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HaveFun in Bali: "Gourmet, Lembugan Island, Penida Island, Pura Luhur Lempuyang, Chasing Dolphin, Swing, Bird's Nest" Shows How to Enjoy Life!
Lembugan Island+Penida Island Lembugan Island is a small island located on the southeastern side of Bali. The underwater organisms are clearly visible as far as the eye can see. The island is full of lush coconut trees and the residents live peacefully, harmoniously and happily. Penida Island also has the translation "Ponida Island". It is just next to Lembugan Island, but ten times bigger than that. The most well-known scenic spots are Broken Beach, Angel's Billabong and Crystal Bay. Angel's Billabong and Kelingking Beach (the sandy beach below the ghost cliff also called "little thumb beach" as well) are only a few minutes from each other. According to the personal circumstances, these two islands can be scheduled together for sightseeing. I
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10 Most Beautiful World Heritage Sites: UNESCO Bucket List 2020
World Heritage Site and top historic destinations for you! The late Maya Angelou once remarked, “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” It is precisely this fascination with what came before that inspired us to look at the world’s most amazing historic destinations. Temples and monuments to grand empires feature prominently in our list, poignant reminders that no matter how much we think the world around us fixed and constant, time erases all in the end. See a list of unesco world heritage sites by country.
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Top 5 Honeymoon Resorts in the World
Top 5 Honeymoon Resorts in the World
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6 Must Do Things on Lombok Island
Across the sea from Bali is the island of Lombok, with a majestic active volcano and coral islands suitable for diving. There are few tourists here. And things are cheaper. To get here, you can take a flight via Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, or take a fast ship or propeller-driven aircraft from Bali It generally takes 7 days to fully experience Lombok. The peak tourist season here is the dry period from May to October.
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Reviews of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Bali
There are a lot of beaches in Bali. Each beach has its own merits and attracts different kinds of people. The most famous beaches, such as Kuta and Nusa Dua, are in the south of Bali, while Rowena, with its black-sand beaches, is located in the north.
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Where Can You Take Your Wife on A Honeymoon She’ll Never Forget? Take Her to One of the Best Honeymoon Spots in the World!
Where Can You Take Your Wife on a Honeymoon She’ll Never Forget? Take Her to One of the Best Honeymoon Spots in the World!
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Take Your Pick of These 7 Top Rated Hotels
Jakarta offers both high-end 5-star hotels and small Indonesian-style inns, with different features from region to region. From the bustling Chinese quarter to the essential landmarks, or the buy-buy-buy of the commercial district, there is something for everyone. Let's have a look at the most popular hotels.
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10 Things You Have To Do When You Visit Java Island
Java Island, where Java's capital Jakarta resides, is home to important cities and places of interest in Indonesia, such as Borobudur and Prambanan Temple. There are more than 100 volcanoes on the island. The famous Mount Merapi and Mount Bromo are fantastic places to go explore volcanoes. You can fly directly from most airports to Jakarta, or you can take a transfer flight from Yogyakarta or Surabaya. The classic itinerary is 7-8 days.
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Eight of the Most Popular New-Found Activities in Bali
Traveling in Bali, you can experience excellent entertainment activities, such as rafting, going out to sea and horse riding, etc. This collection gathers eight of the most popular newfangled activities in Bali. You can directly book on Ctrip so that your travels to the island will be more interesting and wonderful!
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8 Musts for Tourists in Jakarta!
You can tour around the whole of Jakarta in just one day, including a half-day sightseeing tour of Freedom Square and its surrounding attractions in the city center, and another half-day trip in the old area of Jakarta with its strong colonial style. If you want to visit Indonesia Miniature Park or Ancol Dreamland, you can also arrange an additional 1-2 day(s) there.
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Great Spa Choice in Bali
Balinese massage originates from the island of Bali. One of the traditional forms of Indonesian massage, it is a combination of acupressure, reflexology, and effleurage, and it owes its unique charm to this integration of different technique
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Bali Is Not The Only Island in Indonesia
Indonesia, known as the country of a thousand islands, is the country with the most islands in the world. It is located between Asia and Australian continents and borders the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It has 13,667 islands with the equator running across. At the mention of Indonesia, 90% of people think of Bali. Indeed, Bali is well-known as one of the best islands in the world. Changing from the shooting place of the Korean Dramas in early years to the overseas shooting place of various TV shows in recent years and the love land where the celebrity couples have recently held weddings, Bali has long been a romantic and fascinating island for everyone. In fact, Bali is not the only island in Indonesia, and there are many attractive places waiting for you.
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7 Best Asian Street Foods and Where to Get Them
In Asia, street food is a way of living and for many their breakfast, lunch and dinner is straight off the Asian street food list and is all about Asian street food and more street food from Asian street food restaurants! No matter where in Asia you travel, the food is full of flavour and reflects the culture of the country. Day in and day out the street vendors dish out the perfect dish always freshly sourced, done simply and quickly, costing less perhaps than buying groceries and cooking your own meals in your own kitchen. Why then not just eat the street food?
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Top 10 Best Hotel Rooftop Pools in the World
Swimming pools are a fascinating place to spend your time and there are numerous engrossing pools in the world. When you are on a leisure holiday, a swimming pool at your hotel elevates your mood of enjoyment. What if, the pool is not just a normal swimming pool but a rooftop pool? You must have started imagining the rooftop pool, but what if you can actually enjoy it? This is possible if you book a place that has a rooftop pool.
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When Touring Bali Island and Ubud, These 9 Places Are Worth Visiting.
