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Summer Vacation Ideas in Japan: Things to do in Nagoya
July is the time to enjoy summer vacation. Nagoya, a famous historical city, has not only diversified interesting buildings, but also a lot of fun activities to accompany you through the hot summer Fireworks Display, Water Park, Restricted Haunted House, and world events, etc., a lot of brilliant shows. Come to follow us to view these brilliant shows
TripBlogMar 2, 2020 0 999
To Experience Authentic Japanese Life, The Special Accommodation in Nagoya Is Suitable for You
As a famous sightseeing city in Japan, Nagoya has many special hotels and guesthouses in a high cost performance ratio in addition to traditional hotels. Come and experience it.
TripBlogNov 14, 2019 0 427
10 Best Things To Do In Nagoya
Nagoya is not one of the traditional tourist attractions in Japan. However, the city and the surrounding regions have much to offer. The cosmopolitan city has beautiful, well-maintained parks and green spaces. The region has its unique food profile that you must sample before leaving Japan. There is much to do and see in Nagoya, both cultural and modern, and you must not miss out on these things to do in Nagoya.
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