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11 of the World's Most Majestic Cathedrals
When fire tore through Notre-Dame Cathedral in the heart of Paris, centuries of history that had survived revolution, two world wars, and natural disasters was swept from existence. It was a reminder that our most precious constructions can vanish before our eyes. Here is a look at 11 of the world's most majestic cathedrals and why you shouldn't wait to see them.
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COVID-19 in the EU and the UK: What Travelers Should Know
Learn what measures are now in place across several European countries. See if you can travel to your favorite European destination this summer.
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9 Awesome Things To Do In Barcelona in October 2020
Barcelona is the capital of the Catalonia region in Spain, and there are several things to do in Barcelona when you visit this place. When you think of Spain, the one thing that comes to mind is its bullfighting, and however, fortunately for the animal lovers and most others. Bullfighting is banned in this city by the Catalonian government since 2012. Barcelona is known for its art and architecture, and you have immense choices in finding places of interest to visit, like museums, beaches, forts, stadiums, concert halls, gardens, and so on. Barcelona became more famous and the biggest tourist destination in Spain after successfully hosting the Olympic Games in the year 1992. It has so many places of interest that we have prepared a list of things to do in Barcelona to assist you. However, it is also the most expensive city in Spain to visit.
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Top-10 Things to do in Barcelona for May 2020
On the shores of the Balearic Sea lies Barcelona, a renowned travel destination and capital of Spain’s autonomous Catalonia region. It’s a city that sparkles in the Mediterranean sun. Walking along spacious boulevards, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in London; however, the moment you dart into a narrow alleyway Spanish charm abounds. Barcelona is effervescent, a place overflowing with humanity and Catalan pride. Come along as we explore this beautiful and intriguing city. See where Roman ruins mingle with Gaudí’s modernism. Our short guide will highlight some must-see attractions and provide an overview to the many wonderful things travelers will find when they visit. This is our guide to the top-10 best things to do in Barcelona in 2019.
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Puerto Vallarta: Romantic Trip & Restaurants
Puerto vallarta is a travellers’ delight with everything one can hope for during a vacation, from romantic beaches for the newlywed on a dream honeymoon to the Best restaurants in puerto vallarta for a gourmet. Puerto vallarta is enviably located in Mexico near the Bay on the Pacific Ocean with its calm blue waters on one side and a gorgeous landscape with mountains, rivers, cascades, and steeps on the other. The downtown, a cultural heritage, is the heart of Puerto vallarta. It is where the locals and tourists gather for fun-filled festivities and cultural activities.
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Architectural Landmarks: 10 Amazing Buildings Around the World
Designing, planning, and building the structures we inhabit is the job of architects the world over. Marrying form and function, they seek to balance complex and often contradictory imperatives. Styles range the gamut from subdued to ostentatious. In seeking to highlight amazing architectural treasures from around the world, we looked far and wide to showcase a diverse range. Spanning nearly every continent, these represent among the finest buildings and landmarks on offer. These are 10 amazing architectural landmarks from around the world.
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For a Taste of Barcelona’s Flavor and Culture, Just Head Over to One of These Cafes
Barcelona is full of artistic flare and passionate but slow romance. The cafes are an indispensable part of this city. Several popular cafes with different styles are recommend here, so that you can experience daily life in Barcelona!
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Beyond Gaudí—Barcelona's Other Beautiful Architecture
Barcelona's "other" buildings are every bit as rich in artistic character as the works of Gaudí. The fantastic stained glass roof of Palau de la Música Catalana, the luxurious and exquisite wall reliefs of Casa Amatller, and the lace sculptures of Casa Lleó Morera are all works of art that are well worth seeing.
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A Guide to Luxury Shopping in Barcelona
Spain is rightly renowned as an ideal shopping destination for international tourists because of its high tax rebates, low-priced luxury goods and local designer brands. According to the Globe Shopper Index, a report compiled by The Economist, Barcelona ranks first among Europe's "most cost-effective luxury shopping destinations" thanks to its relatively low retail prices for high-end clothing, jewelry and watches. So now you're armed with the facts, you know where to go for your next spree, right?
