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Do You Want to Come Across All Kinds of Old Special Buildings in The Streets and Alley Ways? Penang, Will Take You from The Luxurious Dwellings of The Overseas Chinese to Mosques and British Castles.
Penang was the first British colony in the far east. There is still many historic British buildings here today. Many towns here were built by overseas Chinese, and because of this there are a lot of building in the old Qing architectural style. The cultural mix of characteristics in Penang are something that you wont regret exploring.
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Where to Have The Real Penang Taste? Popular TOP13 Food
Penang gathers cuisines from around the world. Malaysia has the largest population of Overseas Chinese, that’s why you will taste authentic Chinese food here. Other Asian cuisines such as Japanese, Indian, Thai and Malay are also available everywhere. You will not worry about starving, but will have too many choices.
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