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Restaurants Near Me: Top 10 Italian Restaurants in San Francisco
San Francisco has been a home to the Italians since a very long time .Infact San Francisco has the largest number of Italians in all of united states of America.Their influx is mainly from the northern regions of Genoa , Calabria and Sicily. With their growing numbers , the Italian influence in the reals of art , culture and culinary experience started to spread like wildfire. Their restaurants and dishes were a hit among the Americans , attracting more and more of hungry crowds each day.Some of the first Italian restaurants that were opened in san Francisco included that of the “Tam’O Shanter” which was established inside of an abandoned ship serving some scrumptious Dungeness crabs.It wasn’t only restaurants but even deli’s and supermarkets where the Italian influence in the field of gustatory adventured started to reign over other cuisines.In present day San Francisco,
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11 Top Eel Rice Restaurants in Tokyo 2020
Eel on a bed of rice is an icon in Japanese cuisine for many food connoisseurs. Eel on rice tastes great when 1. the eel is fatty enough and drizzled with a caramelized sauce; and 2. the rice is prepared in a particular way. The fish only tastes fantastic when it is laid on an amazing bed of rice. Tokyo’s eel cuisine hails from a century of gastronomy.
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7 Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Tokyo 2020
Tokyo has 13 three star Michelin restaurants, more than any other city in the world. Most of these restaurants serve upscale Japanese-style cuisine such as kaiseki-ryōri or the feast of crabs. However, there are also many other choices available including French cuisine and molecular gastronomy. We’ve picked the 7 most popular restaurants for you, but be warned, they all need to be booked in advance if you want to get a seat.
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Best Restaurants in New York
The gastronomic capital of New York has an excess of popular restaurants that are also smash hits with diners and social media users. If you can't resist temptation, you can only join the queue – but such delicious food is definitely worth waiting for.
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Taste the Most Exquisite Kyoto Cuisine
What is “Kyoto cuisine”? In short, it is originated from the traditional cuisine in Kyoto. It is the most authentic and time-honored local cuisine in Japan. Kyoto cuisine stresses on seasons, consisting of tofu, bamboo shoots and vegetables with light taste. Moreover, the cuisine looks exquisite, which is similar to Kaiseki.
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Bring Your Best Traveling Companion and Follow the Fragrance to the Best Eats Paris Has to Offer
Smell the fragrance to find delicious food, take the most suitable person to feel the best taste of Paris
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A Collection of High-End Cuisines: This is the Start of a Star-Picking Tour in London
A collection of high-end cuisines: this is the start of a star-picking tour in London London is the city with the highest density of Michelin restaurants in the world. . Although there are only four three-star Michelin restaurants, many two- star Michelin restaurants are distributed here that actually have great potential. Many one-star Michelin restaurants also boast a good environment and good prices. So it's a big misunderstanding that British people are not good at cooking.
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Vancouver’s Top 10 Afternoon Teas Will Cater to Both Your Eyes and Taste Buds During the Relaxing Afternoons!
As one of “the world’s most livable cities”, Vancouver is surrounded by mountains and sea. The climate there is mild all year round, and it can be called a place of “good mountains and waters that nourish people”. It’s not hard to find a dessert shop here that surprises you, as the people in Vancouver love their desserts very much. There are all kinds of good-looking, tasty desserts beckoning you to come eat them. Slow down, choose an afternoon, and have a drink from High Tea, which will make both your eyes and taste buds happy!
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A Guide to Tokyo's Ginza and the Tsukiji Outer Market
Japanese cuisine pays attention to raw and fresh food, among which, sushi and Kaisen Don are the two most representative delicacies. In Tokyo, you can taste fresh and affordable sushi and seafood feasts. Most of the popular sushi restaurants are located in the Tsukiji Fish Market and Ginza.
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Top Restaurants in Lucerne: Cheese Fondue, Steak, Afternoon Tea
From Swiss cheese hotpot, pastry boxes, chocolate dessert and other local delicacies, to the two-star Michelin restaurant hidden in the hotel, all the delicacies of Lucerne can be found here.
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10 Traditional Establishments for Classic Cantonese Foods
There are many Cantonese dining restaurants all over Guangzhou. Naturally, no two restaurants are ever identical in quality and taste. That said, the offerings by long-established Cantonese food spots will always be the pride of the Guangzhou people. This is the case for places of elegance as well as humbler-looking ones tucked away in hidden corners alike. This article will bring to you 10 traditional Cantonese establishments that will satisfy your cravings for authentic, classic cuisine!
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9 Must-Eat Dishes in Hokkaido
9 Must-Eat Dishes in Hokkaido Hokkaido has a fantastic environment and good water quality, and it also has the best seafood and dairy products in Japan. Here are 9 must-eat foods in Hokkaido, as well as recommended representative restaurants.
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A Gastronomic Capital Next to Paris. Michelin Restaurants Are Waiting for You!
Lyon has nearly 2,000 restaurants, including more than a dozen Michelin-starred restaurants, and is next to Paris. This article will bring you to the restaurants with Michelin stars.
