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Hangzhou Travel Guide 2021: Attractions and Tours
Well-known for its extraordinary beauty and elegance, Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province and one of the most impressive tourist destinations in China. Historically important and naturally stunning, Hangzhou together with nearby Suzhou is celebrated in China as “Heaven on Earth.”
Travel TipsNov 26, 2021 0 68
Visit Bangkok: A Thailand Travel Guide (2021)
Energetic, chaotic, and majestic, these are just a few words that come to mind when describing Bangkok. The heart and capital of Thailand, Bangkok is one of the most sprawling and metropolitan cities in Asia, and a popular gateway into the country. A city that has deeply rooted traditions and cosmopolitan attitudes, Bangkok has abundant cultural fascinations to captivate travelers from all over the world.
Travel TipsNov 26, 2021 0 42
NANJING, China Travel Guide - Best Things to Do & Travel Tips
Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, is a popular tourist destination with a rich history in both ancient and modern times. The name Nanjing stands for "southern capital," a renowned historical and cultural city that was the capital city for six dynasties. With numerous spectacular historical monuments, including Ming tombs on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the remains of the past are hidden in the contemporary cityscapes making this city charming and unforgettable.
Travel TipsNov 23, 2021 1 442
Shenzhen travel | Where To Stay, Eat & Explore
The poster child of China's economic miracle, Shenzhen in southern Guangdong province transformed itself from a sleepy fishing village to a world-class megacity in less than 40 years.
Travel TipsNov 23, 2021 0 128
Sanya Travel Guide | 10 of the best things to do in Sanya, Hainan
Known as the Hawaii of China, Sanya is a tropical island escape for visitors from both in and outside of China. Widely known for its year-round tropical climate, Sanya has emerged in recent decades as a popular tourist destination with world-class resorts and attractions.
Travel TipsNov 18, 2021 1 446
LAS VEGAS travel guide 2021 | Experience Las Vegas
Plan your visit to Las Vegas. Discover the best hotels, restaurants, and things to do with this highly curated Las Vegas ...
Travel TipsNov 18, 2021 0 392
Shanghai Travel Guide: What to Know Before You Visit Shanghai
Shanghai travel information on Shanghai facts, tours, tips,transportation, tourist attractions, weather, food, shopping as well as travel tips.
Travel TipsNov 18, 2021 2 1,627
Guangzhou Travel Guide: Plan Your Travel To Guangzhou
Guangzhou is nothing less than a glittering metropolis containing centuries-old temples and shimmering skyscrapers. Here you will discover a fusion of old as well as new China. The capital of Guangdong province, Guangzhou has a rich history, vibrant commence, and picturesque natural scenery, making it an unforgettable travel destination.
Travel TipsNov 18, 2021 0 133
[Updated] What are vaccine passports and how would they work?
We help you understand vaccine passports, how do they function, and where you can expect to need one. This is our explainer on the COVID-19 vaccine passport.
TripBlogNov 17, 2021 88 51,236
Hello Singapore: Vaccinated Travel Lane Extended to 21 Countries
Singapore is open to fully vaccinated travelers from several countries and regions. Find out if you qualify to visit the Garden City at the crossroads of the world.
TripBlogNov 16, 2021 2 4,264
[Updated] Singapore Border Reopen: Travel Tourism Returns
Singapore has announced a gradual return of travel tourism. We'll let you know just who is allowed to visit and what is required both pre-departure and on arrival. Come discover the Garden City at the crossroads of the world!
TripBlogNov 16, 2021 36 52,552
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TripBlogNov 11, 2021 0 482
Hello Thailand: No Quarantine Required, Just Test & Go!
Thailand is open again to fully vaccinated travelers from 63 countries and regions. Learn what you have to do to get yourself booked for a vacation in this splendid travel destination!
TripBlogNov 4, 2021 0 1,986
Hello USA: America To Lift Its COVID-19 Travel Ban
Check out these important changes to America's COVID-19 international travel restrictions.
TripBlogNov 4, 2021 3 1,744
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Great USA Road Trips: Open Spaces, Open Roads
America is the land of drive-in movies, drive-through takeout, and drive-up service! This adventure planner will help you to experience Road Trip USA!
TripBlogSep 29, 2021 3 7,364
2021 Hawai'i COVID-19 Travel Guide
Discover America's tropical paradise with this handy guide to current COVID-19 travel restrictions in the Aloha State. Plus we offer some great recommendations for things to do.
TripBlogSep 9, 2021 4 12,721
Top-8 Places to Visit In Europe for 2021
The European Union recently recommended Member States again allow travel from the United States and Canada. Most states have followed through, including popular destinations like France, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Spain. Here is a guide to awesome European cities updated to include information on current travel restrictions. Come discover some amazing places to take your summer vacation in 2021.
