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Remembering the Second World War on Saipan Island
As an important island in the Pacific Ocean, Saipan was fought over fiercely by the Japanese and U.S. armies during the second world war. Nowadays the smoke has long since blown over, but the relics of those years are still in place, never letting visitors forget that period of history.
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The Most Beautiful 10 Featured Beaches in Saipan
Tank Beach is characterized by the star sand Located in the southeastern part of Saipan, Tank Beach was the battlefield of the tank battle during WWII. The American tanks landed here, and it became famous after the war. It is dotted with Japanese beach bunkers, surrounded by lush vegetation and blue and transparent water in front. It is famous for the star sand that sets it apart from the soft and white sand of other beaches. There is no projecting reef, the waves are from far to near and from strong to weak, beating on the beach. On this untraversed beach, you can take pictures and chase the waves.
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Best Beaches in Saipan: Treat for Sunbathers and Underwater Explorers
The island of Saipan is the largest of the Northern Mariana Islands is 23km long and 8km wide. Although it’s a bit on the small size it is lined with beaches, incredible shorelines and gorgeous views of cliffs and small geological formations that are sure to put a relaxed smile on every visitor’s face. The western and southern coasts are where you’ll find the highest populations and best beaches in Saipan while the north and east have some rugged terrain perfect for short hikes and a photo op at the picturesque cliffs and shorelines. The beaches are a treat for sunbathers, swimmers and underwater explorers who get a chance to play in the clear warm waters and soak in the pacific island’s vibe.
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The Splendid Pacific Island ! Things to do in Saipan
Being tropical heaven and an inviting tourist destination with its beautiful weather, turquoise clear lagoons, and white sandy beaches, things to do in Saipan are endless. The largest of the Northern Mariana Islands, Saipan has a total land area of 115.4 kilometers square which is just big enough to fill it with dozens of adventurous and fun-filled activities while being just small enough to explore all in a short trip. While its geographical location as a small pacific island surrounds it with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, its abundant network of limestone hills and caves offer plenty of opportunity for cave diving, exploration, hikes and bike rides. One visit to Saipan and you can tell this island was made for vacationing! This is one of the few tropical islands left where you actually find deserted unoccupied beaches with great photo opportunities and beach side relaxation.
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Most Scenic 16 Sunset Spots in Saipan
Saipan is the well-known island of the United States since world war II. The most common language spoken here by natives is Chamorro and Carolinian. English is the official language here; hence, for tourists, this is not a big challenge to visit Saipan. Other languages are also spoken here like Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. There are many sandy shores, mountains, landscapes, and numerous golf courses in Saipan.
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Top 10 Attractions in Saipan
Saipan is a beautiful island in the western Pacific Ocean famous for numerous scenic Saipan attractions. Saipan is a part of the United States and the largest island of the Mariana Islands. The southern and western coast are the most populated areas and claims to own the best beaches. Whereas the north and east have irregular road patterns, stony, rocky and bumpy areas, and mountains. Saipan is often called the tropical paradise, offering beautiful white sand beaches, fresh air, and crystal clear and pure water shining under the sun. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world. Every year, visitors from all around the world visit here and witness the unforgettable Saipan attractions. .
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