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Best International Travel Destinations for Those on a Budget
International travel often seems maddeningly out of reach. Friends seems to be constantly posting on social media about magnificent tropical vacations spent at lush island resorts. If you’ve even wondered (or fumed) how it was possible, there’s a secret you’re probably not aware of just yet. International travel need not be prohibitively expensive. With the right combination of airfare hunting and budget-friendly destinations, you too can have an incredible time abroad. We’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you and profiled these 20 international destinations we think offer great experiences without the corresponding risk you’ll need to refinance your home to afford them. These are our recommendations for the best international travel destinations for those on a budget.
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Non Stop Shopping Experience
Colombo is often the first or last stop for many foreigners visiting Sri Lanka, where it is indispensable to shop till you drop. This list gives you a guide to the top places to shop in Colombo.
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Specialty Hotels to Book on Your Next Visit to Colombo
The Galle Face Hotel on the coast of Colombo is said to be the oldest hotel in Asia and was built in 1864. The three-story English-style building, with floral carved arches, a high-ceiling lobby, and log floors all reveal a strong British colonial style. This glorious Victorian hotel was also one of the first five-star hotels.
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Tour Buildings in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka was ruled by European colonists for hundreds of years. As an important port and gateway of Sri Lanka, Colombo has been deeply influenced by European culture, which is embodied in its many distinctive colonial buildings. This list introduces the past and present of these colonial buildings.
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Historical Attractions in Colombo Sri Lanka
Colombo, the metropolitan capital city of Sri Lanka, is known for its lush green parks and shady boulevards that will take you to the panoramic beaches. Known as the Green city of the East, the historical attractions in Colombodescribes the rocky history of the country which was invaded by many foreigners. Whether foreign invasions or civil unrest, the city never lost its charm and has always attracted tourists from diverse backgrounds.
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Turning Back the Clock in Sri Lanka
When you picture an exotic destination, what comes to mind? Palm trees, coconuts, tropical jungle and lush landscapes? How about pristine beaches, tea plantations, great music, and culture? If these sound up your alley then have we got a destination for you! Sri Lanka, the island nation in the Indian Ocean located off the southeastern tip of India, combines a world of wonder with growing travel amenities. The frenetic pace in Colombo will make your head spin. Galle’s laidback vibe will help you find relaxation. Feel as if you’ve stepped back in time when you walk the Ceylon Tea Trail through the central highlands. Enjoy incredible panoramic views from the ancient rock fortress at Sigiriya. Or just take a tuk-tuk to the beach at Unawatuna. No matter your fancy, you can satisfy your curiosities in Sri Lanka. Come along as we profile some of the country’s great attractions. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are our picks for amazing Sri Lankan adventures.
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