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10 Incredible Natural Landscapes to Explore in 2020
These are 10 incredible natural landscapes to explore in 2020. We’re heading into the mountains, under the sea, near to volcanoes, and to the edge of waterfalls in this fun travel guide. Buckle up as we take you to some exciting travel destinations.
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Family Island TOP List
Sanya A Great Chinese Destination for a Stroll with Your Toddler Not to be missed: Tingtian Tang Forest Park keeps a pleasant temperature and is filled with the chirping of insects and singing of birds. There’s always a warm sea breeze here: could there be anywhere in China better than Sanya during the cold of winter in other parts of the country? Sanya also has the cleanest air quality of any city in China along with the most beautiful coastal scenery.
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Bohol Island - A Wonderful Diving Destination!
Bohol Island - A Wonderful Diving Destination! The diving sites near Bohol Island are mainly concentrated in Balicasag Island and Pamilacan Island in the southwest, and Cabilao Island in the northwest. You may also go to Malapascua Island, Dumaguete, Oslob around Cebu, which are also great places for watching whale sharks and whales.
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6 Must-Dos on Bohol Island
Bohol Island is a haven for diving and vacationing in the Philipines. There are massive coral reefs and plate changes seen under the sea; the Chocolate Hills where Harry Potter was filmed as well as the Philippine Tarsier - a rare and coveted monkey and a national treasure. Generally you can enjoy 3 to 5 days here. You can get here by Manila or Cebu via flight.
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