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In-depth Tour of Taipei| Explore These 6 Selected Areas and Experience Taiwan's Charm!
Dadaocheng: the new trend of old Taipei Dadaocheng is Taiwan's first international port and one of the birthplaces of Taipei culture. Even if the bustling scene is no longer there, it can't be missed, either for nostalgia or for viewing. Dadaocheng wharf is a good place to watch the sunset over the Tamsui River. Unlike the fresh style of Tamsui wharf, it has a more profound historical charm. Dihua street is the most important street in the Dadaocheng business area. Along the street, there are all kinds of buildings, such as Southern Fujian and western style buildings, and modernism and Baroque style buildings.
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What is The Charm of Beitou? Giving You The Answer from 9 Good Places to Visit!
Beitou is at the base of Yangming Mountain, a hot spring town with a strong Japanese nostalgic style and one of the four hot spring towns in Taiwan. In addition to the hot springs, Beitou also has cultural museums such as the Hot Springs Museum, and the Beitou Public Library, which is also known as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Beitou and Yangmingshan can be organized as a 2 days and 1 night trip
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9 Popular Cafes Among Youths in Taipei!
Taipei has a large population of literary youths, so there are many independent cafes on the streets, including those with old buildings, post-modernist industrial style designs, and champion baristas. Let's check out these 9 unmissable cafes in Taipei!
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Authentic Taiwanese Flavors. Each One of These 9 Outstanding Restaurants Will Have You Falling in Love with Taiwanese Food!
Taiwanese cooking uses mild flavorings and has inherited the culinary style of the Fujian coastal region. Taiwan has also been deeply influenced by Japanese and European food culture, giving Taiwanese cuisine its own distinctive character. The most classic traditional dishes include Preserved Radish Omelet, Braised Pork Hock with Peanut Sauce, and Three Cup Chicken. Below are 6 of the most popular and stylish restaurants in Taipei.
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You Can Enjoy Authentic and Delicious Japanese Foods in The 10 Popular Japanese Cuisine Stores in Taipei Without Going to Japan!
Please enjoy the delicious Japanese foods in Taipei. There are century-old family-owned stores and overseas branches of famous Japanese restaurants in Taiwan. With the authentic taste comparable to that of Japan and the first-class cost performance, these stores are favored and sought after by fans.
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10 Popular Roadside Breakfast Bars, Taste The Authentic Flavors of Taipei!
The happiest thing for Taiwanese people is that there are never fewer than three breakfast restaurants on each street. In addition to the common western breakfasts such as sandwiches and burgers, there are also Chinese foods, like delicious sesame seed cakes, fried dough sticks, omelets, soybean milk, carrot cakes, and so on. The number of choices is beyond imagination. If you come to Taipei, you must try these popular street breakfasts!
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Among These 10 Restaurants in Taipei, You can Always Have a Great Time at One of These!
Among these 10 restaurants in Taipei, you can always have a great time at one of these! Taipei has many well established foodie places that are more than half a century old, with true and authentic flavors. Classic Taiwanese flavors such as Taiwanese dishes, beef noodles, and braised pork rice are also the everyday favorites of local people. Taste the classic Taipei cuisine that has been passed down for generations. It is a must-do experience while traveling!
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Popular Shopping Locations in Taipei| Add Shopping Fun to Your Trip in Taipei with These Seven Popular Malls!
Taipei is Taiwan's political, economic, cultural and commercial center. It is not only the headquarters of international businesses, but also has lots of shopping malls of different types and styles. When you arrive in Taipei, you have to go shopping, and one-stop shopping malls are the best place you can choose. We have put together a list of the hottest shopping malls in Taipei, which are waiting for you to step forward and slowly explore and savor them!
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Visit Taipei's Backyard - Yangmingshan
Known as the "Backyard of the Greater Taipei Metropolitan Area," Yangmingshan is the closest national park to downtown Taipei and takes about half an hour’s drive to get to. Boasting hot springs, volcanic terrain, large grasslands, and hiking trails, the scenery is beautiful year round. In the spring the flowers and blooming, in the summer it's a good place to escape the heat, in the autumn the leaves change color, and in the winter it is stark and bare but still beautiful. A 2 day 1 night trip to Yangmingshan and the Hot Spring Township of Beitou is recommended.
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10 Fantastic Things to Do in Taipei
Taipei is where rich ancient heritage meets a modern bustling city that has something to offer to every visitor. Whether you’re looking to experience the best beaches around the city, explore its beautiful temples, wander in its national parks or check out its famed culinary scene in the night markets, you will have the best of it all. While the city is a sprawling urban jungle, just outside it is beautiful parks, mountains, and green-covered canyons that offer you a quick way out of the city vibe. Drive off to the Yangmingshan National Park and spend a whole day in the quiet ambience of beautiful gardens and the vast expanse of grasslands or take a cable car ride to a quiet village on top of a mountain for a deep contemplative view of the city unlike any other.
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Where Should You Go for the Most Festive Atmosphere at New Year's?
The Most Romantic Place for New Year's – Taipei Every 31st December, the eyes of the whole world are drawn to Taipei, a place CNN once named as one of the world's ten most unique cities to spend New Year's in. If you find yourself in Taipei to ring in the new year, there's nothing more festive than watching the spectacularly colourful fireworks display and catching the star-studded open-air concert!
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