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Awesome Luxury Campsites and Glamping Ideas
Glamping’s prominence is attributable to social media influencers promoting it as a sort of travel alternative. This trend in GLAMours camPING has led to an explosion of resorts. In this post we look at some of the best glamping sites in the US and around the world.
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Universal Studios Hollywood
The world-renowned movie-themed amusement park combines the film elements with thrill rides and themed attractions. Universal Studios brings surprises and fun for tourists and fans. At Universal Studios Hollywood, you can also join on the studio tours with foreign language interpretation which explore the stories behind the film productions, and learn about the film and cinema process. In the movie-themed restaurants in the park, visitors can also try the same foods from favorite movies or grab some official studio merchandise to take home from their souvenir shops.
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Lake Piru Recreation Area: A Great Getaway from LA
A guide to visiting the scenic Lake Piru Recreation Area. Boating access, hiking trails, lovely picnic areas, and more all await visitors to this great little spot.
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Disney Annual Pass? Disney Season Pass? Guide to Disneyland Tickets
Did you know Disneyland La is considered to be the first theme park of its kind built under the supervision of the late cartoonist Mr Walt Disney? After its success in the mid-19th century, it now runs as one of the most successful amusement parks in over eleven different destinations in the United States and abroad. Disney, a popular entertainment television channel for kids, comes to reality at Disneyland La. But hey! There is a catch. It is said that the adult to child ratio here is almost triple. From a sleeping beauty castle, jaw-dropping roller coaster rides to scenic Ferris Wheel and a plethora of eateries, Disneyland La is perfect for a day-off for all ages. Considering a visit to Disneyland La Soon? You, your family or friends can book a Disney Ticket or instead get a Disney Annual Pass anytime.
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Free Live Stream: Covid 19 Virtual Concerts, Paris Opera Live Stream
Virtual getaway!!!!! With much of the world effectively confined indoors to combat the spread of COVID-19, we’re increasingly forced to come up with new ways to entertain ourselves. It seems ages ago when you could go to the local cinema for a movie or perhaps take in an opera or concert. Many of us crave not just the high-quality entertainment but the comradery that comes with shared cultural experiences. Fortunately some of the world’s great performing arts institutions have responded with a wealth of online offerings. Performances of various sorts are prerecorded or streamed live, allowing anyone the chance to snag a front row seat at the Metropolitan Opera or the Berlin Philharmonic. Here is a partial list we’ve compiled to help you get through this period of physical distancing.
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Stop Worrying and Enjoy the Road: Long-Distance US Road Trips!
The open road captivates the American psyche like few other things. Legends of loaners striking out for greener pastures fill countless pages. From Jack Kerouac to Alexis de Tocqueville, Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, road trips are a quintessential bit of Americana. We look forward to the day we can once again travel the wide open spaces. As life transitions to a new normal in many parts of the country, we got to thinking about great long-distance road trips. For the foreseeable future, our new travel mode will involve spacing things out. What better way to do that than on the open road? In the spirit of the Great American Road Trip, these are our picks for the best multi-day driving tours in the 48 contiguous states.
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Architectural Landmarks: 10 Amazing Buildings Around the World
Designing, planning, and building the structures we inhabit is the job of architects the world over. Marrying form and function, they seek to balance complex and often contradictory imperatives. Styles range the gamut from subdued to ostentatious. In seeking to highlight amazing architectural treasures from around the world, we looked far and wide to showcase a diverse range. Spanning nearly every continent, these represent among the finest buildings and landmarks on offer. These are 10 amazing architectural landmarks from around the world.
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Extravagant Airport Lounges and How to Get Into Them
Air travel was once the preserve of an elite few. Images of spacious cabins staffed by elegant stewardesses ricochet around the web, periodically going viral in connection with some modern travel horror story. The most iconic photo though, the one featuring a late-1960s Pan-Am 747 with seemingly endless legroom and creature comforts? It’s a notorious fake. True, air travel was moderately more comfortable during the golden years. However, flying was expensive, available only to a select few, and painfully slow. Over time, mass-market air travel has largely democratized flying. Unfortunately, airlines have responded by cramming in ever more seats while simultaneously reducing benefits and services.
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Hollywood Walk of Fame and Things to Do Nearby
When you walk the Hollywood walk of fame it is time to forget the map and follow your heart! Along the famous Vine Street and interesting Hollywood Boulevard, you get to see the Hollywood industry’s famous and renowned names and aces in acting, music, direction, photography and other areas like lighting and the technology behind moviemaking. The walk of fame Hollywood bronze rims with stars laid in the sidewalk, signify their contribution and in return the tribute and adulation they receive from the Hollywood industry. Yes, it also covers the TV industry, motion pictures, the aces of live theatre, the unforgettable voices on radio, the silent technicians who provide the scoring and recording, and even the performance arts like the magicians, jugglers, cardsharps, and more. Currently, there are 2,500 stars who have been honored so and the numbers swell each year with fresh nominations and inclusions for this esteemed placement which takes place in June every year.
