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Discover the Best Eleven Baton Rouge Restaurants
The offshoot of New Orleans, Louisiana’s Baton Rouge, is quickly turning into the next culinary hotspot that combines the best of Creole and contemporary flavors. Part of south Louisiana, there is no dearth of farm-fresh local produce as well as seafood. This stellar combination makes Baton Rouge restaurants a hotbed of southern classics with a refreshingly modern twist. One of the up & coming destinations on the southern culinary trail, visiting the best of Baton Rouge, gets you in on the trend early! The food scene here is intriguing, diverse, and full of amazing surprises, with restaurants serving everything from ramen and tacos to Greek platters and fine French dishes. You’ll find the very best of them below, proving that exploring the restaurants of Baton Rouge is one of the most worthwhile things to do in town.
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Top 12 Fun Things to do in Baton Rouge
A city mired in the country’s history; the name is not the only fun thing about Baton Rouge. Capital of Louisiana, Baton is a rich concentration of cultural sites that covers everything from native reserves to immigrant settlements. To put it, seven different governments have ruled the state, and several sites mark these historical developments. Located on the eastern side of the Mississippi River, Baton Rouge’s significance was mainly dictated by the first natural bluff up the Gulf of Mexico, Istrouma Bluff. The riverfront city was a chosen destination for development as the cliff acted as a natural barrier against calamities. For the history buffs, there are several things to do in Baton Rouge that are a class apart from the usual.
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