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10 Best Shows in Vegas 2021: Acrobats, Magic, Comedy
The shows in Las Vegas have long been among the top reasons for people to go to this insanely exciting city. 'O' by Cirque du Soleil, Absinthe, Lake of Dreams, the Acrobats, VEGAS! The Show, The 1990s brought new genres to Las Vegas, as circus performers, magicians, and even a group of blue men captured the imagination of people through their beautiful creations. The city started welcoming top entertainers like the Backstreet Boys, Cher, and Enrique Iglesias in the early 2000s and the city has never lost its energy since then. The electronic dance music and the various acrobatic and imaginative performances entirely changed the city to become the glamorous and rich entity it is now.
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Things to do in NYC, updated Feb 2020
Top 10 Must-see Scenic Spots in New York
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Beyond Gaudí—Barcelona's Other Beautiful Architecture
Barcelona's "other" buildings are every bit as rich in artistic character as the works of Gaudí. The fantastic stained glass roof of Palau de la Música Catalana, the luxurious and exquisite wall reliefs of Casa Amatller, and the lace sculptures of Casa Lleó Morera are all works of art that are well worth seeing.
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The Night in Paris, Feel Different in These Places!
The night in Paris, feel different in these places!
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Walking in the Historic Center of Macao, You Will Begin to Appreciate the Culture and Tradition of This Unique City
With over 400 years of cultural exchange, Macao is the best-preserved historical blended Chinese and western architectural complex in the world and was listed as a world cultural heritage site as a result thereof. Strolling through the Historic Center of Macao, the ancient churches, history museums, and western-style buildings will highlight just how unique this city is from anywhere else on earth.
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The Celebrities From Lord of the Rings Have Visited the Shooting Ring, The Late Studio, and the Premiere Theater
If you like Lord of The Rings, then go check out Wellington. It was an important location for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It is the hometown of Peter Jackson and also is the location of the Wet Studio who did the special effects. It also has the world premiere of the Embassy Theater! Known as “Middle of Middle Earth (Center of Middle-Earth)”.
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Home to Hipster: 8 Places for Artistic Youth besides Shanghai 1933 Workshop
Literary art and movies from 1933 The old 1933 workshops’ predecessor was a slaughterhouse. After inheriting the original, uniquely designed structure , it was successfully transformed into Shanghai’s most distinctive and most creative park. The unique architectural pattern as a modern art space at the time was simply a mix of classics, and the structure is truly awesome. 1933’s biggest charm is its unique architectural style.
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Shanghai Nightlife: 8 Best Things to Do Besides Clubs in Shanghai
Take A Sightseeing Boat Tour and Enjoy The Night View of The Pujiang River At night, the Huangpu River is fascinating and ever bustling : this is one of Shanghai's most iconic night views. Take a sightseeing cruise from Bund to Lujiazui, and then visit the Bund International Architecture Expo Group .After that, take a look at the Oriental Pearl, Jinmao Tower, World Financial Center and Shanghai Center. As the boats meander through the river, you can catch sight of the neon lights on opposite ends of the Pujiang River.As youadmire the characteristic buildings on both sides of the strait, you will feel in awe by the unique night scenery of Shanghai.
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8 Fancy Places for Young Generation in Kaohsiung
Young Artists Must-Go 8 selected gathering places for young artists, revealing the different charm of Kaohsiung
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Nine Things to do on A Trip to Hoi An
Hoi An is located in the central part of Vietnam. It is like an ancient Chinese town that has been well preserved with its ancient buildings from the 16th-18th centuries. The most beautiful time for Hoi An is when the city's lanterns are lit at night. It was once famous for tailoring. It's a great place to come make a set of Ao Dai.