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10 Best Spots to Get Your Poke Fix in Los Angeles
The trend of poke in Los Angeles has been on the swing since the 1970s. Almost all restaurants in Los Angeles serve this flavorsome dish either as the main course or as an appetizer. Some restaurants have created their own variety, and it is continuously growing all over the city. You can see the craze of poke popping all over Los Angeles. Restaurants that serve poke bowls are found crowded most of the time. The reason behind the popularity of the poke in Los Angeles can be the taste of the fresh ingredients and health benefits of the dish. The dish is delicious, healthy, and nutritious, all at the same time.
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A Guide to Great Beaches in Los Angeles
As the largest port city in the Western United States, Los Angeles abounds with endless beaches, each of which boasts a unique charm. This city has attracted the investment of major amusement parks, and the parks in LA adorn the blue harbor like bright pearls. Walk into the California sunshine with this most inclusive collection of tips for beach and park tours.
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How to Make the Most of Your Day in Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal Studios Hollywood is a lucrative destination for most of us. It is a film studio and theme park in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles County, California. Universal Studios Hollywood is a theme park which is made for your entertainment. The huge park takes more than 3 hours to complete the whole tour. There are places made for the tourists to click pictures in the location of your favorite movie spot. You can also visit some of the sight scenes which are around Universal Studios.
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The Top 10 Spots in The US for Tequila Buffs
The top three places where you would most probably find the love of tequila is , one inside a chilled rimmed glass of margarita, second inside a piping and enticing shot glass and third as a T-shirt fodder for those pre teens exploring alcohol.Well one must note that Tequila is most definitely not just a T-shirt fodder, the drink that has kept many lovers company and many party animals through sleepless nights, tequila is fit for consumption for all kinds of occasions, whether its your wedding or your breakup, pop open a bottle of tequila and do yourselves a favour and make a great cocktail out of it. America is thriving on tequila supply, and it isn’t fair to say that all the fun is for the latin americans. When people can cross borders why can’t mezcal and tequila do the same.
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Top 10 Hotels in Los Angeles
1. Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills Why we like it: A real designer boutique hotel From the hotel's third-floor lobby to the elaborate Lalique crystal, you can feel the outstanding design elements of the hotel. Whether you want to shop on Rodeo Drive, wake up your taste buds at a restaurant in Los Angeles or enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hollywood, you can quickly reach your ideal destination.
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Los Angeles Outlets Shopping Guidebook for Super Low Discounts
The most attractive shopping mecca om the U.S is Outlets. Outlets offers attractive discounts around the year, allowing you to buy luxury brands at preferential prices and fashion brands favored by young Americans. There are many Outlets around Los Angeles, each with its own characteristics such as well-branding, traffic convenience and appealing discounts, attracting countless shoppers.
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10 Best Ramen Spots in Los Angeles
Los Angeles has a long history of great ramen, but only in the past few years has the scene hit a real stride. Some of the best ramen restaurant chains have fanned out across the world charming ramen lovers with its soul-warming and delicious bowl of broth. It is indeed a trend nowadays to enjoy a delicious ramen dish in authentic Japanese ramen restaurant settings. Some of the intense ramen restaurants in the Los Angeles area are listed below for your convenience. Granted, it doesn’t get too cold in LA, but there’s never really a bad time for ramen. Few foods are more comforting and satisfying after just one serving, thanks to the complexity of its components: a steaming bowl of flavorful broth packed with tender noodles and (usually) a marinated egg full of irresistibly gooey yolk.
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Best Guide to Russian Culture & Food Seeking
The Russian culture is centered on colorful folks, grand literature, classical ballet, ornate religion, and traditional food. It gives a lot of importance to family and nationalism. Russian culture is also very diverse, with 190 ethnic groups.
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Adrenaline Crush: 6 Vacation destinations for adventure couples
The entire Life we are spending for our own good is very less, everybody would dream of having their life filled with memories, places to Visit, adventure, and happiness, and that’s how we learn and grow. One way of relaxing that has become more popular amongst the people of today is to take a vacation. However, vacation means a different meaning to different people. For some, its a chance to relax, while others might mean to leave their professional work for a while and have a lovely time with their couple.
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Top 20 Best Coffee Cities in The US
Are you above 18 and drank coffee yesterday at one of the best coffee shops? You are probably then included in the Reuters survey that claims 64 percent of your fellow Americans also scored with you in having a high with a cup of coffee. Why the previous day? Well, the coffee stays in your circulatory system for over 10 hours!
