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How to Enjoy Changchun Puppet Emperor’s Palace, A Look at The Last Emperor’s Daily Life
Tongde Hall: where Pui Yi worked and entertained guests Tongde Hall is located inside the Changchun Museum of the Imperial Palace of Manchukuo. It started construction in 1937, and was completed at the end of 1938. With a building area of 5,758 square meters, this is a 2-story palace building for political activities, everyday life, and entertainment. In order to be of one mind with the Japanese invaders, Pu Yi named it as Dongde Hall. The first story of TongdeHall is where Pu Yi worked and entertained guests. It had a main wide room, worship room, waiting room, meeting room, China room, piano room, billiard room, Japanese room and movie room. The second story of the building was originally for the bedroom of Pu Yi and the last empress Wanrong. Pu Yi suspected that the Japanese had installed tapping devices, thus this room was never used.
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