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Nijo Castle: Complete guide to Nijo Castle Kyoto 2020
If you have one day in Kyoto, Nijō Castle is a must-see. The castle lies in the heart of Kyoto and has a very scenic charm owing to the historical architecture as well as the castle's many manicured gardens, which are especially lovely throughout the year. Nijō Castle has deep roots in Japanese history dating back to the 16th century.
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Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto: Simply Breathtaking
Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto is a place significant not just to Zen Buddhists, but to all those who love beauty and magnificence. The gold-leaf-covered pavilion surrounded by tall pine trees and reflected in the calm lake waters is simply breathtaking!
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Ryokan Kyoto: Best 15 Japanese Traditional Inn in Kyoto
Ryokan is a traditional inn that takes guest experiences very seriously. The beautiful bamboo cottages of the ryokan kyoto, combined with multi-course Kaiseki meals and luxurious spas all carved in traditional Japanese style, are a great way to make yourself feel welcome in the country. At ryokan’s, you are provided with futons placed on traditional tatami mats for sleeping, making it an exclusive experience all in all. The great thing about staying at ryokan Kyoto is that you get accustomed to traditional practices such as feeling comfortable walking around barefoot within the premises. To make you feel at home, ryokans provide a robe known as yukata to change into. Here is the top best ryokan in Kyoto.
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Summer Vacation Ideas in Japan: Fireworks Festival
Summer Kansai Fireworks Festival is something you cannot miss in your summer vacation in Japan. Wearing a yukata and holding moon-shaped fans to attend the fireworks festival has become a part of Japan's poetic summer scenery. We have to mention Kansai when talking about fireworks festivals. Each place has its own characteristics. It is a really unique experience when appreciating the fireworks exploding in the sky. Have you decided where to go watch fireworks in Japan this summer?
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Tokyo to Osaka: How to Travel Cheap and Fast?
The cheapest way to travel between Tokyo to Osaka is by bus, especially night bus. Total journey could spend 8-10 or so hours. Tips: Might be worth the extra 500 yen to have onboard toilet and comfortable chairs and night bus save you one night hotel fee. Fastest way to travel between Tokyo to Osaka is Shinkansen, faster than air! Total time cost: 150 min. No safe checking, not so long on the trams to airports. Leaving at the same time, those taking the Shinkansen will reach the destination earlier than those flying.
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Experience The Hot Springs in Kyoto’s Most Beautiful Season
Must experience: Modern hot springs Located near Arashiyama Station, Kyoto Arashiyama Onsen Kadensho is a luxurious hot spring hotel full of authentic features of Kyoto. The decorations adopt Japanese tatami, and there are three kinds of high-end guest rooms to choose from: Kyoto house, Kyoto style and modern Kyoto style, all of which are elegant Japanese designs and integrate different degrees of modern sense. There are two large public baths and five private baths in the hotel. In autumn, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of autumn while soaking in the hot springs.
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Stroll Around and Eat at The Local Market
As an island country, the most sufficient resource in Japan is all kinds of seafood. It is said that when you go to a city, you don’t have a deep understanding of it until you walk around the local market. Now, let's take a look at these "salivating" markets in Japan.
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Taste the Most Exquisite Kyoto Cuisine
What is “Kyoto cuisine”? In short, it is originated from the traditional cuisine in Kyoto. It is the most authentic and time-honored local cuisine in Japan. Kyoto cuisine stresses on seasons, consisting of tofu, bamboo shoots and vegetables with light taste. Moreover, the cuisine looks exquisite, which is similar to Kaiseki.
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The Best Cherry Blossom Spots
Every year in the springtime, it’s cherry blossom season in Japan. Starting out from Okinawa in January, the blooming of cherry blossoms gradually moves northward, and following the cherry blossom blooming trail has become a big tourist event in Japan. Below are Japan’s 10 most famous cherry blossom spots, found in the Kanto, Kansai, and Hokkaido regions.
