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Why you should visit nature beauty in Queensland Outback once in Lifetime?
Let me start with a saying, “God is Beautiful, and Beauty is the expression of God. Queensland is one of the beautiful lands on earth in which people should make time and explore it. Let us discuss some history of Queensland and move further to know about the beauty of it. Queensland Day is celebrated annually statewide on 6 June. Queensland is the second-largest and third most populous state in the Commonwealth of Australia. It is situated in the north-east part of Australia within the border of the Coral Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The state is nicknamed as the sunshine state for its lovely climate and is well known as “Beautiful one day, Perfect the next.”
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The Best Place to Watch Whales in Australia
The best place to watch whales in Australia From late April, southern right whales will migrate to the temperate breeding waters of south Australia and Victoria. At the same time, humpback whales will also continue to migrate north and south along the east and west coasts toward warmer waters. This means you can see giant whales at tourist sites along the coast of Australia from May to November.
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Explore Nature: 15 Most Beautiful Australian National Parks
Australia is the country for nature lovers. The size of the country lends to its wide variety of landscapes with mountain ranges, deserts, tropical rain forests, and beaches to be explored. The lush hinterlands, sea cliffs, red dirt outback, and dense rain forests, and canyons are all waiting to be explored. One of the best things about this country, however, are the sheer number of Australian National Parks that are waiting to be discovered by curious nature enthusiasts. Extraordinary and rugged, these national parks are simply sublime and wondrous. Filled with the most amazing serpentine creeks, lavish rainforests, and rough cliffs and each of these parks offers a little bit of the unpredictable to its visitors.
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Gondwana Rainforests and More: Australia Rainforests
Why do we hear so much about the Australia rainforest? That is because the vast continent of Australia has a native total forest area which is perhaps the largest ecosystem in the world and the rainforests form a significant 3% or about 3.6 million hectares in a total of this nature’s bounty of biodiversity. Typically the rainforests have trees that thrive in abundant rainfall conditions growing to great heights and having large canopies under which many unique and endangered animals, insects, animals, and birds live and thrive in.
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Guide to Great Barrier Reef: Nature Wonderland
A reef is a bar of rock, sand, coral, or something else of similar material which is lying beneath the surface of the water. Artificial reefs like shipwrecks, sometimes have a role in enhancing the physical complexity of featureless sand bottoms, in attracting a diverse assemblage of organisms, especially algae and fish. The barrier reef is a coral reef roughly parallel to ashore and separated from it by a lagoon or other body of water. It is usually pierced by several channels that give access to the lagoon and the island or continent beyond it.
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10 Breathtaking Nature Reserves Around the World
When have we last had the chance to sit and think about how amazing our planet is? Or a visit to the world’s greatest nature reserves. Nature that surrounds us with her beauty and dignified grace is not given her due in the times that we live today. With development and infrastructure surrounding us and staring at us right in the face in cities, we seek the peace and tranquillity that comes with unhindered sights of foliage, flora, and fauna.
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