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Spring Break Italy: March, April Italy Trip Ideas
Spring break in Italy, an European country blessed with beautiful landscapes to see and mesmerize. The cities in Italy have unique cultures as well as culinary skills. It can be visited at any time of the year but if you consider planning a budget holiday along with good climate, Springtime will be the best. Spring brings a lot of positivity and liveliness as the country has ample attractive gardens which blossom during this season. Italians celebrate spring on a huge level. You'll be able to enjoy a lot of springtime festivals hosted throughout Italy. You can witness these splendid festivals wherever you are in Italy just the season being Spring!
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Festival in Italy
Italy is a happy and free country with various festivals. Each district has their own features in Italy, such as Carnival, the Venice Film Festival, Siena’s Horse Racing Festival, Milan Fashion Week, and the Milan Furniture Fair, etc.
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You Can’t Just Pass By All Must-go Scenic Spots Hurriedly. You Should Also Experience The Unique Ways To Have Fun When You Come To Florence.
Italy is Europe's famous car and delicacy kingdom. The album introduces the fun events in Florence and surrounding Tuscany region, with cars and food as the theme.
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A Food Strategy for Florence
Bistecca alla Fiorentina Bistecca alla Fiorentina represents the Florence food and selects the famous Gianna beef in Tuscany as the food produce. It is cooked on a barbecue and only a few seasonings are added. It is baked till 30% or 50% meat is cooked through. The external layer is rather crispy after baking, but the inside is pink after cutting, with bloody water to guarantee the original taste and flavor to a maximum extent. The meat is very tender and smooth.
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Historical Things You Might Not Know about Ponte Vecchio
Welcome to the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. We are going to list some of the facts about Ponte Vecchio Florence to pique your interest and make your visit to it more fruitful and fun experience. We will also tell you where and what to do at the Ponte Vecchio to make sure you enjoy your visit. This beautiful gem of a bridge not found anywhere else in the world!
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Guide to Uffizi Gallery: Tickets & Skip the Line in Florence
Are you touring Italy and Florence’s Uffizi Gallery? Welcome to the heart of the Renaissance and its art, culture, and heritage in every breath of air at Florence.
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Top 12 Hotels to Experience the Original Florence Italy
Planning to visit Florence? There are many top luxuries Hotels in Florence, Italy. Florence, which is in central Italy, is the capital city of the Tuscan region. The city has a rich history, being the wealthiest city in the medieval age and a major trade and finance destination during that era. Many academics even consider it the birthplace of the Renaissance.
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Best 9 Things to Spend Your Holiday in Italy
The air in Italy is filled with the aroma of warm chocolate croissants, creamy and thick Burberry scents, whiffs of cheesy pizza, and the sprinkles of olive oil. Italy is one of the most trending hot spots for tourists all over the world. A must stop on the Europe travel package and a real beauty to behold. Italy has been famous for its Picturesque gondola rides and the housing the fashion capitals of the world. Italy is rich in culture, food, fashion, art, history, etc. The best places to visit in Italy include the world-famous Colosseum in Rome, the leaning tower of Pisa in Venice, etc. The Tumblr hub of the world, Italy is beautiful all from within the country. The cute alleys, the rich and luscious creameries, the bicycle tours, and some of the world’s earliest monuments have found their home in Italy.
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Don't Miss These Top 8 Things to do in Piazzale Michelangelo
The Florentine Piazzale Michelangelo is a breathtaking outdoor terrace on the left bank of the Arno River. Commissioned towards the end of the 1800’s era, it is the one place from where you can see the best views of Florence. Did you know that the Piazzale Michelangelo was initially conceived as a museum of works of Michelangelo Buonarotti, the never forgotten Florentine artist? The steep climb up the hill is worthwhile when you get to see the most breathtaking bronze copies of his artworks and enjoy the panoramic view of the Florence skyline, especially at night-time. That’s why we are going to explore the eight experiences of the Piazzale Michelangelo that you cannot afford to miss while in Florence. We will tell you a bit about these so you can plan better, the areas where to eat, shop and dine, and more so you have a hassle-free trip. Let’s start off!
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World Heritages in Tuscany
Tuscany is known as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and for its beautiful idyllic landscape. Till 2019, the following eight attractions have been listed as world heritage sites: Historic Center of Florence (1982), Piazza dei Miracoli (1987), Historic Center of San Ginignano (1990), Historic Center of Siena (1995), Historic Center of the City of Pienza (1996), Val d’Orcia (2004), Medici Villa and Gardens in Tuscany (2019), and Primeval Beech Forests in the Carpathian Mountains (2019). Next, let's take a look at these world heritage sites!
