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Hello Thailand: No Quarantine Required, Just Test & Go!
Thailand is open again to fully vaccinated travelers from 63 countries and regions. Learn what you have to do to get yourself booked for a vacation in this splendid travel destination!
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2020 Top 10 Things to do in Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai is a land of colourful hill tribes and misty mountains, a paradise for shoppers, a playground for seasonal travellers, and a delight for various adventurers. It is Northern Thailand’s largest city and the capital of Chiang Mai Province. Located near the highest mountains in Thailand, it is 700 km north of Bangkok. The city, former seat of the great Lanna kingdom, is a blissfully laid-back and calm place where you can relax and rejuvenate. There are numerous things to do in Chiang Mai like finding your place in the nightlife and indulging yourself in the local cuisines. Stroll down the lively backstreet or participate in the vast collection of activities, the city is the best place to discover the tradition of Thailand along with its attitude and atmosphere.
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The 10 Best Around The World to Travel in November
Chiang Mai Thailand’s rose of the north # The Loy Krathong Water Festival of Lights# takes place every November, and it is best to participate in this traditional festival in Chiang Mai.# Thousands gather together to light and release the sky lanterns, where Chiang Mai holds a grand skylight event, with sky lanterns lit in the night sky. The scene is very spectacular.
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To Worship Buddha in Northern Thailand, There’s One Stop You Can’t Miss ⁠ The Northern Capital of Buddhism, Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai, the capital of Thailand during the Lanna reign, is also an important birthplace of Theravada Buddhism. The city is scattered with more than 100 temples, and is referred to as the Northern Buddhism capital. The three famous temples in the ancient city of Chiang Mai, Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chiang Man, each have their own special characteristics. On Doi Suthep Mountain from the Ssangyong Temple, you can look out over a panoramic view of the city. The forest temple Wat Umong outside the ancient city, and Wat Suan Dok with its excellent sunset scenery, are also worth a visit.
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Delicious Thai Food! Eight Authentic Thai Dishes Must Not Be Missed
Delicious Thai food! Eight authentic Thai dishes must not be missed
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Self Cultivation of A Foodie, Chiang Mai Gourmet Search
As a city of leisure, Chiang Mai has a variety of gourmet restaurants. From the authentic flavors of the ancient city to the scenic restaurant on the banks of the Mae Ping River, to the coffee shops on Nimmana Haemida Road, the wide variety of food and beverage outlets will surely satisfy self-cultivation of any foodies.
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2020 Top 10 Things to do in Chiang Mai
When you visit the beautiful country of Thailand, there are many interesting things to do in Chiang Mai. The city is historic, eventful and surely worth a holiday. You will be stunned to realize that Chiang Mai is the place for everyone. Be it art, wildlife, history, religion, Chiang Mai has a story to tell the world.
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Travel Places List in November
Chiang Mai The Rose of Northern Thai Don’t miss: The annual Skylight Festival celebrates Thailand's Water Lantern Festival every November, and the best travel place to participate in this traditional festival is Chiang Mai. During the Water Lantern Festival, Chiang Mai will hold grand skylight activities, like flying lit skylights up into the sky, which are very spectacular. Leisure itinerary for travel If you want to visit Chiang Mai in a leisurely manner, it takes at least 4 or 5 days. You can spend 2 days in exploring the historic sites of Chiang Mai Moat and another two days in going out of the Chiang Mai Moat for a day trip.
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You can Buy The Best Souvenirs in Thailand for Friends. Just Buy, Buy, Buy!
Buy Naraya Bangkok bags with abandon All tourists visiting Bangkok will stroll around Naraya; when strolling around Naraya, most of them will buy bags. Naraya, known as a brand of Bangkok bags, mainly sell a variety of bags made of cotton and Thai silk. Their price is affordable, and you only need to pay 100-200 RMB to buy the bag you want. Bangkok bags are very suitable for buying as souvenirs They are not only affordable and beautiful, but also have Thai characteristics Their price ranges from 120 to 500 Baht (about 20 to 90 RMB) In addition, there are a few small adornments and small pendants in the store, and you only need to spend little over 10 Baht to buy them. There are many Naraya branches in Bangkok. The closer you are to the downtown, the more tourists there are.
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Chiang Mai is Also for Shopping
Chiang Mai is a beautiful ancient capital in the north. It is a distant small town blessed with spring breeze. As the second largest city in Thailand, it is not as prosperous as the capital Bangkok, but it has a more cultured atmosphere. It is a well-known handicraft center in the country. The prices in Chiang Mai are far lower than the in the Chinese market. It is a shopping paradise that you can’t miss out on.
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Travel Like An Aristocrat—A Guide to Thai Afternoon Tea
1. Bankok Fashion and vigor are part of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. While many hotels offer afternoon tea, three 5-star hotels stand out with their stylish and luxurious environments.
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Songkran: Thailand’s Wet and Wild Festival
For most people, New Years evokes memories of large celebrations. Perhaps it’s watching the ball drop in New York’s Times Square, perhaps it’s the fireworks from Sydney Harbour Bridge. In Thailand and other places throughout Southeast Asia, New Years is an excuse to have a massive water fight. Thailand’s traditional New Years festival, known as Songkran, is observed every year from April 13-15. To understand Songkran is to gain an appreciation of Thailand and Thai culture. In this travelogue, we explore the traditions around Songkran and delve into some recommendations for great places to participate in the festivities. Make sure you’ve got a change of clothes, because we’re going to get wet.
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