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Festival in Italy
Italy is a happy and free country with various festivals. Each district has their own features in Italy, such as Carnival, the Venice Film Festival, Siena’s Horse Racing Festival, Milan Fashion Week, and the Milan Furniture Fair, etc.
TripBlogDec 27, 2019 0 1,091
A 1 Day Tour Around Milan, Push these Places not to be Missed
There are many well-known places to visit around Milan, in addition to the must-see Lake Como area, the fairy-tale Cinque Terre, the birthplace of Juliet’s story, the town of Verona and the fourth largest city of Turin in Milan. Take a train from Milan and recommend 1 destination for 1 day.
TripBlogDec 19, 2019 0 912
Turin Must-see Sights
Located in the northern part of Italy, Turin was once the capital of the Duchy of Savoy and the first capital after the unification of Italy. The Po River passes through the city, while the Alps surround the northwest side of the city. Fiat Auto, Juventus, chocolate, any many other things are synonymous with this city. Now let's talk about the m-see sights in this city.
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