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A Complete Guide to Piazzale Michelangelo
Did you know that the Piazzale Michelangelo was initially conceived as a museum of works of Michelangelo? The steep climb up the hill is worthwhile when you get to see the most breath-taking panoramic view of Florence and its skyline, especially at night time. The Florentine Piazzale Michelangelo is a tribute to the famous Michelangelo Buonarotti, the iconic artist of yore and is known for its scenic views from the terrace or Piazzale.
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The Best Honeymoon Destinations for Every Type of Couple
With the wedding season imminent, searching the right and best honeymoon destination is an important decision to take. With so many beautiful countries, cities and places to visit, the best honeymoon destinations are something that invokes a feeling of love and affection, in addition to having a good mix of activities and places to see. Different people look for different things when it comes to choosing a destination and couples who are trying to figure out honeymoon ideas. There are places where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the beaches and mountains among other things. You’ll be able to enjoy activities like trekking, hiking or scuba diving if you choose to go on an adventure-heavy trip.
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Buy Now! Please Check Your Shopping Map
Italy is a famous shopping place in the world, and Florence is a city worth crazy shopping. In particular, the Mall and the Space in the suburbs are very popular outlets in the region, where Prada, Gucci and other local luxury goods are well-discounted. In addition, the album also introduces the places in the downtown where local featured commodities are worth buying.
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A Medieval Journey Through Time and Space in The Renaissance City
Florence is the world-famous capital of the Renaissance. The world-famous Medici family has historically funded the development of local arts, and many treasures have been preserved during the Medici palace. Now let's take a closer look at the most famous Renaissance buildings in the city and the works left by Michelangelo and other Renaissance masters. Among them, the Uffizi Gallery, the most influential gallery in Europe, must not be missed.
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Ultimate Guide to Cathedral Duomo Florence
Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore or The Cathedral of Florence is also known as il Duomo di Firenze, it is a 13th-century catholic church dedicated to Madonna, with the title 'Santa Maria Del Fiore'. The Florence Cathedral was constructed in 1296 on the ruins of an old church 'Santa Reparata', built between the 5th and 6th century. The old cathedral was too small for the city of Florence, thus, the need for a larger cathedral emerged and the Florence government became keen on making a new cathedral with an enormous Duomo. Boniface VIII’s legate and Cardinal Valeriano laid the first stone of the new church which was being enlarged and architected by the then famous architect Arnolfo De Cambio.
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10 Best Things to Do in Piazza Della Signoria Florence
The Piazza della Signoria is among the top important squares in Florence. Located in the heart of the city and dominated by the large city hall, the Piazza della Signoria is also known as the Palazzo Vecchio. Overlooking one wing of the Uffizi Gallery, the Piazza della Signoria is one of the primary meeting points for both locals of Florence and tourists who come to this mesmerizing romantic city. Concerts, fairs, rallies are constantly being hosted in the Piazza della Signoria all through the year. And the square is bustling with activity and excitement round the clock.
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Top 16 Things to Do in Florence
Located in the Northern region of Italy, Florence is the capital city of Tuscany, home to over one million residents in the metropolitan. The city has been described as the art capital by many travel blogs and trusted magazines which cannot be denied since it hosts numerous world heritage sites such as the Duomo. Florence has produced gems of artists including Leonardo Da Vinci. It is also the first city in all of Europe to have paved streets. Food, culture, history and bustling nightlife make the city attractive and worth a visit.
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Romantic 48 Hours in Florence Italy: Renaissance Arts and Tuscany Food
Florence is the capital of Italy’s Tuscan region and once there, you get immersed in the beauty of several masterworks of renaissance art and architecture only tend to get lost, a quick list of things to do in Florence, Italy becomes handy in a proper planned trip to move around the magnificent city. Florence at the heart of Tuscany and the birthplace of the Renaissance. Hold on, but there is more to gorgeous Florence than just wonderful galleries and architectural structures. It is an eclectic city with thriving opera, contemporary art, classical music, amazing food, and entertaining nightlife all interwoven into a multicultural system. Not to be left behind in favorite tourist list, the city brims with history and astonishing historical pieces, fabulous wines, great dining, and world-renowned fashion labels there is plenty to view, feel and enjoy.
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From middle age to Renaissance, Uffizi Masterpieces to put in your Florence bucket list
Uffizi Gallery is arguably the most visited place in the city of Florence in Italy, which sees more than 2 million footfall during a year. The city of Florance as we know today was originally established by Julius Ceasar in 59 BC as a settlement for his battle-weary soldiers. It was earlier named Fluentia as it was located between two rivers, later on, changed to Florence over the centuries. It means blossoming or flowering. Florence is the capital of Tuscany. Florence was one of the wealthiest cities of medieval Europe and was the capital of the Italian kingdom from 1865 to 1871. Florance is also said to be the birthplace of the Renaissance, the period between 14th and the 17th centuries when Europe transitioned from middle ages to modernity.
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