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Which is the Best Seafood Restaurant in Barcelona
Spanish paella is full of variety. You will not run out of fresh ingredients in Barcelona, which makes it the best place to try seafood dishes. There are lots of varieties of paellas and seafood tapas. We recommend several good local Barcelona restaurants, so you can try all the seafood dishes.
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Don't Miss: 8 Things to Visit in Barcelona.
Barcelona is located in the northeast of Spain and on the verge of Mediterranean, and is the second largest city in Spain. It is usually necessary to schedule a 3-5 day trip, whether to see a building or a museum, to go shopping, or to enjoy the sun's beach.
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Exploring Gaudi's Architectural Miracles in Barcelona
Antoni Gaudí is undoubtedly one of Spain's most celebrated architects. Abounding with imaginative verve, many of his works, including the Sagrada Família, are listed as World Heritage Sites. These gems are absolutely the first stop on any good tour of Barcelona.
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A Different Hotel Experience in Barcelona
If you are tired of monotonous hotel chains, we recommend these distinctively styled hotels in Barcelona. Check them out to see if they strike your fancy.
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Barcelona Cathedral: Places in Barcelona
Barcelona is the capital city of Spain, which is rich in its culture and heritage, and today it is an important cultural center. It also has become the most visited tourist place in the world. The city attracts tourists for several reasons like culture, education, entertainment, sports, and magnificent architecture. Particularly architecture of Antoni Gaudi and Domenech Montaner are very famous, and Barcelona is the house for many of the UNESCO world heritage centers. The city is also known for its hosting of summer Olympic as well as many international sports tournaments. Today here we will be discussing the best places in Barcelona, Spain and all this place are adjacent to each other with just a walkable distance, so tourist doesn’t need a long time for looking around for exact location. If you are planning for a trip to Barcelona then these are must watch places in Barcelona.
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Top 9 Spanish Food You Must Try in Spain
Spain is a foodie heaven in Europe, in which every region boasts special cuisine culture and specialties, such as: Cocidos Madrileno, Paella Barcelona, Roast Sulking Pig Sevilla and so on. Each type of food should not be missed!
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Bring Good Tidings to All Lovers of Deserts! Barcelona's Desserts Are All Here!
Michelin star female chef Pastry Shop The BORN district Hofmann Pastisseria Pastry Shop is Spain’s Female Chef Mey Hoffman’s wish. With experience in interior design and designing jewelry, she is also talented at pastry design. The croissants at this pastry shop have been called that best in Barcelona. And the smell of them from the street will make your mouth water. Mey Hofmann’s name is well known in the world of Spanish cooking. In 2004, her restaurant was awarded its Michelin star. Even Ferran Andrea has come out in praise of her, “ Hofmann’s significance surpasses the inner reflection of chefs, she is one of the cooking celebrities of recent decades.” The cost per head is around 5-10 Euros.
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Class and Good Value, Guide to Barcelona Affordable Luxury Shopping
Class and good value, guide to Barcelona affordable luxury shopping Barcelona is one of the most important shopping destinations in Spain. The perfect blend of tradition and trend is the most distinctive feature of Barcelona's business district. From open-air mass markets, antique shops, craft workshops, to fashion houses and modern galleries, all kinds of goods are available. The most popular nowadays is the“affordable luxury, new fashion”lifestyle. Just come to Barcelona to follow the trend and sweep up a few luxury goods.
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Top 10 Best Hotel Rooftop Pools in the World
Swimming pools are a fascinating place to spend your time and there are numerous engrossing pools in the world. When you are on a leisure holiday, a swimming pool at your hotel elevates your mood of enjoyment. What if, the pool is not just a normal swimming pool but a rooftop pool? You must have started imagining the rooftop pool, but what if you can actually enjoy it? This is possible if you book a place that has a rooftop pool.
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A Week's Guide for Spain and Portugal
Spain and Portugal are both incredibly beautiful places that are worth visiting and even better for backpacking. However, if you only have a week to visit both the countries, there are only so many places you can visit to get the most out of both the. Ideally, plan a visit around march through mayor September through October to experience the best weather. Stick to the highlights of the tourist attractions which give you the most consolidated perspective into the cultures and even enjoy the best foods they have to offer.