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Top 10 Restaurants Near Los Angeles Convention Centre in Walking Distance
Los Angeles convention centre has become synonymous with the city all over the world. The centre hosts major conferences and events and still outshines the best of the best with its hospitality and welcoming vibe. And why wouldn’t it have a leg up on other convention centres in the country? It has been used as a location to shoot famous movies like Rush Hour, Starship Troopers, and has now become a regular filming location for movies and TV shows. Apart from the centre’s notable filming achievements, it is also a famous avenue for annual events like the Los Angeles Auto Show, the Anime Expo, and the Abilities Expo. The Electronic Entertainment Expo was also held in the Los Angeles convention centre recently.
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Top 10 Places to Discover in Downtown Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California, is a melting pot of cultures. The hip and happening Downtown Los Angeles, as the locals fondly call the place, has a variety of entertainment options. From well-known art museums to hip bars, socially conscious boutiques, stylish galleries, fine dining restaurants to street food hotspots, serving delicacies like Pupusas, Aguas Frescas, carnitas tacos, sandwiches, piping hot coffee and more. Modern high-rise marvels to architectural landmarks, Downtown Los Angeles, represents the spirit of California, USA. Whether you are a tourist or a local, an art lover or a foodie, a music connoisseur or book lover, a shopaholic or an adventurer by soul, a spendthrift or traveling on shoestring budget, on family vacation or on honeymoon, with bunch of friends or a backpacking vagabond, there is something for every age, budget and interest in Los Angeles.
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A Useful Guide to Griffith Observatory Los Angeles
A paradise for the people far more interested in science and astronomy with a view of Los Angeles. It is bound to take your breath away is what the Griffith Observatory is all about. With more than 13,000 visitors on the day of its inauguration in 1935, The observatory named after Griffith J. Griffith. He who had donated the land and funds for the observatory. Griffith Observatory is located inside Griffith Park and situated on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood. With a view that will leave you be dazzled, The Griffith Observatory is one of the most frequented and main attractions of Los Angeles.
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72 hours for a weekend getaway in Los Angeles
Los Angeles, the home to Hollywood, has always been a vacation hot spot and there are plenty of Things to do in LA. The city houses some of the best parks, gardens, museums, and restaurants. It is also an ideal shopping destination. Some of the must-see places are the Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Walk of Fame, different studios like Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros etc. Museums like the J Paul Getty Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum, The Museum of Natural History come under a few of the places that are worth visiting.
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Everything you need to know before going to Los Angeles zoo
Visiting La Zoo is a whole new experience, as we get to interact with the wildlife of hundreds of different species. This experience will bring our proximity to nature and God’s different creations in this universe. Typically we see different kinds of animals, birds and their various species and the environment in which they survive is simulated inside the Zoo. This will be an enchanting and enjoyable experience for anyone who wishes to go to the La Zoo, especially for the children.
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If adrenaline is all you want -- things to do in Los Angeles
Welcome to Los Angeles, the second-most populous city in the United States! There are numerous things to do in LA for people of all ages, being the center for the Film and Television entertainment industry, as well as cultural and commercial center of South Carolina. What is your bucket list of vacations? How do exotics racing, surfing, helicopter tour sound? Try 12 things to do in LA for people of adventure lovers.
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Culture, luxury and fun in one: Beverly Hills travel guide
Surrounded by the City of Angels and West Hollywood, Beverly Hills is one of the most enigmatic and posh places you will ever encounter. Home to many world renowned celebrities, Beverly Hills catches the eye instantly. Giving out the perfect combination of luxury and fun, this place is bound to make you fall in love. A paradise for shopping lovers, Baverly Hills makes sure that the place becomes your heaven. Shopping and celebrities are not the only attraction here. You get the best cafes along with the most marvelous hotels to spend your evening and night in. Most of the businesses close down by 9 in the night here. Your taste buds will be raving after a scrumptious meal at the most posh city of California.
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Los Angeles: City of Angels
America’s second city boasts many a moniker. LA, La-La Land, and Tinseltown to name a few. Of Los Angeles’ many nicknames, however, the “City of Angels” stands out. From golden sunsets in Malibu to palm trees in Beverly Hills, the roar of the crowd at the Rose Bowl or stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the City of Angels has long attracted those seeking fortune and glory. In this short essay we look at the Los Angeles of past, present, and future. How did a thriving Native American village on the banks of a small river in Southern California transform into America’s second largest city and the global leader in film and television production? LA’s growth and development mirrors that of the larger United States. LA is a place where technological-driven change ushered in an era of prosperity and created the modern City of Angels.
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