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5 Things to Know About the Cancun Underwater Museum
Among the more interesting attractions in the Mexican resort town of a Cancun is the famous Museo Subacuático de Arte, aka the Cancun Underwater Museum. Read on to learn about this amazing place.
TripBlogAug 12, 2021 6 62,084
Exploring France's Calanques National Park
Calanques National Park, established in 2012, is one of France's youngest national parks. Famous for the rugged Massif des Calanques, which runs between Marseille to Cassis, the park is the perfect place to enjoy some outdoor activities such as hiking, diving, and kayaking.
TripBlogOct 14, 2020 0 3,951
Lake Piru Recreation Area: A Great Getaway from LA
A guide to visiting the scenic Lake Piru Recreation Area. Boating access, hiking trails, lovely picnic areas, and more all await visitors to this great little spot.
TripBlogSep 1, 2020 2 6,745
A Tour of Palm Beach County: Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach
Tips and attractions for getting the most out of your next vacation to Palm Beach County. A tour of Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach, Florida.
TripBlogAug 24, 2020 2 7,249
Too Beautiful to Be True! A Fairy Tale Town in Austria by The Lake
Hallstatt is located in central Austria, and is very close to Salzburg. It is surrounded by lakes and mountains, with elegant churches, ancient hotels and beautiful cottages. Owing to its unique scenery, it is called "the most beautiful town in Europe". It takes about 2.5 hours by train from Salzburg. A one-day walking tour can be arranged in the town.
TripBlogDec 27, 2019 0 2,534
Traveling Across the Sea, Mountains and Jungle, 7 Kinds of Popular Outdoor Activities in Malaysia!
Traveling across the sea, mountains and jungle, 7 kinds of popular outdoor activities in Malaysia!
TripBlogDec 27, 2019 0 3,498
5 Things to Do When Visiting Krabi
Krabi boasts world-class coastlines, beaches, and islands. It is a world-famous mecca for rock-climbers, while its stunning underwater environment and marine life are magnets for diving enthusiasts.
TripBlogDec 26, 2019 0 1,916
New Ways to Enjoy Phuket
When we speak of Phuket, what do you have in mind? Beaches that are soft and smooth? Clear and clean water that looks like jello? Or diving and hop on/off between islands? When fall gets here it’s also the end of Phuket’s wet season. It’s time to try something new! Join us and see how you can have fun in Phuket during the fall in an all new fashion!
TripBlogDec 25, 2019 0 1,176
Unusual Watersports in Okinawa Go Diving at the Only (Other) Blue Cave in the World
Unusual Watersports in Okinawa—Go Diving at the Only (Other) Blue Cave in the World
TripBlogDec 23, 2019 0 1,107
Besides Long Beach, 9 Other ways to Experience EI Nido
Besides Long Beach, 9 other ways to experience EI Nido El Nido, located northwest of Palawan, is an area of bays and islands. The 45 limestone islands scattered around it are the most distinctive feature of the island. From China, you can transfer to princess port via Manila and then take a bus to El Nido.
TripBlogNov 15, 2019 0 1,334
10 Unmissable Things in Nepal
Nepal is a small country under the Himalayas, bordering Tibet and India. There are temples, historical sites and magnificent scenery here. Combined with the low price of commodities, it has always been a popular tourist destination. The article introduces 10 unmissable things in Nepal.
TripBlogNov 13, 2019 0 2,412
Going Into The Sea by Day, Romantic France Can Also Give You A Shot of Adrenaline
A journey on the cote de azure by bicycle. This French Riviera Half-Day eBike Tour from Nice is a tour that starts from 10 AM at the old town of Nice. Once we get on the e-bikes, which looks like the folding bikes we have in China, we will go biking for 4 hours during the day, and even when we go up hills, it will not be too tiring. The route departs from Nice, follows the coast to
TripBlogNov 8, 2019 0 617
Nature Lovers' Guide to Auckland New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand, is a beautiful city that lies in the North Island. It is a cosmopolitan, diverse, and multicultural city with the largest Polynesian population in the world. The city is nestled between mountain ranges on the north-west and south-east and water bodies to the east and south-west. The isthmus on which the central part of urban Auckland rests, likes between the Manukua Harbour of the Tasman Sea and Waitemata Harbour of the Pacific Ocean. The Hunua Ranges and the Waitakere Ranges- line the city surroundings with hills that have many dormant volcanoes.
TripBlogNov 5, 2019 0 1,820
Lakefront Hotels in Mackinac Island: 10 Best Budget Choices
In this day and age of a fast-paced life, people often look for some peace and serenity while planning a vacation and what place is better than Mackinac Island. Mackinac Island in Michigan is surely one such destination where you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and have a great holiday. This island is located at the tip of the lower peninsula of Michigan, and the best part about this place is that you’ll see no cars on this island! Yes, no cars. Seems like a utopian line right? But it is not. Mackinac Island was named a National Historic Landmark in 1960 due to their preservation efforts of Arts and Crafts cottages and old Native American buildings. Cars were banned in the 1800s and ever since the only way to get around is a bike or a horse ride! All one has to do is get to the Island on a ferry, and voila, you will feel like you have transported back to an age where everything was green and beautiful.
TripBlogSep 27, 2019 3 12,187