Ubud is the heart of Bali Island, and in addition to the famous Ubud Palace, the surrounding area also includes the Tirta Empul Temple, rafting on the Ayung River, the Tegalalang Rice Terraces, the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, and elephant caves, which are spots of interest.
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In Addition to The Charming Beaches, There are Many Local Delicacies in Bali
In addition to the charming beaches, there are many local delicacies in Bali. Lotus Cafe: Enjoy delicious food while taking in gorgeous view The Lotus Restaurant is very famous, not for the food but for the dining environment. The entire restaurant is built in an open pavilion around a lotus pond. There is also a temple behind the lotus pond. The design of the courtyard reflects the esthetic tastes of the Balinese. For travelers who are new to Ubud, eating here is a treat. Flowing water, fragrant lotus, sitting on the waterfront pavilion mat and enjoying the beautiful scenery along with Balinese specialty delicacies. There are dance performances starting at 7:30 every night. You can enjoy watching while eating. It is best to reserve seating in advance.
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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Indonesian Sea
Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Indonesian Sea Blue skies, clear waters and white sands: The phrases usually used to describe the beauty of the ocean are no exaggeration when it comes to the Indonesian coast. A quarter of the marine organisms currently known to exist are found in Indonesia, where the rich marine biodiversity is simply incomparable. 4 of the media's top 10 diving locations in Asia are here: the Derawan Islands in East Kalimantan, the Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua, Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara, and Tulamben in Bali. Each and every one of these extraordinarily beautiful dive sites leaves visitors awestruck by the magical and spectacular underwater scenery.
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Not Just Romance, But Shopping Too!
It's fair to say Bali is one of the most famous tourist islands in the world. Many famous international stars have chosen it as a wedding, honeymoon or holiday destination. One of Bali's nicknames is “Romantic Paradise Island.” Bali is not only romantic, but also a good place to go shopping!
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How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Jakarta Indonesia
Jakarta is a Special Capital Region in Indonesia and is the capital city too. Established as part of the Tarumanagara kingdom in the fourth century by Sundanese Hindu Kings, the city and the nearby harbour were called Sunda Kelapa. It was called Jayakarta after the defeat of the Portuguese by General Fatahillah. Today, it is the world’s next most densely inhabited urban area behind Tokyo. It is a melting pot of different cultures, attracting migrants from the entire Indonesian archipelago because of its potential to offer splendid business opportunities and an improved standard of living.
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10 Rare and Beautiful Pink Sand Beaches around the World
Where are the most beautiful pink sand beaches in the world? Picture for a moment slender palm trees swaying as the sun’s morning rays throw long shadows across pink sands still cool from night’s embrace. Seabirds circle aloft and track a school of snapper just offshore. From Horseshoe Beach in Bermuda to Formentera in Spain, these are the top-10 pink sand beaches to visit in 2019.
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Awesome 15 Things to Do in Bali
Being one of the most famous islands in Indonesia, Bali finds a special place in the wish list of every traveler planning a trip to South Asia and looking for things to do in Bali. With its pristine beaches, ornate temples, scenic rice terraces, and delectable cuisine, it is not a surprise why this is so. Bali is situated to the east of Java, and the province is made up of the main island as well as several smaller neighboring islands. Tourism makes up the majority of the economy of Bali, contributing close to 80% of it. Needless to say, there are many things to do in Bali for the adventurous traveler in you. We have listed down some of the best experiences that this jewel of the Indian Ocean has to offer.
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World's Top-10 Best Beaches to Visit in 2019
Picture for a moment slender palm trees swaying as the sun’s morning rays throw long shadows across sands still cool from night’s embrace. Seabirds circle aloft and track a school of snapper just offshore. The calm seems overwhelming, interrupted only by waves caressing the shore. You unfurl your blanket and sit before azure waters as emerald green hills guard the approach. Can you picture it? Are you almost able to smell the seawater and fresh air? If so, you’re like us…absolutely in love with a great beach. Believe us when we say we’ve searched long and hard to make a list of the world’s 10 best beaches to visit in 2019. From the sunshine coast in the US to Queensland Down Under, from remote Bora Bora to Grand Cayman. Without further ado, these are the top-10 best beaches to visit in 2019.
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5 Days in Tropical Paradise - Bali!
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Lombok Island: A More Authentic Bali
Travel lovers have undoubtedly heard of or even visited Bali at some point. Beautiful scenery, divine beaches, dramatic volcanoes, temples, and genuine people…there’s much to appreciate. In recent years however, over-commercialization, large crowds, and pollution have begun to detract from Bali’s reputation as a tropical paradise.
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Komodo National Park – A Land that Time Forgot
For many, nature exists as a curiosity, as somewhere to visit or occasionally recreate. There are those rare places, however, where one finds harmony in nature. Places time seems to have forgotten. Places where ancient creatures roam, and where the landscape seems conjured from the imagination. Komodo National Park is such a place.
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World's Most Incredible Dive Locations
As lumbering land mammals, we humans can but imagine the freedom experienced by creatures who call the oceans home. Some 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. The oceans remain the last great frontier of Earthly adventure. With new species to discover and countless unexplored regions, let’s take a journey beneath the waves. As mere visitors to the underwater realms, diving affords us a modicum of understanding this part of our great blue planet. Here we will consider some of the world’s best diving locations. For the vast majority of people, diving is both easiest and most enjoyable in the rich tropical waters circling the globe at the equator. Vast coral reefs shelter mesmerizing life forms, ones whose colors and numbers astound. These are the world’s best diving locations.
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