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The Best Cherry Blossom Spots
Every year in the springtime, it’s cherry blossom season in Japan. Starting out from Okinawa in January, the blooming of cherry blossoms gradually moves northward, and following the cherry blossom blooming trail has become a big tourist event in Japan. Below are Japan’s 10 most famous cherry blossom spots, found in the Kanto, Kansai, and Hokkaido regions.
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Hakodate: Japan's Must-visit Destination in Hokkaido
Hakodate, which boasts one of Japan's three major night scenes, is also the best cherry blossom destination in Hokkaido. In addition to the signatures such as the night scenery and cherry blossoms, Hakodate also has the reputation of being the “City of Hot Springs”, “City of Churches” and “City of Ramen”. It is no wonder that it is the most attractive city in the southern part of Hokkaido. It takes about 3 hours to travel from Sapporo to Hakodate, to see the night view it is recommended to arrange a two-day trip or longer.
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Hokkaido - Onsen Guide
Hokkaido has Japan’s top onsen and hot spring sources. In the south, center and east of Hokkaido you’ll find famous hot springs which either boast of different water quality or have various hot spring hotels available. You can go for snow views and enjoy open-air hot springs.
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Hakodate is located in the south of Hokkaido and is next to the Honshu (main island) of Japan. It is very popular with tourists for its night skyline (top three) and unique mix of international flavor in local streets and neighborhoods. Other than that, Hakodate is very charismatic and waiting for you to explore more.
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Popular Restaurants in Hakodate: Seafood, Sushi and More
It is no exaggeration to say that Hakodate is a gourmet paradise. There are seafood morning markets comparable to the Tsukiji market in Tokyo, authentic salt ramen noodles from Hakodate, and a wide variety of desserts. Here we recommend several popular restaurants, not only for their exquisite food, but also for their great value for money.
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Amazing Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Japan!
Spring is a time of rebirth. A time to cast off winter’s embrace. In Japan, spring heralds the coming cherry blossoms. For what seems like a fleeting instance, cherry trees flower in exquisitely delicate shades of white and pink. The soft colors signal promising times ahead. Some spend their entire lives chasing the bloom, looking for that perfect flower. For travelers aspiring to catch a glimpse of the annual miracle, this short article offers some background and suggests a few places to visit.
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