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9 Most Popular Winter Resorts Worldwide in 2020
Sapporo: One of the Most Snowiest Cities || Sapporo in Hokkaido is a northern city known for the snow. The snowflake-shaped city emblem expresses the citizens' love for snowflakes. | All of Japan revels in the Sapporo Snow Festival, held every winter in Odori Park. Snow sculpture contestants use their imaginations to the fullest to bring the winter scenery to life, on display for tourists from all over the world!
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Exploring Cebu and the Surrounding Islands
Cebu City is surrounded by many islands and islets, including some that are considered among the best diving sites and some that remain in their natural state with no development to speak of. The popularity of island hopping has risen in recent years. If your schedule allows, you may as well tour one or two of the surrounding islands to allow yourself different experiences.
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Bohol Island - A Wonderful Diving Destination!
Bohol Island - A Wonderful Diving Destination! The diving sites near Bohol Island are mainly concentrated in Balicasag Island and Pamilacan Island in the southwest, and Cabilao Island in the northwest. You may also go to Malapascua Island, Dumaguete, Oslob around Cebu, which are also great places for watching whale sharks and whales.
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The Philippines: A Country of a Thousand Islands
Known as the “country of a thousand islands,” the Philippines is full of surprises. Travelers can explore history and the arts in Manila, relax along some of the world’s best beaches on Boracay, dive under the waves on Bohol, or explore countless coves and bays on Palawan. With delicious cuisine, friendly people, and a proud culture, there are near infinite possibilities available to travelers. In this short article, we will survey several popular destinations and recommend things to see. When planning a trip to the Philippines, focus on what you hope to experience and narrow your focus to a few locations.
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Fun Things to Do in Cebu
‘Kumusta po kayo?” Filipino, how are you? While you gulp your coffee and leisurely answer, here are some amazing things to do in Cebu. An archaic library of some of world’s oldest streets, schools, etc. Cebu is the oldest city in the Philippines, in-fact it houses the Colon street, which is also the oldest in all of Philippines. Apart from such archaic details, Cebu also consists of Asia’s oldest school and that of Philippines.If you have swelling taste buds for lichen, Cebu is the perfect place for a scrumptious roasted pig that will give you an enticing gustatory experience that will leave you wanting for more. The humming of the guitar is common on the streets of Cebu since it is very famous for its masterfully crafted fine acoustic guitars.
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