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Dali, Picasso: Barcelona Museums You Cannot Miss
This Catalan capital is always a pan of history and artistic talents. Tourist is left with a dilemma to decide where to go and what to see. But It’s so always good to take some time and go to museums and see what our history was, how did we grow to modernize ourselves. But as a travel guide, my advice is don’t ever forget to visit this museum of Barcelona when you are transiting in Barcelona.
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7 best Art Museums in Spain
Spain is certainly a beautiful country with its varies landscapes and coastlines. Madrid is the capital of Spain, which is known as the home to the Royal Palace. Spain today is one of the European countries that has the largest collection of art, most of them are in museums. Art museums in Spain are renowned all over. The country is also known for some of the finest art galleries in the world.
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5 Awesome Things to Do With Your Parents in Barcelona
Barcelona is a city in Spain which is recognised as the cosmopolitan capital of the region of Catalonia. The place is known for its architecture and its art, which has been enriched and made lively over the years by the creations of master craftsmen like Antoni Gaudi, Museu Picasso, Joan Miro, etc. Buildings of Antoni Gaudi are some landmarks by the name of which Barcelona is known in today’s world. The city has something or the other to delight everyone, and you will never run out of things to do in Barcelona.
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Top 22 Best Tapas in Barcelona Spain
Barcelona tapas is a popular dining ritual in Spain’s tradition wherein you get to try a little bit of all dishes containing almost everything. Be it at the Michelin ranked Tapas 24 Barcelona or any of the normal restaurants and bars offering tapas Barcelona we are going to take you to the top twenty places where you can gorge on the best tapas in Barcelona. Tourists say it is finger-licking and lip-smacking healthy and good. Don’t be surprised at the tourist crowds at any of these top twenty places. Book ahead of time and fill up the hungry belly. If you are vacationing in Barcelona, then a food tour of the best in tapas Barcelona is a must. Take home some memories of the traditional Catalan food that adapts so well to the modern twists of world-ranked Michelin chefs and even street food without a problem. Let’s get started!
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Top 10 Things To Do in Barcelona
One of the biggest and culturally rich cities of Spain and Europe, Barcelona finds a special place in the hearts of travelers as well as football fans. It is the capital of the Catalonia region and the second-largest city in Spain. It is the sixth-largest city in the European Union in terms of population and the largest city in the Mediterranean region. Barcelona is one of the most well-connected cities in Europe. Barcelona has a busy international airport handling over 50 million passengers every year. The seaport that is strategically connected to Mediterranean African and Asian countries and the rest of the world. Barcelona is well-connected to the rest of Europe through a vast road and rail network as well. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe, making it a favorable destination to start a new business as well. Here we have listed some of the best things to do in Barcelona when you visit this amazing Spanish city.
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Visitor Guide to Gaudi's Masterpiece-Sagrada Familia
The subtype of art and culture which has been associated with belongingness of the Catalan culture is known to be the forte of the great Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. He is highly venerated in the world of architecture for his works. It is said that he let the passions of life, namely religion and work affected his working styles also. He was a big fan of using traditional and modern techniques to create unprecedented structures which inspired awe in the minds of the people.
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Spain: Chasing the Sounds of Flamenco
Spain, occupying most of the Iberian Peninsula, is one of Europe’s best destinations. A magnet for those seeking simple charms, amazing cuisine, and incredible culture, Spain is a diverse country offering visitors multitudes. In this short travel guide, we’re going to delve into those can’t-miss cities and towns. These are the places you’ve seen in films or imagined as you thumbed through a novel by Hemingway. They live between the notes in a melody strummed on a flamenco guitar or in the smells and tastes of tapas. Spain’s bounty is open to all so come discover why this destination has for so long captivated writers, poets, and world travelers.
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Barcelona: “Like a Jewel in the Sun…”
On the shores of the Balearic Sea lies Barcelona. Capital of Spain’s autonomous Catalonia region, the city sparkles in the Mediterranean sun. Walking along spacious boulevards, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in London; however, dart into a narrow alleyway and it seems you could strike sparks anywhere. Barcelona is effervescent and overflowing with humanity and Catalan pride. Come along as we explore this beautiful and intriguing city, a place where Roman ruins mingle with Gaudi’s modernism. This short guide will highlight some must-see attractions and provide an overview to the many wonderful things travelers will find when they visit Barcelona.
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