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Top 10 Best Ice Hotels in the World
Palatial steps, glistening stalactite chandeliers and a royal chill that settles with your spine. An experience that allows a dip in the temperature to be transformed into one of the most adventurous and dazzling experiences of someone’s life. A sculpted adobe of ice, this masterpiece amalgamates the hospitality sector with that of the world of art and design. An experiential living, Ice hotels talk about everything glamorous and unique. You can kick back and relax with your partners, family or friends in a ball of ice. A fancy way to “chill”, quite literally, for the adventurous and daring personalities wandering this world.
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Best Canadian Destinations for Fall Foliage
Maple Road You should not miss the “Maple Road” in the east-west coast of Canada. The maple road extends 800-kilometer long. You might have seen lots of pictures about maple road, but you have no idea that this is the famous place to appreciate maples. The maple road connects a red corridor in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec. You can imagine that the beautiful red maple leaves spread all the way, where the red maple went, the extraordinary scenery would be.
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Most Iconic Historic Hotels in Old Quebec: Chateau Frontenac
Nestled in the heart of the Quebec City, the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac is an urban resort that is rich in heritage and class. It seduces you with its distinctive elegance, historic charm, magic touch, and world-class hospitality. The hotel stands proudly overlooking the alluring St- Lawrence River on the Cap diamante and is located on the historical site which was once the personal residences of the French and English governors. This is a stately luxury hotel that was designated as a United Nations World Heritage Site.
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Fascinating History Behind The Plains Of Abraham and How-to Guide
The Plains of Abraham have a fascinating history and multi-utilitarian presence of great importance to the city of Québec. Located inside the Battlefields Park of Québec, this is the site of the ‘Battle of the Plains of Abraham’, which took place 0n 13th September 1759. In 1908 the land was conceded to Québec city and is now managed by the federal-operated National Battlefields Commission.
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Ultimate Things to Do in Quebec City Canada
Enjoying a clifftop position and panoramic view of the St. Lawrence River, Quebec City in Canada is gorgeous place. With picturesque streets and awe-inspiring architecture, this city is one of the best places to visit in Canada.
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Top 20 Amazing Things to do in Old Quebec City
Old Quebec city is the historic neighbourhood of Quebec, Canada and is located on the banks of St. Lawrence River. This city is the birthplace of French North America and is sometimes referred as Latin Quarter as well. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you won't find such amazing architectural beauty anywhere else. It has a long history of 400 years. It is home to some of Canada's best restaurants, most interesting historical buildings, and friendly and welcoming locals. It has a mostly French-speaking population.
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6 Things to know before Exploring the Montmorency Falls, Quebec
Montmorency Falls is the Quebec City region’s second most-visited tourist site after the Old Quebec. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, a visit to the falls and spending a couple of hours checking out the waterfalls, hiking the trails or a morning walk in fresh air is a rewarding experience. While it is a popular spot for families on a picnic to relax and unwind, there are plenty of fun things to do like taking a cable car ride to the top, going on a hike which involves some tricky rock climbing or zip-lining across the falls for the ultimate adrenaline rush.
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