, this food court has everything you can imagine. With all stalls open 24 hours a day and so many kinds of gourmet dishes available, this is a great stop for first-timers to Singapore curious to sample the wide range of flavors this country has to offer.

Lau Pa Sat is most famous for its delicious satay. Singapore's distinctive spicy crab and its steamed clam with red peppers are also not to be missed. The Hokkien fried noodles, Hainanese chicken rice, black pepper fried crab, fish head curry and other authentic Southeast Asian dishes are also worth trying.

8 Places to Try Authentic Singapore Street Food

Maxwell Food Centre

Maxwell Food Centre in Chinatown is the hottest food center in Singapore. There are more than 100 stalls. Almost each stall has its own characteristics. In front of stalls, there are long lines. It is a paradise that food fans should not miss.

In Maxwell Food Centre, there are many must-see signature stores, including famous Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice, Zhen Zhen Porridge featured by a traditional food --- porridge with sliced thin pork and preserved duck egg, and Fried Kway Teow, Lao Ban Soya Beancurd and Jin Hua Sliced Fish Bee Hoon featured by Hainanese food.

8 Places to Try Authentic Singapore Street Food

Singapore Food Trail

The Singapore Food Trail is next to the Singapore Flyer. This court has over 800 seats. It is decorated with 1960s themes. This court with overhead covers allows customers to enjoy meals comfortably outdoors. It is a unique scenery.

There are some long-established stalls, including High Street Tai Wah Bak Chor Mee, Boon Tat Street Barbeque Seafood, Sin Ming Lane Rong Cheng Pork Ribs Soup and Alhambra Padang Satay, and the familiar previous snacks. And here, you can even buy some interesting vintage toys.

Recommended: Sin Ming Lane Rong Cheng Pork Ribs Soup, Ang Mo Kio Wing Hing HokkienMee, Changi Radish Cake, Read Bean Ice Ball, and Bird’S Nest Water.

8 Places to Try Authentic Singapore Street Food

Newton Food Centre

Newton Food Centre, known locally as Newton Circus, offers all kinds of dishes, especially juicy seafood BBQ and tasty satay, making it a favorite lingering spot for locals and tourists alike.

You'll see lunch crowds, happy family gatherings and young people grabbing a late-night snack after an evening out on the town. Whatever the dining need, it can be satisfied at this food center with stalls selling every conceivable kind of food.

Recommended: chicken satay, yong tau foo, mee goreng, mee siam, nasi goreng, seafood BBQ and chili crab

8 Places to Try Authentic Singapore Street Food

Marina Bay

On the right side of Marina Bay, you can not only sample street food but also enjoy night views, and if you're lucky, you'll come across some free street performances to boot. You can find every local snack here. Recommended: satay, Hokkien mee, radish cake, oyster omelet, chili crab, poh piah, and curry hot pot.

8 Places to Try Authentic Singapore Street Food

Tiong Bahru Food Centre

Tiong Bahru Food Centre is on the second floor of the shopping mall in Tiong Bahru. There is a lot of food available, and many seats are set up in the open space, so that customers can take seats to rest and have their meals. Food in this center is cheap and clean. With thoughtful services, customers are warmly impressed. Fried Mee, Lor Mee and the like are recommended.

8 Places to Try Authentic Singapore Street Food

Old Airport Road Food Centre

It is an extremely renowned and popular cooked food center in Singapore. Stalls inside are classic. Even if you don’t collect travel tips, it will be OK, just see which stall has long lines, and you know its flavor won’t be bad. The hottest stalls are Lao Ban Soya Beancurd and Lao Fu Zi Fried Kway Teow, with sweet and spicy, blood clam that is fragrant and crispy. When you take a bite, sweet juice bursts out, it is really yummy. But lines in front of these two stalls are very long, you need to be patient to taste their food.

8 Places to Try Authentic Singapore Street Food

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