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2019 Top-10 Things to do in Las Vegas
2019 Top-10 Things to do in Las Vegas 1. Las Vegas Strip 2. Fremont Street Experience 3. Red Rock Canyon 4. Hoover Dam 5. Lake Mead National Recreation Area 6. Grand Canyon National Park 7. National Atomic Testing Museum 8. Bellagio Hotel and Casino 9. The Mirage 10. Las Vegas Shows 11. Death Valley 12. The Venetian and the Palazzo 13. Caesars Palace 14. The Neon Museum 15. Stratosphere Tower 16. Seven Magic Mountains 17. Akhob 18. Dig This 19. Pinball Hall of Fame 20. The High Roller
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Things to do in Georgetown
Visitors fond of exploring historic places which include entertainment too pack your bags and plan a trip to the most beautiful historic, commercial district located in northwest of Washington D.C. which is Georgetown. The district is situated along the Potomac River. The district was evolved in 1751, and it is in Maryland Province. The major attractions and popularity in Georgetown are Georgetown University. Besides doing incredible things in Georgetown which we shall discuss in subsequent paragraphs numerous other beautiful landmarks are Volta Bureau, Old stone house, oldest building of Washington which has not changed since years. In Georgetown one can plan to visit the embassies of Cameroon, France, Kosovo, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Mongolia, Sweden, Thailand, Ukraine and Venezuela are in Georgetown and are worth watching and admiring.
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10 Best Attractions in Guangzhou
There are invariable things to do in Guangzhou, without having to spend a fortune for pleasure and excitement. Guangzhou is a sprawling port city northwest of Hong Kong on the Pearl River. This port city boasts of avant-garde architecture, world-famous safari rides and some of the world’s most awe-inspiring museums. Guangzhou has always been a “trending” destination for travelers trotting all over the globe. It gives people a taste of its cultural complexity as well as its beautiful surroundings. A multi-faceted system of rapid bullet trains for expansive travel around china. The city itself makes Guangzhou a lucrative destination. Here are some things to do in Guangzhou and very interesting destinations that you must visit while you’re in Guangzhou.
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6 Things you Need to do WhenTraveling in Andalusia
Seville is one of the major cities in Southern Spain. Its also the home of bullfighting, Flamenco, and where Sherry was first produced. If you spend one or two days here, see a Flamenco performance, and stroll through the Andalusian Barrio de Santa Cruz, you will definitely fall in love with this place.
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The Ultimate Guide to Phuket Thailand
Are you vacationing in Phuket Town? We will introduce you to the many destinations of Phuket Thailand that are high on the tourist’s must-visit list. We here try to let you know the important information regarding the venue, that can help you plan your holiday better and manage your time best. So, let’s start with the old town of Phuket itself.
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Top 6 Things to See in Vienna, Austria
Schönbrunn Palace Schönbrunn Palace is the summer palace of the Austrian Habsburg royal family. It is now Vienna's most famous tourist attraction, and the story of Princess Sisi takes place in this palace. In 1617, during a hunt, Emperor Matthias discovered the "Schönbrunn" near the hunting lodge, and gave the order to build the palace, known as the "Schönbrunn Palace". It is known for its majestic palace and flowery garden.
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A Must-Have Guide to Gion District in Kyoto
A treasure house of Japanese tradition, Gion is one of the most eclectic and exclusive entertainment districts across the world. The traditional wooden houses that line the tiled streets of Gion are a sight in itself, and many visitors to Kyoto choose to stay in Gion as it provides easy access to several things to do while in Kyoto. The wooden machiya houses serve as anything from shops, restaurants, and even ochaya. Gion’s traditional teahouses. Many exclusive ochaya entertain the elite of Japan.
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How to Have Fun Around London? These Special Experiences Will Make Your Trip Wonderful
How to have fun around London? These special experiences will make your trip wonderful
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Enjoy the Vintage Touch and Beauty of the Financial City in Attractions Beloved by New York Hipsters
With things like wonderful opera performances, avant-garde art zones, and busy city parks, New York is certainly a paradise for hipsters who love art and literature.
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The Ultimate Guide for Broadway in New York City
Broadways are many like there is one in Brooklyn, one in Queens, then there are east and west broadways (both present in Manhattan only), and another one is Broadway Theatre, but here we will be talking about the one which is present in Manhattan, New York. So here presenting to you the Guide to Broadway in NYC.
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