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Best Resort in Kanto Region: Take JR from Tokyo to Hakone, Kamakura, Yokohama
When traveling in Tokyo, instead of just going to the classic landmarks inside this metropolitan city, you can also consider nearby attractions, including cities, historic sites, scenic spots, and hot springs. The traffic is much lighter in the Kanto region, and it only takes you 1-2 hours by JR to get to many nearby cities. If you go to Hakone, Kamakura, Yokohama and other nearby cities, there is a traffic ticket package that comes with a discount.
TripBlogFeb 20, 2020 0 1,502
Visit The Crossroads From Slam Dunk. A List of the Must-Visit Places in the Anime Holy Land of Tokyo
Tokyo is the well-deserving capital of anime, and in addition to having well-known places for shopping, such as Akihabara and Odaiba, it also has the Ghibli Museum. Nearby is Kamakura, which is the setting of Slam Dunk, and Hakone, the setting of EVA, all of which are popular places for tours to the holy land of anime.
TripBlogDec 17, 2019 0 6,769
How to Tap into Hakone Culture
Hakone has beautiful scenery, and there are many art galleries and museums in this beautiful place. Let's take a look at the right way to tap into Hakone culture.
TripBlogNov 12, 2019 0 1,058
Top 10 Most Popular Hot Springs in Japan
Japan is a famous hot spring country in the world, with a variety of high-quality hot springs. It is believed that more and more people are visiting Japan again and again to ease themselves into the hot spring. Here is a list of top hot springs in Japan. You might as well experience them one by one.
TripBlogOct 30, 2019 0 2,294
The 10-Best Things to See and Do in Hakone
Hakone is a popular destination among tourists because of the beautiful sceneries it has throughout the year. It lies close to Tokyo, and when you take a day trip from Tokyo, you can witness Mount Fuji as well. It is a 90 minutes’ drive from Central Tokyo to Hakone to witness some great hot springs, some historical sites, forests as well as grasslands, swamps, and lakes. To get around in Hakone, there are various facilities available like railways, ropeways, and buses to take you from one destination to another.
TripBlogOct 28, 2019 0 1,289