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Winter Bucket List in Japan 2020: A Bright Color in Winter
Japan's four seasons have their own scenic spots. In addition to watching the snow in winter, there are romantic and dreamy lighting shows waiting for you to see!
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9 Most Popular Winter Resorts Worldwide in 2020
Sapporo: One of the Most Snowiest Cities || Sapporo in Hokkaido is a northern city known for the snow. The snowflake-shaped city emblem expresses the citizens' love for snowflakes. | All of Japan revels in the Sapporo Snow Festival, held every winter in Odori Park. Snow sculpture contestants use their imaginations to the fullest to bring the winter scenery to life, on display for tourists from all over the world!
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Summer Vacation in Japan: Things to do in Hokkaido
Interested in spend your summer vacation in Japan? Hokkaido summers are very interesting. In addition to the blooming flower fields and the lavender flowers, the highlight of summers in Japan is the summer festivals and the firework festivals that become quite lively during this time. You also cannot miss the delicious summer fruit and ice cream.
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These Hotels in Sapporo are Scenic Spots All on Their Own!
With Sapporo's main tourist sites concentrated neatly together, you can get easy access to most of the hot spots if you stay near the JR (railway) station or Tanukikoji shopping street. The city has numerous high-end boutique hotels that provide both comfortable amenities and a good base for outings. Not only is transportation convenient, but the hotels are unique sights too, both inside and out, so it's worth checking out some of the accommodations before you even set off.
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Happiness That Melts On the Tip of Your Tongue. Must-eat Desserts in Hokkaido
The milk produced in Hokkaido is famous for its rich fragrance and mellow taste. Desserts made from the milk here are very popular in Japan. Here, we will recommend desserts that must be tasted when you come to Hokkaido, so that you can experience true happiness when you travel there.
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Cosmeceutical Product Raiders
People say that Hokkaido should be visited four times in their lives because each of the four seasons has their own different mesmerizing scenery, as well as their own heartfelt love story. Hokkaido is a perfect utopian city.When you come to Hokkaido, you must not miss the one-in-a-million snowscape. Moreover, the cosmeceutical stores that can be seen everywhere are a must-visit. If the snowscapes that usually bring goodness and happiness are able to make you feel peaceful and safe, then you must make a trip to raid the cosmeceutical stores because they will surely bring you much joy and excitement, leaving you flushed with energy from the foray.
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Food, Window-Shopping and Shopping, the Places You Must go in Sapporo
Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido, the main city to enter and leave Hokkaido. There are not so many scenic spots in Sapporo, so one day is enough; as the most prosperous city in Hokkaido, shopping, foods and intermediate center are the main functions of Sapporo. Food, window-shopping and shopping should be the main purposes here for you!
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Hokkaido is The Place to Soak Up The Hot Springs during The Snowy Season
Granvillage Toya Daiwa Ryokan Annex Not to be missed: Hot springs accompanied by fireworks at this Daiwa Annex located at Lake Toya. The fireworks are visible from guests’ lake view rooms. Only a 15-minute drive from Sairo Observatory Lookout Platform and only a 30-minute drive from Muroran Port, which makes travel very convenient. You can view beautiful fireworks from within the hotel. Guests most enjoy watching the fireworks while soaking in the hot springs~the romantic atmosphere is much enjoyed by couples.
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9 Must-Eat Dishes in Hokkaido
9 Must-Eat Dishes in Hokkaido Hokkaido has a fantastic environment and good water quality, and it also has the best seafood and dairy products in Japan. Here are 9 must-eat foods in Hokkaido, as well as recommended representative restaurants.
TripBlogNov 14, 2019 0 1,223
Go to Sapporo, and Stay in These Hotels
Go to Sapporo, and Stay in These Hotels Sapporo is an important transit hub city in Hokkaido. There are many hotels which can meet different people's accommodation requirements. Let's take a look at the 10 most popular hotels in Sapporo, and see where tourists like to live there.
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Blow through Sapporo, Hit all Popular Attractions
Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido and the most important city in and out of Hokkaido. There are not many famous spots in Sapporo, so scheduling one day is enough. As the most prosperous city in Hokkaido, Sapporo is mainly for shopping, dining, and transit, so please go eat and shop!
TripBlogNov 7, 2019 0 1,101
Sapporo’s Top Ten Restaurants
Sapporo’s Top Ten Restaurants As the capital of Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo not only has beautiful natural scenery and historical arts and culture, it also has the most authentic Hokkaido cuisine. These ten restaurants are among Sapporo's most popular, they’re all delicious and they’re all places you should visit!
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The Magic of Spring's White Ice and Snow with The Hint of Blooming Flowers
Changbai Mountain Wanda Resort Primordial forest scenery and a snow field that wouldn’t look out of place in northern Europe make for the ultimate in holiday enjoyment! Changbai Mountain Wanda Ski Resort is hugely popular among domestic skiers. The resort not only boasts every kind of international standard skiing and snowboarding trail, it also has many five-star hotels. And apart from skiing and luxuriating in the hotel, you can also enjoy the superb natural scenery. For China, this place also has a particularly long ski season. From November to April, the depth of the snow can reach more than 1 meter. The snow is loose and fluffy, similar in kind to what is found in northern Europe. Every trail has ski patrol out and about watching for guests' safety.
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Things to do in Sapporo
Located in Hokkaido, Sapporo is one of the major tourist attractions on the island of North Japan. Being a magical city to explore art, culture, and entertainment, the wide variety of things to do in Sapporo has made it a highly sought-after destination. Today, it is highly known for the historic village of Hokkaido, which includes the “Frontier days” historical edifices from the Meiji period, the archive museum of Sapporo city, and the world-famous Sapporo Beer. The city offers exceptional tourist temptations like the prime zoo of the country, sights to behold for a lifetime, and the incredible delicacies of Hokkaido. The flamboyant festival among things to do in Sapporo, "Sapporo Snow Festival", held annually every winter should be on the top of the things-to-do lists of tourists.
TripBlogNov 4, 2019 0 1,711
Amazing Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Japan!
Spring is a time of rebirth. A time to cast off winter’s embrace. In Japan, spring heralds the coming cherry blossoms. For what seems like a fleeting instance, cherry trees flower in exquisitely delicate shades of white and pink. The soft colors signal promising times ahead. Some spend their entire lives chasing the bloom, looking for that perfect flower. For travelers aspiring to catch a glimpse of the annual miracle, this short article offers some background and suggests a few places to visit.
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