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Spring Break 2020: Top 20 Destinations in America
Spring is a joyous time. Lands cast off winter’s shadow and a remarkable flowering begins. In North America, spring heralds a curious annual migration. College students flock in large numbers from campuses across the cold north to more southerly latitudes. Buoyed by copious amounts of sunshine and (more often than not) alcohol, they shed their outer garments. Clad only in scant attire, they congregate in large numbers on beaches and in resorts. For roughly two weeks typically in mid- to late-March, the spectacle that is Spring Break unfolds in cities and towns from Cancun to Myrtle Beach. If you’re wondering how best to observe the varying levels of debauchery for yourself, we’ve put together this handy travel guide profiling 20 popular Spring Break destinations. Alongside perennial favorites we throw in several places you might not expect. We think you’ll enjoy this look at the top Spring Break destinations for 2020.
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Ala Moana Beach Park: Honolulu Local's Top district
A famous district of Honolulu is Ala Moana. The district has the vast Ala Moana Center shopping complex and the local favorite Ala Moana Beach. The downtown district of Honolulu is home to the Hawaii State Capitol building and Iolani Palace. The Iolani Palace is a museum but was once the home of Hawaiian Royalty. Other famous museums are the Bernice Pauhj Bishop Museum and Hawaiian State Art Museum. Both showcase the local culture and arts.
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The Best Trail in Honolulu: Manoa Falls
Standing as tall as 150-feet, Manoa Falls is situated in Manoa Falls Trail in the Honolulu area in Oahu, Hawaii. The waterfall and the area surrounding it are incredibly beautiful and attract many people who visit Honolulu. Nestled snugly in the Koolau mountains, it is surrounded by a tropical rainforest that houses many rare species of plants. The grounds surrounding the waterfall are often muddy and damp as the area experiences heavy rainfall.
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How Can You Miss the Popular Hotels in Honolulu?
Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort: Seaside Resort Hilton Resort, situated in the heart of Waikiki Beach, is one of the largest seaside resort in the world. It has 2860 rooms in 5 buildings, all with different styles. The interior decorations of the rooms combine traditional Hawaiian and modern style. From the private balcony, you can simultaneously enjoy the resort, gardens, urban landscape and seascape.
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Top 10 Family Spring Break Destinations for 2020
Looking for spring break destinations for 2020? Spring break is not only for college students but is for the family as well. So, taking out time from the busy schedule of regular days will be so much fun. You can go for an abundance of activities, lots of fun and shopping. We’ve got the best places where you can take your family for a wholesome, yet fun, spring break family vacation. These are the places to wile away your days in peace during your spring break family vacation. Some of the popular attractions where you can explore the beauty of nature are provided below -
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Things to Do & See in Waikiki Aquarium
Introduction of Waikiki Aquarium Sitting on the shores of Kapiolani Beach Park, the waikiki aquarium is just a short stroll from the infamous Waikiki Beach. Founded in 1904, it is the second oldest aquarium in the United States and one of the most popular Honolulu tourist attractions. It is also the Coastal Ecosystem learning Centre for the Coastal America Partnership on the Island and is associated with a number of research programs and activities that is centred on the marine life of Hawaii and the Pacific. It is home to more than 3500 different types of marine life out of a total of 500 species and has both aquatic plants and animals. Open on all days, this aquarium presents an incredible opportunity for visitors to get close to marine life and learn all about their behaviour and habitats while doing it all at ticket prices that are within the reach of everybody.
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Explore Bishop Museum in Honolulu
When the name Hawaii is heard by one, you end up picturing picturesque beaches with pristine waters and white sands and a general sense of relaxation and immediately you are bound to move into vacation mode. However, what most people are unaware of is the rich history that Hawaii is also known for. And for any history lover, when you in Hawaii a visit to the Bishop Museum is an absolute must. The Bishop Museum, Hawaii is known to hold some of the most extensive collection of newspapers, books and periodicals that contains the history of not just Hawaii but also the Pacific. What sets the Bishops Museum apart is the detailing that has gone into constructing, renovating and maintaining the entire museum. For a history buff, a week spent here will be too less to absorb the marvels that this museum holds.
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Honolulu Museum of Art: A Must Visit for Culture Lovers
Anna Rice Cooke founded a mini Metropolitan Museum of Art, the largest of its kind in the state, the Honolulu Museum of Art in 1922. It houses one of the largest single collections of Pan Pacific and Asian art in the United States. The collections have steadily grown to more than 50,000 works of art. Equally stunning is the architectural design and the landscaped grounds of the Honolulu Museum of art itself.
