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The 8 Most Beautiful French Colonial-Era Churches in Vietnam
Who says that beautiful churches can only be found in Europe?Several French churches can be found in Vietnam, with each having its own characteristics. Let’s visit them one by one!
TripBlogDec 3, 2019 0 4,093
10 Must-see Sights of Da Nang
My Khe Beach Most beautiful beach for sunbathing My Khe Beach was named one of the six most beautiful beaches in the world by Forbes Magazine. Comprehensive ranking is based on the softness and whiteness of the beach, the convenience of transportation, the surrounding resort facilities, the sunshine, the size of the beach, and the types of water activities. The white sand beach, more than 30 km long has perhaps the lowest tourists density in Southeast Asia. It is basically a private beach. There are many seafood restaurants around, which are very popular. Under the shadow of the coconut tree, next to the clear water and fine sand, you can rent a beach chair, and enjoy life. It is as simple as that. The wave and wind here is very strong, suitable for water sports such as kite surfing.
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10 Must Do Activities in Vietnam
Vietnam's long and narrow shape and lengthy coastline provide the country with a wealth of recreational resources. Eating seafood and snorkeling are a must, and going out in rowing boats, swimming in the Mekong River, taking a mud bath, and watching the water puppet shows are just some of the special experiences you can have in Vietnam.
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Visit Da Nang: 9 Best Things to Do
Are you looking for a family vacation or maybe a second honeymoon spot in a place that is not a cold frozen and shady place but a sunny place full of adventure and in Asia itself? Then congratulation Vietnam is the next Rome, and it is not a long 10-hour flight, but indeed just enough not to get you jet-lagged. Vietnam is now a growing hotspot for tourists because of its diverse landscapes and beautiful tropical flora and fauna, which uplift the whole experience of living a tropical dream. Be it trekking the magnificent mountains and boat on the mighty rivers or exploring the beaches, Da Nang in Vietnam is one such place that would not disappoint anyone. So, let me take you through nine of the best places to explore in Da Nang Vietnam so that you don’t miss out on the best things to do in Da Nang.
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