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Tagged with "New Orleans"

10 European Style Cities in North America
Sometimes the allure of a far flung destination is overpowering. Perhaps it’s the romance of Paris, or walking past grand cathedrals in Rome. Maybe you long for Spanish culture in Valencia, or would like nothing more than raising a stein in a German beer hall. Great European cities captivate a traveler’s imagination. For many of us, however, life and responsibilities have an unfortunate tendency to intrude. The realities of traveling to Europe, dealing with flight tickets, language barriers, unfamiliar customs…it can seem too much. Fortunately there is plenty Old World charm available in North America. We’ve searched the continent for those places you could easily mistake as having been transplanted wholesale. Come along on our journey to the 10 places in North America that feel exactly like Europe.
TripBlogMar 3, 20200387
Spring Break 2020: Top 20 Destinations in America
Spring is a joyous time. Lands cast off winter’s shadow and a remarkable flowering begins. In North America, spring heralds a curious annual migration. College students flock in large numbers from campuses across the cold north to more southerly latitudes. Buoyed by copious amounts of sunshine and (more often than not) alcohol, they shed their outer garments. Clad only in scant attire, they congregate in large numbers on beaches and in resorts. For roughly two weeks typically in mid- to late-March, the spectacle that is Spring Break unfolds in cities and towns from Cancun to Myrtle Beach. If you’re wondering how best to observe the varying levels of debauchery for yourself, we’ve put together this handy travel guide profiling 20 popular Spring Break destinations. Alongside perennial favorites we throw in several places you might not expect. We think you’ll enjoy this look at the top Spring Break destinations for 2020.
TripBlogJan 14, 202034,789
10 BEST Cajun and Creole Restaurants In New Orleans
New Orleans in Louisiana is a major city located on the Mississippi River. The beautiful city located near the Gulf of Mexico is colloquially nicknamed the “Big Easy”. The city which became a part of the United States in 1803, is known as the melting pot of French, Spanish, Africana and American cultures. The city is famous for its history, vibrant music scene, happening nightlife and its famous Cajun/Creole cuisines.
TripBlogNov 5, 20190348
12 Best Places to Visit in Spring America
The United States of America (USA) is a North American country with 50 states, which covers a major portion of the continent. The major cities on its Atlantic Coast are New York, which is a global hub of finance and culture, Washington DC, which is the capital, Chicago, which is a Midwestern metropolis known for its architecture, and Los Angeles. The country is a federal state and has an area of 9.8 million square kilometers, which makes it one of the top five countries by size. Except for Alaska and Hawaii, the rest other 48 states are bounded by landmass between Canada in the north and Mexico in the south.
TripBlogOct 17, 20190126
Best Places to Travel in 2019
For many 2019 is a year of promise. Maybe you intend to start that new job. Maybe it’s the year you get the promotion you deserve. Perhaps 2019 is the year you add to your family or, maybe it’s time to start a family of your own. Whatever the case may be, let’s hope 2019 is your best year yet! To help get things started, we’ve been thinking about places with inspiring stories of their own. Places where 2019 is also going to be special. The result is our list of the top-5 destinations for the first half of 2019. It’s a year of promises and new beginnings!
DannyboiMay 13, 20192184,964