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5 Charming B&Bs for Your Next Visit to Chongqing
Internet sensation! 5 refreshing B&Bs in Spicy Mountain City
TripBlogNov 27, 2019 0 721
In Chongqing, You have The Chance to Experience Hot Springs
Chongqing Tongjing Two Rivers Holiday Hotel Must see: Yongsha Spring and Pearl Spring Scenic Area are national AAAA scenic spots. There are 25 natural hot springs, which reach up to 62 degrees. There are many types of hot springs such as Yongsha Spring, Hanging Spring, Pearl Spring, and springs formed from geological phenomenon which continually flows. It is a must in the southwest. Eat delicious food amongst the beautiful scenery, empty out your anxieties, remove your troubling thoughts and purify your soul.
TripBlogNov 22, 2019 0 1,053
With Tens of Thousands of Visitors, Just Why is this Internet Celebrity Street So Popular?
Chunxi Road, Chengdu Not to be missed: Chunxi Road in Chengdu is a super popular Internet celebrity gathering spot. This gorgeous commercial street has a sense of “everyone bustling about enjoying the great scenery” and is home to Chengdu’s stylish advertisements. The street draws in a huge number of attractive guys and gorgeous women from all over China who come to visit this “Internet celebrity gathering spot.”
TripBlogNov 20, 2019 0 2,178
9 Best Locations to See Chongqing Nightview
Chongqing in China is an economically flourishing city with breathtaking scenery both at day and at night with a strong cultural atmosphere. The huge metropolis city beside the Yangtze River is home to about 28 million people in southwest China. And there are plenty of things to do in Chongqing. You have it all in and near Chongqing with the views of the river, heritage sites, ancient towns, museums, spicy food, delicious native cuisines, and friendly locals. At dusk, Chongqing transforms to provide a completely different experience.
TripBlogOct 23, 2019 1 7,703
Top 11 Beautiful Ancient Towns for Your Trip to Chongqing
The extraordinary and long history of China is a give-away that almost every area here has lots of ancient towns near most of the major cities. As dynasties, emperors, and their good times waxed and waned, towns came into being, became famous, and then many were discarded with a new rule or dynasty beginning. Some of these ancient cities like Chongqing are ancient but also developed with the times. Many pockets and ancient towns in Chongqing are present where the ancient city still stands. Discovering these places which are entirely different from the modern Chinese towns makes a very interesting and good vacation.
TripBlogOct 22, 2019 0 4,040