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Hello Thailand: No Quarantine Required, Just Test & Go!
Thailand is open again to fully vaccinated travelers from 63 countries and regions. Learn what you have to do to get yourself booked for a vacation in this splendid travel destination!
TripBlogNov 4, 2021 1 3,278
Koh Samui: Thailand's Most Famous Dive Spot
Koh Tao Island is to the north of Koh Samui. It takes 2 hours by speedboat to get there. Because its shape looks like a turtle, it is also known as Turtle Island, where there is an abundance of coral reefs and marine life, it is Thailand's most famous diving spot. Even those who are not there for diving license testing could stay here for 2-3 days. The best time to visit is from February to September, as the summer sun shines.
TripBlogNov 29, 2019 0 2,149
Discover Thailand’s Koh Samui
If you are at Thailand for a vacation, then don’t forget to get Koh Samui on your list of places to visit for an unforgettable holiday. Let us tell you why this destination scores, what to do at Koh Samui, how much do these attractions cost, all details on where to get your tickets from and in reality all the run-down for each event to help you plan your time and vacation at Koh Samui well.
TripBlogNov 12, 2019 0 1,832