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The Best Places to Shop in Pattaya
Famous for its sunshine, beach and seafood, Pattaya is known as “Oriental Hawaii” and is a world-famous emerging seaside vacation destination. It is also a great place for tourists to shop. The products here are good quality but inexpensive. Prices of major brand-name goods are much lower here than in China. As one of the most popular tourist and shopping destinations, the quality of shopping is on par with the capital Bangkok.
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Top 6 Romantic Sea View Hotels in Pattaya
Top 6 Romantic Sea View Hotels in Pattaya
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Top 9 Things To Do In Pattaya
Pattaya, even as it is famous across the globe as one of the top sex tourism destinations in the world. There are still several top things to do in Pattaya and places of interest to visit when you come to this place. Pattaya has, apart from its famous nightclubs, go-go bars, cabaret venues, is also known for its quiet, pristine beaches, high rise condos, first-class restaurants, shopping malls, gardens, and many entertainment centers for its flourishing tourism industry. It is on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand and is also known as the resort city. It is said that Pattaya’s sex tourism industry started exploding when the American troops were stationed here during 1959 for a short duration. Pattaya has a high number of hotels, more than 2000 of them, and a massive 150,000 rooms to take care of its flourishing tourism industry.
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