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Explore the Japanese Amazon and Underwater Ruins, The Most Beautiful Scenery Around the Okinawa Islands
Okinawa is made up of over 100 islands, both large and small. The closest ones, like Kerama Shotō (Zamami Island, Aga Island, and Tokashiki Island) are only an hour's boat ride from Honjima Island. To get to the islands farther away, like Ishigaki, in the center of the Yaeyama Islands (Taketomi Island, Hateruma,Iriomote Island, and Yonaguni), and Miyako-jima, in the center of the Miyako Islands, you will need to travel by air.
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Naha: Must-Do Activities
Naha is the first stop to Okinawa for many people. Here there are metropolitan views rare to see otherwise in Okinawa, and there are great seaside views. A bit further you can see remnants of what used to be the Ryukyu Kingdom. You can see its prosperity and history of this past kingdom.
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