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10 Must-see Sights in Hawaii
Kualoa Ranch: Ramble Through the Jurassic World The Kualoa Ranch in the east of Oahu is a must-see for outdoor enthusiasts and families. Movies like Jurassic Park, Windtalkers, Pearl Harbor and Godzilla. There are various kinds of recreational activities, including special events such as ATV, Jungle Expedition, Ocean Voyaging and the Secret Island Beach. In addition, you may enter for different journeys and single adventure tour groups.
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LGBT Travel Ideas: Top 12 Gay Friendly Cities
Do you know that globally, 77 countries have anti-gay stances? These countries have declared homosexuality as an illegal and punishable offense. Out of 77 countries, 12 countries have death sentences on the list. That is why it is important for LGBT travelers to be safe and feel welcome to visit travel destinations with no fear of being caught up in the anti-gay movements. Should sexuality then be a factor in choosing travel ideas or destinations? There is no answer to this grey area where ethical and moral issues rule the roost. We try to present you with travel ideas of the top twelve cities that are LGBT friendly. Here we present the travel ideas from the gay perspective with things to do, places to visit, and destinations to make your vacation a safe trip.
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Six small towns in Hawaii
Six small towns in Hawaii There are many towns in the six islands of Hawaii. Each town has its own character and history. Some are hidden in valleys; some are off the coast; some are already very popular; and some are still unknown. The following six towns are the most distinctive town in Hawaii. You can add them to your schedule.
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Shopping Paradise in Hawaii
Hawaii is the perfect holiday paradise. It has sunshine, beaches, warm waves, diving, skydiving, hiking, and an island flavor. At the same time, it is also a shopping paradise. Duty-free shops and shopping centers are all available. So it is fun to enjoy shopping here.
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A Guide to Waikiki Beach Honolulu
Waikiki Beach is located on the southern shoreline of Honolulu, the beach became known to world after the first hotel of the area was built in 1901. The Moana Surfrider was the first among the many hotels that line the shores of the beach today. There are many different sections that make up the beach, some busy, while others are more relaxing.
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10 Best Things To Do in Honolulu
Known for its seaside shacks, rolling surf, and distinct culture, there is never a lack of things to do in Honolulu. The swelling waves call out to surfers from around the globe to come out and try their skills and the cuisine calls out to food lovers to give their taste buds a treat. The American-Polynesian state capital has something for everybody, from beach bums to lovers of history and culture.
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Top 9 Family Spring Break Destinations for 2020
Yosemite National Park is one of the favorite spring break destinations in the United States. It gives a prominent overview of all types of granitic landforms that reflects a distinctive geological history. This park lies in the heart of California offering a wide range of flora and fauna. It represents the effects of glaciations for millions of years thus leaving a unique granitic rock bed with distinctive landscape. This glaciated topography offers the one of the best spring break destinations with a scenic and natural backdrop of mountain meadows, numerous giant grooves forming a diverse landscape. It has five of the world’s highest waterfalls amidst numerous alpine meadows, lakes and granitic landforms. Some of the popular attractions in the park where you can explore the beauty of nature are provided below -
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Plan A Trip to Iolani Palace in Honolulu
Honolulu is also known for its immense historic value as there are several spots that have detailed stories behind them. Honolulu is a vibrant tropical city where one can find almost everything from historical landmarks to shopping plazas or pubs. One must-visit though is surely Iolani Palace as it is the only official state royal residence found in the U.S. Tourists love to visit this historic place merely to experience what the royal living felt like. The huge palace is picturesque from inside as well as from the outside. People, who are interested in knowing about Hawaiian history, should definitely visit this palace which was restored as a museum in the 1960s. In this article, we will try and help you plan a trip to the Iolani palace so that you are all prepared on your next trip to Honolulu!
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Jurassic Park experience: things to do in Kualoa Ranch
No matter what age, Kualoa Ranch can keep every soul visiting this place, engaged and entranced from Kualoa Ranch ATV expeditions through the ranch, to silent and serene beaches to horseback rides and the most exquisite ‘farm to table’ traditional Hawaiian culinary dining experiences, it provides a wholesome experience. The Kualoa Ranch is the home ground for some of Hollywood’s classics, often called “Hollywood’s Backlot”.
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Hiking along the side practical tips for Diamond Head Hawaii
If you an adventure lover, then Diamond Head Hawaii will surely serve well to your thirst. The inclined path, uneven rocks, a tinge of risk, and lots of beautiful sights will surely mesmerize you to the fullest. It also gives a thrill when you think about how once it was used by the US military as a post to prevent any attack against Honolulu. It is an amazing adventure for both kids and adults.
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