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Must-Visit art Cafés in Vienna, Which Ones Would You Pick?
When it comes to Vienna, in addition to music and Waltz dancing, there is also a strong coffee culture comparable to that of the left bank of the Seine River in Paris. The poet Altenberg's words "If I am not in the cafe, I am on the way to the cafe" show his fascination with Central Cafe. Here is a guide of the famous cafes in Vienna. You can slow down, smell the fragrance of coffee with the local people, savor delicious cake, and relax in a cafe.
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5 Popular Hotels Are Available For You in Vienna
5 popular hotels are available for you in Vienna
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2020 Travel Goals: Hippest European Cities to Visit
Europe’s myriad cities, towns, and quaint countryside villages have long inspired people to venture forth and explore. Whether you’re wandering an Old World metropolitan capital or eager to get off the beaten path, there always something fresh and exciting to discover. For 2020, we’re taking a look across the continent to bring you some of the trendiest destinations. For good measure we’re covering a mix of big cities and smaller towns.
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Top 6 Things to See in Vienna, Austria
Schönbrunn Palace Schönbrunn Palace is the summer palace of the Austrian Habsburg royal family. It is now Vienna's most famous tourist attraction, and the story of Princess Sisi takes place in this palace. In 1617, during a hunt, Emperor Matthias discovered the "Schönbrunn" near the hunting lodge, and gave the order to build the palace, known as the "Schönbrunn Palace". It is known for its majestic palace and flowery garden.
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To Know the Imperial Traditions: Vienna Museums
Lyon is one of the oldest cities in France and is reputed as the gourmet capital of France. Lyon is the ancient capital of Gaul and possesses a rich historical base of more than 2000 years. Lyon is in the heart of Europe between Paris and the Cote d’Azur, and at the foot of the Alps. Romans founded it in 43 BC. It is a city which until 2014 is devoid of any world-class museum. There were no grand cathedrals and was not even listed among the top thirty touristic destinations in France. As of today, it is claimed as the second popular touristic destination in France after Paris. The new generation of “Lyonnais” is introducing the World, the second city of France. Because of the trending bars, cute restaurants, and café’s, it is symbolized as the “World’s Capital of Gastronomy.” The landmarks here are true evidence of its long past. UNESCO recognizes it as the archetype of the heritage city.
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Vienna: A Lot of History and Wineries
Vienna is the capital of Austria situated on the bank of the Danube river, famous all around the world for its Viennese charm. Vienna being the host to many international organizations, it is the social, economic, and political center of the country. Vienna was the home to Strauss, the world's best composer. The love of the city for music can be experienced once you are here. Vienna has a high-quality life, and it is labeled as the "city of dreams" and the "city of music."
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