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It is Time for Sakura Viewing Again in Kyoto. The Pink Sakura is More Matched with The Ancient Capital.
It is time for sakura viewing again in Kyoto. The pink sakura is more matched with the ancient capital.
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In Nara, The Old Capital of Japan, You Can Experience The True Japan and Appreciate The Cherry Blossoming As Well As The Maples!
Maple Raiders - Kyoto Kiyomizu Temple is one of the most ancient and famous temples in Japan. It is listed as one of the three big scenic spots in Kyoto along with Kinkakuji Temple and Nijo Castle. In the autumn, as far as the eye can see, thousands of maple trees fill with flowers. The flowery autumn scene is the best place to enjoy the maples! There is a hanging Qingshui stage in front of the main hall of the Kiyomizu Temple. It is a national treasure-ranked a cultural relic of Japan. Every year during the season of red leaves, Kiyomizu Temple will provide a "Special Nighttime Worship" event for visitors to amuse themselves while watching the maples at night.
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TOP 7 Most Distinctive Japanese Festivals, You've Earned if You Know about Them
Participate in Osaka Tenjin Matsuri Festival: One of the three major festivals in Japan Osaka Tenjin Matsuri Festival, with a history of more than 1,000 years, is one of the "three major festivals" in Japan and the largest water celebration in the world The highlight of the festival is the "Parade on Land" and "Parade by Boat". Parade on Land indicates that 3,000 people dressed in Nara's Heian court costume and the God sedan with the slowly walk forward; Parade by Boat indicates that about 100 boats from Tenma Bridge go upstream. In the evening, there is also the fireworks display.
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Visit Japan’s World Heritage Sites (I)
Japan has a great enthusiasm for world heritage. From their first 4 most important world heritage sites at the end of 1993, there have been new projects almost every year. So far, 21 sites have been listed in the world heritage list, including 17 cultural heritage sites and 4 natural heritage sites.
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Maple Season! Who Can Deny that It’s The Prettiest Moment in Kyoto?
From November to December every year, it is maple season in Kansai and also the most beautiful season in Kyoto. The combination of red maple leaves, historic sites and Zen-style courtyards. Here are 10 unique places for you to enjoy the sight of maple trees.
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Top 15 Things to Do in Kyoto
Mired in Japan’s long and arduous history, Kyoto is a remnant of Japan’s well-preserved past with a modern face. One of the largest cities of the country, there are several things to do in Kyoto that are vastly considered once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Dubbed the cultural capital of the country, the title comes with much honour given that Japan is revered for having adopted cultural practices from all over the world while preserving its distinctness. A city that you can visit during anytime of the year to learn all about the Japanese culture, Kyoto holds several magical sights within its borders including beautiful bamboo forests and impeccable geisha. If you’re there during the spring, the sight of blooming cherry trees against the backdrop of pristine lakes are sure to transport to a world like no other. Whether you’re travelling alone or with family, there are lots do here. Read on to uncover the best things to do in Kyoto.
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Top 10 Popular Hotels in Kyoto
Kyoto New Miyako Hotel is located next to railway Kyoto Station, a 15-minute walk from Nishi Honganji Temple. The hotel is ideally located for easy travel. In summer reception girl will wear the traditional yukata welcoming guests, which is of very Japanese characteristics.
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Arashiyama: Neighbourhood You Cannot Miss in Kyoto
Arashiyama district is located north-west of Kyoto in Japan and is at the base of the beautiful “Storm Mountains.” The iconic Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Kyoto is one of the most beautiful and serene places where you can hear the sound of nature. This district has been a very popular tourist destination for ages, since the Heian period starting from the 8th century.
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Among All the World Heritage Sites in Kyoto, Which Should You Choose?
As the hometown of the Japanese spirit, Kyoto is dotted with world heritage sites. Here are the 13 most famous ones in Kyoto.