TripBlogAug 31, 2021 1 2,382
Top 19 Hippest Mid-Size US Cities
Mid-size cities are increasingly attractive to young people hungry for opportunity. In this list, we profile 19 mid-sized US cities with great quality of life that appeal to hip and diverse populations. In no particular order, these are the hippest mid-sized US cities!
TripBlogAug 30, 2021 2 22,032
Collect Travel Badges and Win Prizes
Trip Moments Badges are recognition for contributions to the Trip Moments Community. Learn more about the different badges and how to get them.
TripBlogAug 25, 2021 18 3,708
2021 Best Buffets on the Las Vegas Strip: Prices & Hours
Best seafood buffet in Vegas! Best buffet for families in Vegas! Buffet with the most variety in Vegas! How to find a budget buffet in Vegas? Where can you find the best dessert on the Strip? We'll take you on a tour of the 5 best buffets in Las Vegas to visit next time you're vacationing in Sin City.
TripBlogAug 18, 2021 23 135,321
Sin City's Most Popular Attractions: A 2021 Guide to Las Vegas
What makes Las Vegas so popular? What are the top-10 things to do in Sin City? Read on to find out. Here is a guide to the best Las Vegas has to offer in 2021.
TripBlogAug 17, 2021 7 2,759
Top-10 Best Things to Do in Shanghai for 2021
Shanghai is the biggest city in China and a hub of global finance. Its rapid growth beginning in the 1990s has propelled it into the ranks of great international cities like New York, London, and Tokyo. Located at the mouth of the mighty Yangtze River, Shanghai is renowned for its famous architecture, great food, and numerous cultural attractions. Here’s a look at 10 places you certainly want to visit next time your visit the Paris of the East.
TripBlogJun 21, 2021 6 7,359
Trip Moments[Best of Today]
Each day when you tap the planet icon in your Trip Moments homepage, you'll see one Trip Moment that stands out as "Best of Today".
Best of TodayJun 15, 2021 121 1,751
Earth Day 2021 - Sustainable Travel Tips
Over the past year, we have had more time to think and reflect on what is truly important in our lives. Protecting and caring for our local communities and the environment has been at the forefront our minds because of the impact of the global pandemic. The good news is we are not in this alone. It is within our power to make better choices when we travel, choices that have a positive and meaningful impact on the countries we visit. This Earth Day we have the chance to focus on our planet, our home. The global pandemic forced us to give up traveling – and understandably we want to get our travel groove back on and start discovering the world again. Today is an opportunity to consider how we can travel differently, and we want to share some useful practices and tips you can use to make your next trip as sustainable as it is enjoyable.
Trip StoriesApr 22, 2021 4 2,056
Earth Day 2021 - Sustainable Stays
The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened our awareness of the importance of protecting our planet and traveling responsibly. While travelers must take responsibility for their own impact on the environment (for example through carbon offsetting, using public transport, or walking wherever possible, and reducing their use of disposable products), many hotels have introduced initiatives to encourage people to travel more sustainably. For Earth Day this year, we have collated some of the top sustainable hotels that are bookable via These hotels are all actively working towards a common goal of reducing their environmental impact. Initiatives include: resorts that have energy-efficient buildings, hotels that no longer provide single-use plastic products, and hotels that offer savings or reward programs for travelers who re-use their sheets and towels over more than one night.
Trip StoriesApr 21, 2021 3 1,705
Women's Day #TripEditorial: Interview with Kim Lumelius
In honor of #IWD21, we are celebrating stories from female travelers that have completely redefined the landscape of adventure through their own courageous acts of exploring new lands with curiosity and bravery. One of our favorite stories is the one from Kim Lumelius, a passionate travel girl from Germany who has traveled all over the world on 4 wheels. Lutzi, her wheelchair and travel buddy, means freedom and independence for her. And as a travel blogger (@Wheeliewanderlust), she writes her content around the idea of barrier-free travel, including detailed information about destinations and activities as well as helpful tips for travel planning.
Trip StoriesMar 19, 2021 18 2,159
Women's Day #TripEditorial: Interview with Wonji Lee
To celebrate #IWD21, we’ve invited Wonji Lee to share with us her solo travel story. To get to know her a little bit, she is a travel blogger from Korea and she delivers her travel experience and stories through various forms of content - Youtube, Blog (Wonji Daily Life/원지의 하루). She is also the writer behind the inspirational travel book 제 마음대로 살아보겠습니다 (I will live my own way).
Trip StoriesMar 12, 2021 19 1,932
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