Popular Places to enjoy East China's Autumn Scenery

Nov 26, 2019

Popular Places to enjoy East China's Autumn Scenery.


  • Hangzhou
    • Red Leaves in the West Lake Marks the Arrival of Autumn in the Ancient Capital
  • Suzhou
    • Golden Leaves of Ginkgo Biloba Brighten Dongshan's Soil
  • Wuxi City
    • Appreciating Taihu Lake's Autumn Scenery in Yuantouzhu
  • Nanjing
    • Qinhuai River’s Dazzling Scenery
  • Jinhua
    • Hengdian World Studios


Red Leaves in the West Lake Marks the Arrival of Autumn in the Ancient Capital

# West Lake enchanting red leaves # Hangzhou, which has a history stretching back 2200 years ago, and is one of China's eight ancient capitals. The West Lake draws the most attention for this city. The mountains around West Lake which encircle the city is what gives the area its reputation. Its breath taking natural scenery is "like the ancient beauty whose appeal never diminishes regardless of lighting or heavy makeup." It has lasted for thousands of years. West Lake’s red leaves which fall as the autumn months arrive are truly sight to behold, taking your breath away at each glance. # Experiencing autumn in diverse natural landscapes here. #The West Lake area is famous for its natural scenery, such as the West Lake, Xixi Wetland, Lingyin Temple, Longjing Village, Yunqi Bamboo path, and Feilaifeng Peak. Several historical buildings are featured in the Shangcheng District of Hangzhou, such as Hu Xueyan's former residence, Huichun Hall Pharmacy, Wansong Academy, and Songcheng Old City. # Recommended Days to visit # Most of Hangzhou's spectacular locations are in the West Lake District and the Shangcheng District, therefore 2-3 days is sufficient time to visit all of them.

Popular Places to enjoy East China's Autumn Scenery


Golden Leaves of Ginkgo Biloba Brighten Dongshan's Soil

# Ancient City by the river# Suzhou is located to the southeast of Jiangsu Province. Since ancient times, scholars have been calling this city ‘’heaven on earth.‘’ Marco Polo also marveled at its beauty, describing it as "the Venice of the East.” The ancient city is situated in a river network, with the streets built by rivers and water running parallel to the streets. The buildings sit on the edge of the water, with the alleys in front and the river running behind, forming a unique style of "small bridge, flowing water, and households" depicted in the poem. # The best time to enjoy the autumn months in the home of the ginkgo biloba # Dongshan in Suzhou City is a famous town of ginkgo biloba. In autumn, you can find golden ginkgo biloba extending for miles, among which are many precious ancient trees and the "Jiangsu's ginkgo biloba King", which is 2,000 years old! Mid-November to early December is the best time to enjoy ginkgo biloba in Dongshan. # Enjoying autumn in the classical gardens and experiencing their special charm # Most of the historical scenic spots in Suzhou, especially the classical gardens, can be found around the ancient city area. In the northern part of the ancient city (the former Pingjiang District), there are famous scenic spots such as Pingjiang Road Historic Block, Humble Administrator's Garden, Lion Forest, and Suzhou Museum. At the center of the ancient city, the bustling Guanqian Street area can be found.

Popular Places to enjoy East China's Autumn Scenery

Wuxi City

Appreciating Taihu Lake's Autumn Scenery in Yuantouzhu

# The pearl of Taihu lake # Water in the Taihu Lake ripples across the surface as the ancient canal waters flow gracefully in and out of view. Wuxi, the "Pearl of Taihu Lake", is one of China's most famous historical and cultural cities whose existence dates back to over 3000 years ago. The "Gouwu State" established at the end of the Shang Dynasty is the origin of Wuxi City. # Autumn Colors in the Taihu Lake # Among the exquisite sceneries that can be found in the south of the Yangtze River lies Yuantouzhu in the Taihu Lake area in Wuxi, with its unique landscape of majestic mountains and beautiful waters. Autumns colors spread across the 36,000-hectares of Taihu Lake with a wide expanse of misty waters, which you can find to the east of Yuantouzhu. Autumn is by far the most stunning season to experience in Yuantouzhu. # One day is enough to enjoy the autumn attractions as most of the fascinating sights are in close proximity to one another. The Lingshan Scenic Spot, Yuantouzhu, San'guo City, Shuihu City, Meiyuan Garden, and Xihui Park can all be located in the Binhu District.

Popular Places to enjoy East China's Autumn Scenery


Qinhuai River’s Dazzling Scenery

# Households along the Qinghai River during Late Autumn # “With the chilly water enfolded in mist and the sand bathed in moonlight, I moor near the taverns alongside the Qinhuai River at night." This poem depicting a girl has drawn flocks of writers and poets to this place to admire the enchanting scenery. Nanjing has a deep cultural and traditional heritage embedded in its history . Every mountain, every river, and every building seem to be revealing its unique history. If you have the chance to visit the Qinhuai River during the autumn months, you can cruise along the river and enjoy the traditional melodies drifting from the riverbanks while immersing yourself in the riverside scenery, getting a taste of what life was like during the country’s golden age. # Melodies from the Pavilions at Night # The sightseeing area along the Qinhuai River in Nanjing boasts captivating nighttime views, which has attracted hordes of tourists. Touring this area by boat will imprint you with all the sights that the river has to offer, and as you appreciate the nighttime scenery of the pavilions standing on the banks, you will occasionally hear the sounds of Peking operas and traditional melodies as the refreshing breeze brushes your face.

Popular Places to enjoy East China's Autumn Scenery


Hengdian World Studios

# The Eastern Hollywood in Autumn # Hengdian, 160km away from Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang Province, is a small town in Dongyang City in Jinhua, yet it is widely known as the "Eastern Hollywood." Most of China's films and TV dramas depicting Chinese antiquity were filmed here, including some well-known works such as Hero, The Promise, Palace, and Scarlet Heart. The best time to travel to Hengdian is during spring and autumn when the town’s climate is moderate. Just the perfect temperature to enjoy the area’s scenery without getting too hot or cold. During the autumn months, Hengdian skies are mostly filled with sun as accompanied by a cool breeze. # Hengdian’s autumn charm # As the Studio features a multitude of scenic spots, you may only be able to visit two or three of them in a day. If your schedule allows, we recommend that you stay here for a night, so that you are able to stroll around this town and watch several more performances filling you with the charm that the town emanates.

Popular Places to enjoy East China's Autumn Scenery

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