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Top 10 Beaches in New Zealand
Top 10 beaches in New Zealand The sceneries are reflected not only in the sea but also on the shores. The beaches in New Zealand are both lively and remote. They reflect completely different and unique sceneries due to their different geographical locations. Let's look at these popular beaches together.
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Travel Places List in November
Chiang Mai The Rose of Northern Thai Don’t miss: The annual Skylight Festival celebrates Thailand's Water Lantern Festival every November, and the best travel place to participate in this traditional festival is Chiang Mai. During the Water Lantern Festival, Chiang Mai will hold grand skylight activities, like flying lit skylights up into the sky, which are very spectacular. Leisure itinerary for travel If you want to visit Chiang Mai in a leisurely manner, it takes at least 4 or 5 days. You can spend 2 days in exploring the historic sites of Chiang Mai Moat and another two days in going out of the Chiang Mai Moat for a day trip.
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Auckland's 9 Most Popular Restaurants, Whether for Visual or Gustative Experience, There is Always One that Would Capture of Your Heart
Auckland's 9 most popular restaurants, whether for visual or gustative experience, there is always one that would capture of your heart
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Nature Lovers' Guide to Auckland New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand, is a beautiful city that lies in the North Island. It is a cosmopolitan, diverse, and multicultural city with the largest Polynesian population in the world. The city is nestled between mountain ranges on the north-west and south-east and water bodies to the east and south-west. The isthmus on which the central part of urban Auckland rests, likes between the Manukua Harbour of the Tasman Sea and Waitemata Harbour of the Pacific Ocean. The Hunua Ranges and the Waitakere Ranges- line the city surroundings with hills that have many dormant volcanoes.
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