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Hand-feeding Flamingo: A Guide to Sarasota Jungle Gardens
Sarasota Jungle Gardens are essentially a family attraction, but anyone who enjoys interacting with animals would appreciate the place. Sarasota has been a favorite of the natives of Florida since 1939 and homes more than 200 exotic native animals. Sarasota is spread over 10 acres of jungle trails and tropical vegetation. It serves as the perfect habitat with large spaces for the animals and birds to coexist. At the Sarasota Jungle Gardens, they strive to create the perfect ecosystem for the animals to thrive in.
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Guide to Siesta Key Beach: Florida's Finest White Sand Beach
Siesta Key Beach, Crescent Beach and Turtle Beach, these 8 mile stretch of Gulf of Mexico are often described as the “World’s whitest finest sand.” Each one of these beaches offers a slightly different beach experience, but they all share the same vernal blue skies, ocean breezes, and serene sandy beaches in the Gulf of Mexico. These beaches will surely melt your troubles away. At Siesta Key, you are free to explore the beaches as you wish
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Visit Marie Selby Botanical Gardens: Meeting The Nature
With over an area of 15 acres, the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens s is a very huge botanical garden located at 900 South Palm Avenue in the Sarasota City of Florida, United States of America. At present, the gardens are present on the grounds which were home to William and Marie Selby. This large botanical garden is home to over 20000 plants which include about 3500 bromeliads and 5500 orchids. Along with the collection of living plants, there is a herbarium that has preserved specimens of mostly tropical flora. To expand this collection, about 150 expeditions have been contributed to the subtropics and tropics.
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Nature Gem in Sarasota: Guide to Myakka River State Park
Sarasota is considered as one of the primary gulf coast cities of Florida in the United States. Holidaying in Sarasota lends you an eclectic blend of fine dining, thrills, sandy beaches, and its rich culture. Apart from checking out the world’s largest miniature circus in Sarasota, one must indulge in the lap of nature at Sarasota's State Parks. For nature-loving people, engaging in the calmness of Myakka River State Park in Sarasota County is a delight. The alligator sightseeing, moss-covered trees, oak hammocks, bird watching dominates the interests of the visitors amidst many other activities. People also have some great options nearby for dining to cater to your hunger pangs. If you are a shopaholic, there is a lot of shopping you can do throughout Sarasota. St. Armand's circle near the coast is a must-visit for shopping. Vacation at Sarasota is incomplete without touring Myakka State Park as it is a paradise on earth. It is a heaven for nature-lovers!!
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12 Best Vacations Choices for Spring Break in the USA 2020
The USA is the destination country and the dream country for many aspiring career seekers and families looking at settling down. But apart from these reasons, there is also another very important reason. It has the 12 Best Vacations Choices for Spring Break in the USA 2020. This is reason enough for many tourists and travelers to visit the USA. From adventure-seekers to culture mavens, and beach bums to nature lovers, there are tons of great ideas for family-friendly getaways for the spring. It's an excellent opportunity for families to start putting away their winter gear and embrace the warmer times ahead. To help you plan an exciting vacation in this fantastic country, here is a list of some of the must-see 12 best vacation choices for Spring Break in the USA 2020.
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Guide to Having a Sunny Vacation on Lido key beach
Lido Key beach is one of Florida’s most pristine beaches. It is also known for its Eco-tourism and sunset cruises to watch and capture the unbeatable sunsets. Lido beach located on Lido Key is a barrier island off the coast of the city of Sarasota, Florida, United States. This Beach is connected to the mainland Sarasota by John Ringling Causeway.
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