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Great Places for Family Tours in Suzhou
Great places for family tours in Suzhou
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Suzhou Popular Restaurants
Eating is infiltrated into the bones of Suzhou people. You can find the most authentic and pure Jiangnan snacks, classic Su Gang dishes, green Yang ravioli, and home-made beef noodles. The journey from the Su Gang Restaurant to the Creative Restaurant is a dazzling one. Here we recommend the TOP 10 popular restaurantin Suzhou.
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Experience The True Spirit of This Land and Feel Like A Celebrity Staying Here.
Suzhou W Hotel Not to be missed : Suzhou's dazzling tidal hall of buoys looks bright and vibrant in every aspect . With a floating design, the water, stone, pavilion, wall and doorway in the classical gardens of Suzhou are gently floated in the air as if lifted by clouds. Similarly, its rooms are not inferior, and the bright green is contrasting the bold colors of blush. The pipa lute is placed on the bed, the road is straight and gentle. W Hotel also has a great view with the glass window which stretches from floor to roof, overlooking the night view of Jinji Lake and the glamorous Suzhou Central Mall.
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It’s Just About Hairy Crabs?Welcome to Yangcheng Lake — Suzhou's Top Holiday Destination All Year Round
Yangcheng Lake is famed for its hairy crab season every autumn. The two best locations for feasting are located north at Lotus Island and eastwards in Bacheng Town, Kunshan City.But in the months leading up to the hairy crab season, Yangcheng Lake continues to delight with its wondrous lake views, green fields and delectable seafood. In short, there are definitely things to see and do, anytime you make your way here.
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