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Top 10 Oktoberfest Celebrations Around the World
With Oktoberfest 2021 in Munich canceled for another year thanks to COVID-19, we got to thinking about alternatives. Here are 10 amazing Oktoberfest celebrations from around the world.
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If You Come to Qingdao, How Could You Not Taste Local Specialties?
As the largest coastal city in Shandong, Qingdao is obviously the best choice for oysters. The banquet is very particular, there must be seafood in each banquet; if there is no seafood, it is not a big banquet. Qingdao's diet is generally not expensive. The best season to eat seafood in Qingdao is spring, summer and autumn, because the seafood is tender, smooth, and refreshing. There are many food streets in Qingdao. Yunyuan Road Zhongyuan Food Street, Dengzhou Road Beer Street, Weichai Courtyard, Taitung Commercial Circle, and Damaidao Road in Laoshan District are all places where food is gathered.
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Recommended Beaches in Qingdao, The Blue Sea and Sky That You Shouldn’t Miss
Second Beach: swimming resort Second Beach and Badaguan line up with each other, which makes Qingdao’s typical red brick and green trees, with blue seas and skies a beautiful scenery. Second Beach is smaller than the No. 1 Bathing beach. It has fewer tourists and a better environment. Also the water here is cleaner, with small and slow waves, making it a summer swimming resort. Chairman Mao who’s fond of swimming loves this beach, and went swimming here several times. There are also lots of cobblestones on the west side of the beach, where lots of swimmers come to pick up. Since there’s a lot of reef in the area, it’s good for finding seashells, and seeing lots of living creatures such as hermit crabs and starfish.
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A Good Place to Take A Walk and See The Sea: Recommended in Qingdao City Park
Signal Hill Park: 360 degree view of the old house Signal Hill Park is located in the center of Qingdao. Signal Hill is 98 meters above sea level. The three red-top mushroom buildings at the top of the mountain are particularly conspicuous. The highest one is the rotating viewing tower, where you can look down on Qingdao's “red tile green trees” and the scenery of the blue sea and the blue sky. On the bridge inside the park, a red love lock is hung on the green railing. Couples can buy a padlock to lock onto the hill as a pledge to undying love.
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Qingdao Xihai’an: Scale Mountains, Admire the Sea, and Stroll Down Qin Shi Huang’s Imperial Path
Xihai’an, a city district under Qingdao's jurisdiction, is home to the famous Golden Sandy Beach. Here, you can take a walk by the sea and feel the waves under your feet, swim or ride a water scooter as you chase the waves.In spring, you can admire the rhododendron flowers in Dazhu Mountain, pay a visit to Cangma Mountain, and go to Langyatai to stroll down the Imperial Path once traversed by Qin Shi Huang (First Emperor of Qin).
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