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The 6 Must See Cherry Blossom Spots of Kyushu’s Cherry Blossom Season
Isshingyou Kouen Great Cherry Blossom: Famous Cherry Blossom Tree under Aso Mountain that is Hundreds of Years Old Kyushu’s most famous and ancient cherry blossom tree sits under Asu Mountain in Kumamoto Prefecture — the Isshingyou Kouen Great Cherry Blossom. This spectacular and beautiful cherry blossom tree is over 400 years old. It measures 14 meters high and 7 meters in diameter, and its branches extend 26 meters. It is said to be the most extraordinary of cherry blossom trees. It is said that this large mountain cherry blossom tree was planted by villagers during Japan’s Warring States period to commemorate fallen warriors.
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Kitakyushu Leisure Tour
Accident Originally, I booked the trip to Kyushu because the flight tickets were cheap. I didn't expect that I would miss the plane (crying). In the end, I had to buy a transfer ticket from Hong Kong to Fukuoka, which cost me an extra 3000 RMB (my heart is bleeding). Luckily, I went to Victoria Peak and the night view over there cured my injured soul.
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All Kinds of Horse Meat Dishes, the Full List of Cuisine in Kumamoto
The most famous food in Kumamoto is horse meat. In addition to that, there is also the famous Kokutei Ramen, Katsuretsu Tei fried pork chops, and various other local dishes. Here are the ten most popular restaurants in Kumamoto. You can enjoy Kumamoto cuisine however you like!
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10 Active Volcanos Worth Visiting
Ever wanted to be up close and personal with active volcanos? There are more than enough folks in the world with a passion for active volcanos to have created what is today known as volcano tourism. To visit active volcanos without any experience right before an eruption is a very dangerous thing to do, and has more often than not resulted in fatal consequences. However, if you are a trained individual with tons of experience handling extreme conditions, then visiting the craters of active volcanos might be right up your alley.
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