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COVID-19 in the EU and the UK: What Travelers Should Know
Learn what measures are now in place across several European countries. See if you can travel to your favorite European destination this summer.
TripBlogJun 21, 2021 3 8,407
Local Guide to Rome: Best Things to do in 2020
Rome—the Eternal City. A place where emperors walked, chariots raced, Popes sought influence and command. Rome is a city of cathedrals, monuments, fortune, and glory. A place where magnificent structures and high-modernism blend together. Trend-setting fashion graces display windows in the shadow of ancient ruins. The Italian capital has long captivated the imagination. Artists and poets flock here, pilgrims journey from faraway lands. The attraction of Rome is irresistible. In this travel guide we’ve distilled the best the city has to offer. We look at those places you absolutely must-see in order to be able to say you’ve truly been to Rome. From the Trevi Fountain to Villa Borghese, Castel Sant'Angelo to Palatine Hill, these are the top-10 best things to do in Rome for 2019.
TripBlogApr 7, 2020 3 2,109
Spring Break Italy: March, April Italy Trip Ideas
Spring break in Italy, an European country blessed with beautiful landscapes to see and mesmerize. The cities in Italy have unique cultures as well as culinary skills. It can be visited at any time of the year but if you consider planning a budget holiday along with good climate, Springtime will be the best. Spring brings a lot of positivity and liveliness as the country has ample attractive gardens which blossom during this season. Italians celebrate spring on a huge level. You'll be able to enjoy a lot of springtime festivals hosted throughout Italy. You can witness these splendid festivals wherever you are in Italy just the season being Spring!
TripBlogMar 2, 2020 0 2,387
10 Most Beautiful World Heritage Sites: UNESCO Bucket List 2020
World Heritage Site and top historic destinations for you! The late Maya Angelou once remarked, “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” It is precisely this fascination with what came before that inspired us to look at the world’s most amazing historic destinations. Temples and monuments to grand empires feature prominently in our list, poignant reminders that no matter how much we think the world around us fixed and constant, time erases all in the end. See a list of unesco world heritage sites by country.
TripBlogFeb 25, 2020 9 9,384
Visiting Famous Film Locations in Rome
Touring with the Movies| Many films such as Roman Holiday, have been shot in Rome.
TripBlogNov 28, 2019 0 2,267
Best 9 Things to Spend Your Holiday in Italy
The air in Italy is filled with the aroma of warm chocolate croissants, creamy and thick Burberry scents, whiffs of cheesy pizza, and the sprinkles of olive oil. Italy is one of the most trending hot spots for tourists all over the world. A must stop on the Europe travel package and a real beauty to behold. Italy has been famous for its Picturesque gondola rides and the housing the fashion capitals of the world. Italy is rich in culture, food, fashion, art, history, etc. The best places to visit in Italy include the world-famous Colosseum in Rome, the leaning tower of Pisa in Venice, etc. The Tumblr hub of the world, Italy is beautiful all from within the country. The cute alleys, the rich and luscious creameries, the bicycle tours, and some of the world’s earliest monuments have found their home in Italy.
TripBlogNov 19, 2019 0 2,777
Things to Do in Rome
Rome, the Eternal City, is a city of attractions and monuments, history, and culture. Rome has an immensely rich cosmopolitan atmosphere and historical heritage, which makes it one of Europe’s and the world’s most visited, influential, famous, and beautiful capitals. There are many things to do in Rome during the first trip.
TripBlogNov 19, 2019 0 1,288
When in Rome, Take A Trip to the Middle Ages
As the birthplace of the ancient Roman Empire, the Rome of today is like an open-air museum with lots of monuments and traces of antiquity. When you come here, you don't need to enter a museum to see all kinds of important and interesting cultural relics, just stroll about at random and you’ll get your fill!
TripBlogNov 5, 2019 0 1,306
Visit Ancient Rome: Historical Sites and Ruins
The ancient ruins and historical sites in Rome bring back the life of the great Roman Empire and their endearing interest in monuments and buildings with precise details. These marvelous monuments depict the rich cultural heritage and architectural skills of people during the Roman Era. Some of the monuments in Rome is regarded as the most attractive places in the world, and hence Rome is considered as one of the world's most beautiful ancient cities.
TripBlogOct 28, 2019 1 6,864
Luxury Shops and Flea Markets: Best Places for Shopping in Rome
Compared to Milan's strong commercial atmosphere, Rome is by no means a mainstream shopping city in Italy or in Europe, but Rome is suitable for finding many local Italian brands. Here introduce the most mainstream shopping street, the gathering place of drugstores, outlets and other shopping places in Rome. In addition, Rome has two big sales every year: in winter it is about one month from the beginning of the year; in summer it is from early July to the whole August. Don't miss the opportunity of shopping!
TripBlogOct 28, 2019 0 1,631
Rome's Top 10 Bars for Aperivito
What is an aperivito? The aperitivo in the best bars in Rome is traditionally a spritz bubbly beverage, which is low-alcohol. The ingredients are club soda for the bubbly, prosecco and Campari or Aperaol to add a tinge of bitter liqueur. But most people in aperivito bars at Rome grab a glass of wine as an aperitif and to enhance the hunger pangs and clean out the taste buds. Rome’s cocktail bars would rather you spend the aperitivo hours of 7 to 9 pm, not with wine but a better concoction of the regular gin and tonic blended with the Italian Bordiga or Malfy gins.
TripBlogOct 25, 2019 0 1,253
10 Best Museums in Rome
Home to over a dozen museums, galleries and spaces that contain priceless exhibits of art and archaeological wonders, Rome is a place synonymous with museums among all tourist attractions in the world. There are so many collections on display that are worth a visit to the string of museums and galleries in the city. The exhibits in each of these places complement the cultural heritage and the artistic flair to it that is on display on the streets, piazzas and public spaces in the city. The vast number of Rome museums can be daunting to cull out the best ones which will prove to be worth the cost spent on them. It depends on your liking and interests on which ones you think would be the best to visit.
TripBlogOct 25, 2019 0 1,213
A Locals’ Guide to Rome
Rome, Italy, is the capital of Italy with a population of almost 3 million and is the third-most populous city in the EU. It is located on the banks of the River Tiber, and this city is strangely home to a country within its boundaries, the Vatican City. Rome, Italy, has a very rich ancient history dating back to about 3000 years. It was the capital of the Papal State from the 8th century to 1871, after which it became the capital of the Kingdom of Italy and then the Republic of Italy in 1946.
TripBlogOct 21, 2019 0 749
The Colosseum: Everything You Need to Know
The Flavian Amphitheatre, also known as the Roman Colosseum, is the largest amphitheater that has ever been built on the earth. The structure is situated in the heart of Rome and is considered one of the greatest wonders the world has ever seen. The Colosseum is considered to be one of the best-maintained ruins from the Roman Empire. The remains of the structure date back to the 1st century, in around 72 AD, when the Roman Empire was at its heights, and Emperor Vespasian ordered the construction of it. At any given time, the Colosseum was capable of seating about 80 thousand people for events and other things.
TripBlogSep 20, 2019 0 2,460