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Beautiful Scenery Should be Complemented with Good Food. Check Out These Must-try 7 Michelin-Rated Restaurants in Provence
Beautiful scenery should be complemented with good food. Check out these must-try 7 Michelin-rated restaurants in Provence
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Top 20 Cantonese Cuisine in Guangzhou
Guangzhou also known as Canton, is a sprawling city. It is in the northwest of Hong Kong on the Pearl River which is best known for its Canton Fair, opera and Cantonese food. Guangzhou is a place full of beautiful natural parks and historical spots. It is also famous for shopping streets and centers which cater to almost all your shopping needs.
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Sushi, Ramen, Michelin...If You Want to Learn About Japanese Must-Try Food then Read This
Sushi, ramen, Michelin... if you want to learn about Japanese must-try food then read this
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Among These 10 Restaurants in Taipei, You can Always Have a Great Time at One of These!
Among these 10 restaurants in Taipei, you can always have a great time at one of these! Taipei has many well established foodie places that are more than half a century old, with true and authentic flavors. Classic Taiwanese flavors such as Taiwanese dishes, beef noodles, and braised pork rice are also the everyday favorites of local people. Taste the classic Taipei cuisine that has been passed down for generations. It is a must-do experience while traveling!
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Michelin-Star Fine Dining in Singapore
Michelin-Star Fine Dining in Singapore At last, Singapore, home to so much fine cuisine, now has an entry in the little red Michelin Guide. Here we run down the city-state's Michelin-starred upscale restaurants, so gourmet readers can get on with booking a flight and experiencing them for themselves.
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The Cute Takoyaki, the Soul Food of Osaka, Wouldn’t You Like One?
The cute Takoyaki, the soul food of Osaka, wouldn’t you like one?
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Top 7 Ramen Spots in Tokyo
First time in Tokyo, and you're excited to jump into the world of ramen? If that's a yes, then keep reading for the best ramen in Tokyo. Japan is famous for its ramen scene, and if you're a newcomer, you're going to be overwhelmed by the vast majority of choices and styles available to you. From dipping noodles to regional varieties of ramen, ramen without soup, and the classic miso-ramen, there are many prime locations when it comes to getting the best ramen in Tokyo.
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Top 6 Places Every Foodie Must Try in Mexico
Mexican food is a world-famous hot food and is known for its hot, tangy, and spicy nature. Mexican cuisine is about 9000 years old and has emerged as it is today over the years of cultural infusion, cooking methods, tastes, and textures. It has been impacted by the multi-ethnic society that was prevalent during the Aztec Empire in Mexico. It has a mix of different native foods ingredients such as corn, maize, squash, tomatillos, tomatoes, agave, cacao, chili peppers, etc. Over the centuries, the local cuisines like those from Oaxaca, Yucatan Peninsula, and Veracruz to make it unique and legendary.
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Best Guide to Russian Culture & Food Seeking
The Russian culture is centered on colorful folks, grand literature, classical ballet, ornate religion, and traditional food. It gives a lot of importance to family and nationalism. Russian culture is also very diverse, with 190 ethnic groups.
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Satisfy Your Stomach When Traveling: Recommended Restaurants in Bangkok
Satisfy Your Stomach When Traveling: Recommended Restaurants in Bangkok
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Top 22 Best Tapas in Barcelona Spain
Barcelona tapas is a popular dining ritual in Spain’s tradition wherein you get to try a little bit of all dishes containing almost everything. Be it at the Michelin ranked Tapas 24 Barcelona or any of the normal restaurants and bars offering tapas Barcelona we are going to take you to the top twenty places where you can gorge on the best tapas in Barcelona. Tourists say it is finger-licking and lip-smacking healthy and good. Don’t be surprised at the tourist crowds at any of these top twenty places. Book ahead of time and fill up the hungry belly. If you are vacationing in Barcelona, then a food tour of the best in tapas Barcelona is a must. Take home some memories of the traditional Catalan food that adapts so well to the modern twists of world-ranked Michelin chefs and even street food without a problem. Let’s get started!
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Check Out the 15 Essential Restaurants in Bangkok
If you think you have a discerning tongue for flavor, then you must try having a meal at a Bangkok restaurant. When it comes to fine dining, or eating meals spread across different cuisines, a Bangkok restaurant will genuinely amaze you. Not only will this guide help you select the choicest eateries out there in the city, but will also help you understand a bit about the cuisine and its origins.
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12 Best Restaurants in Paris: Where You Can't Go Wrong
With Paris being the second most visited city on the planet, you would be particularly interested to know about where you can relish gourmet food during your visit. This is one city where you can enjoy cuisines of all types and cultures from across the world in various Paris restaurants. In the recent decade, there has been an explosion in global tourism and the expectation of tourists from across the world for high-quality food is enormous. Paris for decades was enjoyed recognition as the cuisine capital of the world until very recently, but now it is still within the coveted top 3 in the gastronomic world. With so many good restaurants in the city, you will be spoilt for choices.
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