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Kyoto’s Unique Japanese Ryokans
Seikoro Ryokan: historic and charming || The Seikoro opened in 1831 and has been passed down for 5 generations. They offer excellent service. These Japanese buildings are a throwback to the Taisho romantic era over 100 years ago. It also offers a beautiful garden and is a very historic and charming older Japanese inn.
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Visit Strange Shrines in Kyoto, Worship to Show Respect!
Visit strange shrines in Kyoto, worship to show respect!
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Where Should You Go for the Most Festive Atmosphere at New Year's?
The Most Romantic Place for New Year's – Taipei Every 31st December, the eyes of the whole world are drawn to Taipei, a place CNN once named as one of the world's ten most unique cities to spend New Year's in. If you find yourself in Taipei to ring in the new year, there's nothing more festive than watching the spectacularly colourful fireworks display and catching the star-studded open-air concert!
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Kyoto’s Delicious Gifts List: Guide to Kyoto
The best Souvenir Kyoto has given the world is its “Wagashi”, and produce originating in Kyoto is specialty goods and be called " Namagashi ". Exquisite shapes, elegant colors, poetic names reflecting the changing moods of the four seasons, coupled with a variety of sophisticated crockeries, immersed in the essence of Japanese aesthetics.
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A Must-Have Guide to Gion District in Kyoto
A treasure house of Japanese tradition, Gion is one of the most eclectic and exclusive entertainment districts across the world. The traditional wooden houses that line the tiled streets of Gion are a sight in itself, and many visitors to Kyoto choose to stay in Gion as it provides easy access to several things to do while in Kyoto. The wooden machiya houses serve as anything from shops, restaurants, and even ochaya. Gion’s traditional teahouses. Many exclusive ochaya entertain the elite of Japan.
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Eating in Kyoto: 10 Must-Try Restaurants
Kyoto is a beautiful city on the island of Honshu in Japan. Restaurants in Kyoto are famous in the city apart from many other things. Washoku is the traditional Japanese cuisine. Here, a lot of attention is given to seasonal ingredients. Japanese are also known for seafood restaurants in Kyoto. The seafood is often grilled and served as sashimi or in sushi. Seafood and vegetables deep fried in a light batter is called tempura. Apart from rice as the common ingredient noodles namely Soba and udon are popular among the Japanese. They also consume beef in sukiyaki and nikujaga. In Japanese cuisine, sushi in particular has become quite famous throughout the world.
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15 Beautiful Temples To Visit in Kyoto
Kyoto city is situated in the Kansai region on the island of Honshu in Japan. The city is considered as a major tourist destination and the cultural capital of Japan with its many beautiful temples in Kyoto. Kyoto is home to several Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, palaces and gardens. Few important landmarks include the Kyoto Imperial Palace, Kinkaku-ji, Katsura Imperial Villa and many more. The city has about 2000 religious places, 1500 Buddhist temples and 500 Shinto shrines. Kyoto is one of the best preserved cities in Japan. Kyoto is architecture intact.
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Amazing Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Japan!
Spring is a time of rebirth. A time to cast off winter’s embrace. In Japan, spring heralds the coming cherry blossoms. For what seems like a fleeting instance, cherry trees flower in exquisitely delicate shades of white and pink. The soft colors signal promising times ahead. Some spend their entire lives chasing the bloom, looking for that perfect flower. For travelers aspiring to catch a glimpse of the annual miracle, this short article offers some background and suggests a few places to visit.
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Japan: A Traveler's Guide to Tokyo and Kyoto
Even Tokyo where neon lights cast futuristic shadows and digital billboards advertise the latest gadgets, even there you will find Japan’s classic character. Restaurants with exquisite handwritten menus, kimono-wearing shoppers searching for festival gifts, historic facades tucked amongst steel and glass. All of this comes together to create modern Japan. See where ancient opera still graces the stage, where flower festivals and tea ceremonies are enthusiastically passed down through the generations, and where the new world blends seamlessly into the old.
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